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Train blocks cops from reaching trailer park drama in Manly; alleged suspect possibly with gun escapes (photos)

MANLY, IOWA – A train prevented law enforcement from reaching a trailer park drama incident in Manly Saturday morning, allowing a potential suspect who allegedly claimed to have a gun to flee the scene before cops arrived.

At approximately 10:30 AM Saturday morning, September 15, an emergency call was made from the South Side Trailer Court, located at 600 South Trailer Park, trailer # 21, in Manly. The caller stated that there was a male on their property that they did not want there. Authorities were told that he threatened that he had a gun in his vehicle.

Two Worth County vehicles and a State Trooper responded to the call. As law enforcement raced to the scene, a train had stopped across Highway 9, detaining them from reaching the trailer for some time. The alleged suspect was gone gone by the time law enforcement reached the trailer. NIT has learned that a female at the residence said that she knew the person who made the alleged threat and would be checking into getting a restraining order on him. The male was said to live in Mason City and the police were going to investigate.

No further information into this investigation is available at this time.

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The person who took these pictures will be found and and sued. I kmow you drive a black jeep. I live in this trailer park, it was all find and dandy until those people in the blue trailer moved in. They are nothing but trouble

All you people… just… lmao!

Manly needs an over/under pass.

What:s more important – hauling in ugly taxpayer funded windmills or stopping a shooting ? Vote for bartz – u know the guy who would not use his elected office for financial gain .

Are you talking about all those and deals he making? I heard about that alittle but just scuttle around the farm. Maybe NIT can look who knows.

good thing the trailer wasn’t on fire, or is it??

Here’s the thing folks. Most decent citizens don’t have people coming to their house(or trailer) with guns!!! What kind of lifestyle do you live where someone wants to bring a gun to your house to harm you. Clearly this comes from a dark place and bad choices have been made. I am not extraordinary in any way what so ever, and I have managed to live an entire lifetime without someone coming to my house with a gun to harm me or anything even close to that. The police are there to serve and protect their communities but even they can only do so much. People make bad choices and do bad things, then when the shit hits the fan that is when they call the police to serve and protect them. That is the true waste here!!!!

There use to be an established order in society. It was based on respect. Things ran smoothly. Then along come greed and it upset the apple cart in a big way. The establishment is now the new law breakers. Take the shark out of the tank and it fills up piranhas.

Hey, isn’t that short deputy the one that was drinking with teenagers down in Ames or Ankeny or Des Moines or something? Yes, that is the guy I want responding to emergencies, high moral standards and all.

5 deputies live here in Manly we dont need a police department end the waste

drug dealer thief dealing drugs out of his house with 4 small children living there and many many reports to the manly cops of the shit that goes on there at all hours of the night and day and it’s ignored by them…

Hey “conductor”, how exactly would someone know that there is drug dealing going on for sure unless maybe they have bought drugs there…just sayin.

Hey “trucker” if I am not mistaken there is only one Worth County Deputy that lives in Manly.

I’m willing to bet you’d be hard pressed to find many people in this town that are happy with the police services.

These were Worth County Deputies and obviously were not close enough to get to the seen on time. I know the train stopped them, but this is much more likely to happen when they are coming from Northwood. I know of 2 deputies that live in Manly, but that is not even relevant. They don’t sit at their homes waiting to be called out.

Breaking News from the Trailor Park in Manly! The tour of Homes and Ladies Tea scheduled for this afternoon has been postponed.

Since all the homes on the tour of homes are on wheels can’t the tour come to us?!?!? Asking for a friend!!!

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