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How to Build Your Resilience

What is resilience, and why do you need it?

What is resilience, and why do you need it? In a nutshell, it’s the art of bouncing back. Being resilient doesn’t mean that you’re never disappointed or upset about an outcome, but it does mean that you have the ability to weather the toughest storms and keep going. You could argue about whether it’s primarily a quality you’re born with or one you develop, but there’s no doubt that however much or little of it you have now, you can increase it, and the suggestions below can help you with that.

Connect with Others

It’s a common misconception that resilience involves total independence. While you do need to be able to ultimately take responsibility for your own wants and needs, humans are inherently interdependent. A strong sense of community and connection with others gives people the balance and stability they need to face difficulty. If you aren’t close to family or people in your community, think about how you can build connections. Hobby groups, volunteer opportunities and participating in your religion, if you have one, are all ways to meet and get closer to people.

Learn to Problem Solve

What do you do when you encounter a challenge on the road to fulfilling one of your goals? Do you give up, or do you start looking at ways to resolve it? Building your problem-solving skills is one of the most valuable ways to increase resilience because it teaches you to tackle obstacles head-on. Consider the case of a person who is planning to go to college. A person lacking in resilience might read how much tuition is and give up right away. 

Someone else might recognize that as an obstacle, but they might start exploring how other people have covered their educational costs. Problem solving might lead that person to look into loans, grants and scholarships. There are Going Merry scholarships for college available that can be researched and applied for online along with other types of scholarships, and these may cover some or even all of your costs. The knowledge that you have met and adequately dealt with your problems can increase your sense of resilience.

Having a Purpose

Your resolve in life can start to feel shaky if you feel as though you don’t really know why you are here or what you should be striving for. Creating a sense of purpose can help carry you through some of life’s most difficult moments. There’s no one type of purpose that is best. It could involve raising a family, having a creative outlet, being involved in the community, or pursuing a social or political change. Your purpose may change more than once over a lifetime. If you are struggling to identify yours, think about the things that you value and what makes you feel fulfilled in life.

Take Action

This is related to problem solving, but it’s a little bit different. No matter if you are trying to manage your finances, improve romantic relationships, or become a better employee, you can know how a problem should be solved but still put off taking that step. It can be tempting to try to hide from your problems, but facing them head on and taking action to deal with them instead of procrastinating is the best way forward for building resilience.


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