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Mason City dad arrested for child endangerment tells his side of story

MASON CITY – Shane Simon, 39, of Mason city was cited for child endangerment on August 13th by Cerro Gordo County deputies.

Simon claims that he let his oldest daughter babysit, who is 13,  while he went and picked up a friend who was too drunk to drive on August 12.  He was pulled over and also cited for driving under suspension.  He says he did not know his license was suspended as a habitual violator.

Simon was arrested and charged with child endangerment, an aggravated misdemeanor,  when the deputy discovered that his kids were at home.

Simon (pictured with his daughters) told his side of the story.

From Shane Simon:

The sheriff’s office and Globe got it all wrong.  I called them and explained it to them and they would do nothing. First, Iowa law says that to be 12 and older is legal age in the state of Iowa to babysit.  Second, I would never leave my children alone if I did not trust my daughter.  Half of Mason City parents would have child endangerment if that deputy knew them.

DHS had interviewed me while in jail and even she, my mother and father in law, and ex-wife do not believe for one second that the kids were in danger.  I know that I have made poor choices in my life since my 14 year marriage separation in September but I am a very over-protective father.  Just ask my children.  My children are my most important possession in this world.  I do more with my children then most men do because I want my children to have a better dad than I did.

I feel disgust and really hurt by the deputy charging me with a crime that he never investigated at all.  The deputy never went to my house to check on my children so how does he even know that they were there.  Where is his proof.  I thought that when you charge someone with a crime, the crime has to be visible.  If he can charge me with child endangerment without even seeing my children then couldn’t any cop say I’m charging you for this crime for the hell of it.  It is so not fair.  Little did I know my friend came there shortly after I left and was with my children so technically they were only alone a half hour.

Everyday even though my beautiful wife is not with me I’m thankful to God for what she has left me, three beautiful girls that I would do anything for or even give my own life to save them. People just don’t see the loving father or best friend, or hard worker that I really am. They just see North Iowa Mug Shots badmouthing someone who just got charged with a crime that was never even seen or investigated before he charged me.

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Iowa has no law regarding a legal age to be left home alone or to babysit. For those of you who “know for a fact”, you might want to get your facts straight. That determination is left up to DHS and depends upon circumstances – length of time alone, ages and numbers of other children present, and maturity and competency of the child.

Shane You say you want to be a better dad then what you had…. Were do I start. There are soooo many things I could say about you that it really really pisses me off AND it would wear out my key board. “You say” the only friends I have is on FACE BOOK. So I won’t TELL ALL, and you won’t loose your last remaining friends. BUT if you would like to come out and talk I will tell you face to face how I feel AND how you can change your life to make FRIENDS! DAD

I believe these young Cops don’t really know what they are doing??? Who was this Cop?? anyone know??

I believe shane should take this to court all the way and request a JURY TRIAL HE WILL WIN 100%

Which charge will he win 100%? Driving while barred as a habitual offender? False I.D. charge? Endangerment charge?

Observer What do you think the main topic we are talking about ??? DUh the CHILD ENDANGERMENT, And The County /A Will not want to take the trial to court with a jury so they will try and plea Bargin..

Excellent suggestion/question! Child endangerment was the dominant topic concerning this event. Since Shane’s other mistakes have been publicized, perhaps this officer’s overzealous and unnecessary resort to jail as an action should be investigated. Does he/she have a habit of using jail unnecessarily? At the very least the Judge should check out this placing a jail sentence above children’s safety. THIS IMPRISONMENT WAS DEFINITELY OVERZEALOUS ENFORCEMENT THAT SHOULD NOT BE REPEATED/TOLERATED!

Clearly, the safety of the children is far more important than a license error action. No provision was made for babysitting the children while Shane was put in jail. Shane was not a flight risk. Imprisonment was an unnecessary waste of taxpayer money. Actions speak louder than words…..this imprisonment shows that the law enforcer was not really thinking about the children! Perhaps they need to be reprimanded for placing actions on a license above the children’s safety.

“this imprisonment shows that the law enforcer was not really thinking about the children!”

This theme about thinking of the children did not start with the officer(s) involved. The officers did not force this person to get in a car and drive, knowing he was suspended.

It is true that in the article he says he did not know of this fact, but there is a problem with that. Ask anyone who has been in a court for a violation where they have been given time to pay, a Judge or Magistrate is sure to advise the defendant if the issue is not taken care of, he or she will be found not in compliance, and the penalties for such action or lack thereof.

Yes, I understand a single charge is easy to slip one’s mind. Sad but true it has happened to me. However, this involved seven charges on the same date to which he had to appear.

It’s inconsistencies that drew my attention as I read this, not some desire to beat the downtrodden.

What bullshit i have four daughters oldest is 10 and I know for fact that the legal age is 12 to be left alone to babysit in the state of iowa , However my daughters friends are always left for hours at a time alone at just age 10.I would do something for being arestted like that cuz that just isn’t right

“They just see North Iowa Mug Shots badmouthing someone who just got charged with a crime that was never even seen or investigated before he charged me.”

I do not see any comments on NIM where they(North Iowa Mug Shots) badmouths you. They didn’t say anything about you this time, or the other 3 or 4 times you appeared on their site this year.

I also noticed you did not mention your no insurance and providing false information to police. You even try to justify the driving under suspension. Just another criminal that is innocent, right?

We all know how the cops just randomly charge people with child endangerment everyday.

Iowa courts online!

Children can take the class through the Red Cross for their babysitting certificate at the age of 12. There’s no reason that a 13 year old can’t be at home and babysitting their younger siblings.

Either there is more to the story or he was wronged on the child endangerment – yes – 13 is old enough to babysit in Iowa – so I wonder what is the rest of the story.

I don’t get it. The child endangerment charge makes no sense. Hopefully, that gets dropped. Good luck to you on that!

As I have said 1000 times, the citizen is nothing more than a fund raising vehicle for the state. They know your children were not in danger, but a oppertunity to raise more $$$$ for a state that can not stop over spending. The officer that pulled you over, has a bloated retirement plan that needs funding. He just funded it!

Thats truely all it it anymore, once your pulled over theyre just lookin at dollar signs

“once your pulled over theyre just lookin at dollar signs…” [sic]

Here is the best remedy for that problem. Don’t do anything that will give our police a reason to pull you over. And don’t say it cannot be done, because most folks are not pulled over.

And if it happens, they usually admit when they are wrong, are respectful, and both parties go on their way in short order. Nothing more than that.

It has been my experience when people are mouthy with an officer, or act suspicious, they will dig deeper. It also applies to those who are known to be on constant track of trouble with the law, or associate with known trouble makers. It puts a big target on your back. Again, an easy solution to that.

It was public record that there was a suspension in place in June as a result of court cases in June, and tickets in May. Did not the Court, DOT, and your Lawyer let you know of this?

And what about the false I.D. charge this time?

Yes, you will have your day in court to defend yourself as is your right. But let’s be honest, this is not your first time in the court system, and not the first time for a suspension.

Dads always get a bad rap from everyone, if it had been a mom a mob of people would have already commented and consoled the gal. I see that no one has commented. I say you were wronged immensely and clearly are a great dad.

Nice nickname. To bad there is a rapist and woman beater walking around town free as a bird with the same name. Unless you are Detrick Antoun Keyes.

I doubt thats him. That woman beatin rapist piece of sh!t probly dont know how to spell, let alone read. Nice call out tho’. And yea, this guy was wronged on the child endangerment.

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