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Voting shouldn’t be made a difficult process

By Darryl Lorenzo Wellington –

The Republican scheme to limit voting on Election Day is shameful.

In less than a month, Americans will go to the polls to perform the quintessential act of citizenship, but the turnout will almost certainly be lower than last time. The 2008 presidential election was a stunning affirmation of the American electoral process, attaining the highest voter turnout (57 percent) since 1968. African-Americans, Latinos, Asian-Americans and young people voted in record numbers.

One reason turnout will most likely be down is because of the Republican push to enact unjust voting laws across the country. Over the past few years, Republican legislatures and governors have pushed through bills curtailing early balloting and imposing stiff voter ID requirements.

This has been a systematic effort.

Republican legislators in 40 states introduced bills that would have the effect of limiting the franchise. “The GOP proposed and enacted more restrictions on the right to vote than at any time since the passage of the Voting Rights Act in 1965,” notes the Voting Rights Institute.

Federal law already has voter identification requirements, such as verifying voters’ identities with signatures, but strict photo ID requirements are new. Only two states enforced them before the 2010 midterm elections.

Not coincidentally, the laws disproportionately burden exactly those groups, such as blacks and Latinos, who heavily supported Barack Obama in 2008. Judges have struck down several of these, but at least 13 states currently maintain restrictive voting mandates passed only in the last two years.

Approximately 25 percent of voting age African-Americans lack photo identification, such as a driver’s license. You may have heard of the case of Dorothy Cooper, a 96-year-old African-American woman in Tennessee, who produced a Social Security card, a voter registration card, a birth certificate and a lease, yet was denied the right to re-register until her story created a stir.

Voter fraud is an extremely rare phenomenon, as several investigations have proven. Voter ID laws are an unconstitutional solution to a nearly nonexistent problem.

Any doubt regarding the purely partisan motivations of the new voting impediments was erased in June of this year when Pennsylvania House Majority Leader Mike Turzai bragged to an audience that the state’s new and very strict voter ID law would “allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania.”

A Pennsylvania judge recently imposed an injunction on the law, stating: “I am not convinced there will be no voter disenfranchisement.”

But even when these laws are overturned, late changes and legal wrangling throw confusion into the election process.

The right to vote should be sacred. We cannot justify barring potentially millions of legitimate votes by disingenuously advocating a hunt to weed out extremely rare cases of fraud. Our moral mission as a democracy should be to encourage all citizens to vote. We should be removing — not erecting — obstacles in the path to the voting booth.

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My Father voted Republican all his life until the day he died, thats when he started voting Democrat.

There are videos on youtube of black panthers intimidating voters in Philly, the black panthers were working with acorn which we all know has obama in their pocket since he was their lawyer.

I read that ticket stubs from any Nascar or Toby Keith event are now being accepted as proof of identity in North Carolina. That seems fair. LOL

The GOP cracks me up!!

I think the joke went over your head. The DNC would no more think those tix stubs were valid than the drivel they are trying to use to allow illegals to vote.

Apparently the sarcasm went over YOUR head.

Yah, I should have known from the tone of your voice. Sarcasm doesn’t translate well on the INTERNET.


I show my ID when I get a fishing license, use my health insurance and get a loan etc.

I think voters should have an ID to vote.
The same people complaining about the hassle of getting a state ID can find time to get cigarettes and beer with out any problem.

Good thing you hav a t.v. so you can repeat the Obama campagn ads. I do believe a fool and his money are easily parted so go ahead and vote for Obama.

Thanks Judy for calling me a fool because I don’t agree with you politically…Spoken like a true republican…I wouldn’t expect anything else

The statement a fool and his money has been around for years and probably isn’t meant for you personally but for all fools. What it means is if you are not the brightest bulb in the bunch it would be easy to take your money.

Funny how all you Republicans think your smarter than everyone else and think they will do something about the deficet. The Republicans are responsible for more than half of our fifteen trillion dollar debt. I have voted both Republican and Democrat over the years and finally figured out that neither cares about doing whats right for our country.

