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Op-ed: Sweet n sour sauce (by Peter Children)

Not much going in the city right now. The statue issue has slipped off the front page, the top people at 5-East are hunkered down trying to stay off the radar and hope the public does not vote, which they probably won’t. National elections are filling the airwaves and locally the printed pages have little in the way of political ads… is tight and opposition in local races is almost non-existent. 84 days until election day.

No new reports from the economic director; he too is hunkered down somewhere deep inside the new commerce center, a place where brilliance is kept at a minimum and reserved for a select group who reside in a world of their very own. The Economic Director is going for a record of sorts….a city employee who has drawn the most paychecks without anything to show for it. He wants to take credit for the new store called 124….hell he’d take credit for a bank robbery if he could. He and this Main Street director who walks around downtown looking in store windows….what’s he looking for?

Word has it…this from one of my sources deep inside 5-East, that a Young lady named Determan is heading up the Blue Zone project. Further word has it her salary is somewhere between 68 and 70 large; that along with what is reputed to be 4 or 5 more people working under her…they too get paid. Here is the question; why hasn’t the public been informed about this expenditure and more importantly….where is this money coming from?

Our downtown is a lot like that Chinese condiment called Sweet & Sour sauce. We have some wonderful lighting and sidewalks but the buildings look bombed out. I am not in favor of the city paying to remodel the store fronts, I think the people who own the buildings should do that with some uniformity in mind…color codes and such along with materials used. Right now it looks like a guy in a blue suit who is wearing brown shoes….its just not working.

Nobody is talking about the North End anymore, at least not in print. I see Tim Latham speaking at one of the council meeting, he was talking about their organization which was formed right after the Civil War, I think it’s called the North End Alliance. An Alliance is something that is alined to something else, in this case it seems to be murder, dope and violence. How does the saying go? “After all is said and done, more will be said than done.” Eric’s priority should be the North End but he’s too busy moving his desk right now.

Brent Trout is reconnoitering at 5 East with Eric trying to figure out a way to cut more expenses from the city budget; they both should consider resigning, now that would be the sweetest cut of all.

Peter Children

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Determan was hired in 2011 and is a city employee. Here’s the document approved by Brent Trout. Last updated salary history I can find right now is 2010 which doesn’t include Determan.

If this kind of commentary is the best this site has to offer, it’s in BIG trouble. Dead horse meet PC with a large baseball bat.

Pssst…Hey Reggie, Baaaah-Bye! But seriously, my guess is you’ll pay the $24 a year just so you can have someone else other than yourself hear you bitch. Your kind sorta needs that. lol. Stay simple pal.


The North End Alliance does good work. They were instrumental in getting Monroe Park up and functional. Maybe instead of smart mouthing the organization you should give them the recognition they are due. The Issue that Tim brought up to the council was about the deteriorating buildings on North Federal and the landlords who do nothing about them. There has been a lot of discussion over the years on this issue but so far very little action. Time devotes a tremendous amount of time and money to trying to help improve the north end. He doesn’t have to do it as he doesn’t live up here anymore. I for one am very appreciative of his efforts and everyone else should be as well.

Peter, have you tried a really good over the counter laxative? It might improve your mood. If this is what $4/month is going to buy me, I will just tune into Fox news for free.

Last I checked, Fox News isn’t free. It should be outlawed, but it’s not free.

Oh, it’s free.

So you don’t need to have cable or satellite TV to get Fox News?

Last time I checked, if you have internet access, you have access to

Ok let me spell this out to you people that think Fox News is free. You have to have cable or dish to get Fox if you can get it on the internet you have to pay for internet there for Fox News is not free Thank you for your time.

And thank YOU. For some reason he didn’t want to listen to ME.

HOT DAMN! I get to say it to a new dumbass today….Buh…..bye!!!!!

Economic Development director is not a City employee. Determan is not a City employee.

Where does the money come from that pays these people. Please be specific, don’t just say they are paid from grants. Thank you.

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