Whether the Democrats or the Republicans are responsible for the most debt depends on whether you are looking at who was president or who controlled the House. The House has to approve expenditures. The Democrats controlled the House for most of our debt! Look at this chart:

Hey AnyMouthy-you seem to have a real problem with people being smarter than you. I guess the truth hurts doesn’t it.

Yes that is true. The Senate also has a little say in what happens to the budget and the president signs the bill into law. Unlike you I blame both democrats and republicans for the mess we are in. Clinton worked with the republican house and senate to add the least amount to the deficit in the last thirty years but I bet you don’t give him any credit for that. Mitt is just as bad as Obama they are both bought and paid for by special interest groups and the working people of America will be the losers no matter who wins this election.

@LVS Yes you are smarter than everyone on this site. Their I said it for you now please call me names and again show everyone what a classy act you are.

@Anymouthy-class doesn’t even enter into it with a bottom feeder like you. You like to sit back an snipe at people for voicing their opinion but don’t like it when they come back at you. You are way out of your class bad mouthing Katie and even me. You are not a Independent no matter what you think you are. You are just another communist who want something for nothing.

@LVS I have no problem hearing other opinions. I agree with some of yours and Katies. I do have a problem with cowards that call people names while they hide behind the computer screen. I will meet you anywhere you want and we can discuss things face to face. I was taught to respect my elders but you cross the line. Katie is more of a man than you she never calls me names. I grew up in this town got my first job at age 12. Worked in a factory over 20 years and have a disability since age 14 but have never collected any payments because I am able to work. I have collected less than 2 years of unemployment in the last 28 years. So if you want to meet and call me some names to my face I’m all for it.

@AnyMouthy-Wow-ad now there are personal threats. Be careful what you wish for. You don’t know me at all. In my over 50 years of working I drew unemployment only twice. I worked my way up from trainee to top management. I was a wrestling and Karate coach and played all types of sports and did it very well. I too have been on disability for the last 6 years and because of that I am not much afraid of anything, so, you back off of me and I will back off of you. By the way, I am a life long Independent and do not necessarily agree with what the republicans do, nor the democrats. I think for myself and vote for myself. I believe that anyone who votes all Democrat or Republican just because they belong to that party is wrong.

LVS I didnt’ threaten you I just want to talk to you face to face. It is easy to call people names on the computer when you get mad. I have done it myself. I don’t claim to be tough and I know guys that are 70 years old that would kick my ass. If you want to call my comments dumb or stupid thats fine because I know we all say or do stupid things but when you call me a leech or free loader when you know nothing about me I do have pride and have worked hard to support my wife and kids my whole life. We all have opinions that are very different and are based on the situations that we grew up in and have lived our lives. Maybe I have been to hard on you and Katie but you two comment on almost every article and I do agree with you both on many things but I disagree on many and like you I want my point of view in the conversation. I will back off but I will not go away and my offer still stands if you would like to meet so we can both learn more about each other.

@anonymous-I agree it got a little out of hand. I is a bad trait of mine that when I think I have been insulted or attacked I tend to retaliate. It’s just when you said we think we are smarter that got under my skin because I pride myself on being fair and listening to other view points. As I said I am a Independent and use to vote more democrat than the other way but lately I just don’t like the direction I see our country going. I was taught at a very young age that Communism (socialism) is the enemy and I guess it has carried over to my old age. I appologise for calling you names and will try to do better in the future.

The republicans know if they make it easy for everyone to vote they would, most likely, not win very many elections… Their motto is let the rich get richer & hope the poor get poorer. Who else would want the millionaires’ paying a smaller tax %(14%) then the guy making 50k a year (24%). …VOTE DEMOCRATIC!!

Sorry, but Clinton lowered the capital gains tax back in the 90’s. Better not blame the Republicans for that!

Katie, you got me there. I can’t argue with that. I don’t always agree with everything the democrats do but to me they are the lesser of the two evils. Thanks for your comment & thanks for not making it personal

You have to show id to get cold/sinus over the counter medication. Man those repulicans are real haters. Quit trying to b.s. us, we know why you are so concerned over the poor…Your not!

Have any of you ever got a library card? It is not easy to do. I am on the same page as the guy that says you got to show ID to get cigs. I don’t understand what the big deal is. My Mother never drove a car in her life but she went to the DOT got an ID and got her checks cashed when she went to the bank, had to have it when she got on a plane. I am so tired of people bitch’e their no reason why you all got to be so upset to prove who you are!!!!

I have just one question: Why is the democratic party the only party against voter id?

The Democrats would not like that they have been caught with their pants down encouraging voter fraud. This video shows DNC campaign workers helping voters register in 2-3 states so they can vote more than once! And they wonder why there should be a Voter ID law. That might not help if someone votes in 2 states, but we need voter registration reform of some sort to stop voter fraud. Maybe we all need to be microchipped and then scanned as we vote. LOL

As you know, Katie, the GOP was recently caught in voter fraud also. Sad to say, but I’m honestly afraid BOTH sides would do everything short of murder to get elected. It’s a sad state of affairs, folks. There hasn’t been a valid (fair) election in this country for decades. Who do they think they’re kidding? And why aren’t we stopping it?

I take my previous comment back. They would do anything, INCLUDING murder, to get elected. I’m talking both sides. Not just Republicans and not just Democrats.

I don’t agree with any kind of fraud or disenfranchisement. I want each person’s vote to be protected from theft and from being abused in any way.

If you show up with the same Identification that you have to have to get a drivers license why isn’t that good enough? Those documents are good enough to prove who you are at the DOT then they should be good enough at the polls. I don’t want fraud in the elections either but you have to be reasonable.

You libs are hilarious. Everything you don’t like is a “scheme.”
You gotta show ID to get a drivers license. Is that a “scheme”? LOL

“The right to vote should be sacred. We cannot justify barring potentially millions of legitimate votes by disingenuously advocating a hunt to weed out extremely rare cases of fraud.”

But none the less, cases of fraud do exist. Do you want your vote cancelled out because of some illegal or felon who did vote without any checks and balances?

“citizenship” as in being a member of a group. So what’s wrong with having to prove you are a member.
So when did being a member of a group that can rent a video become higher than that of a voter?

Yet another reson republicant’s suck!

At sign at the Caseys gas staion in Sheffield says that you can asked to show ID to buy cigarettes. Does Caseys suck then too?


What’s hard about getting a photo ID? Really you had a year to get one. Did you decide at the last minute? I think not.

It’s pretty obvious that Darryl Lorenzo Wellington and others want to fraud the voting system by opposing photo IDs to vote.

We are required to have a Photo ID for a Passport, Drivers Licenses, School ID’s, Military ID’s, and many others. Yet, they oppose Photo ID’s for the right to vote. Why?

Voter fraud has been rampant in the US for a long time. It only makes sense to improve on our system of voting by insisting that EVERYONE follow the law.

Proving you are eligible to vote is not a burden, it is a privilege and honor because we live in a free country.

“…rampant in the US for a long time…” Horse hockey.

You must be very young if you aren’t aware of the long history of voter fraud in the USA!

Can you name 1 election that the outcome was changed because of voter fraud in the past 30 years? How many conviction have there been on voter fraud in the past 30 years. Voter fraud is a republican scare tactic plain and simple. They don’t want the less fortunate to vote because they usually vote democrate

happyguy I have 2 words for you; BLACK PANTHERS.

Al Franken 2008

maybe, what the heck
Dave, your proof

Only election that I know of that was stolen was GWB and the Supreme Court stole that one

Their is a long history of fraud in elections but 90% of it was white people doing it to blacks down south. Now we have a black president people all of sudden getting worried it might go against them and they get all riled up.

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