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James Farnsworth found guilty of murder in the second degree

MASON CITY – James Farnsworth, 23, of Waterloo was found guilty of murder in the second degree Thursday in District Court by a jury.  Farnsworth had faced a 1st degree murder charge.  The trial began on January 14th and was held at the North Iowa Law Enforcement Center courtroom.  Judge Colleen Weiland presided.

Farnsworth stabbed Ian Decker, 24, of Mason City to death on April 14th, 2012 during a fight near the 600 block of East State Street, just west of the railroad underpass.

According to reports from witnesses, trouble brewed the evening of April 13th when Farnsworth became enraged after his then-girlfriend Vicky Miller received a smiley face text message from her ex-boyfriend, Decker.  Farnsworth had a falling out with Miller that evening and according to accounts, struck her in the face.  Later when Decker and Farnsworth met in a parking lot on East State Street, Farnsworth produced a knife and stabbed Decker.  Farnsworth fled but was soon apprehended by Mason City police.

According to Iowa law, a person who commits murder in the second degree is guilty of a class “B” felony and the maximum sentence shall be a period of confinement of not more than fifty years.  Farnsworth is now in the Cerro Gordo County Jail awaiting sentencing.


    James Farnsworth of Waterloo was found guilty of second degree murder Thursday.  Above is s photo taken of the crime scene on the morning of April 14th, 2012.
James Farnsworth of Waterloo was found guilty of second degree murder Thursday. Above is a photo taken of the crime scene on the morning of April 14th, 2012.


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suck it

He gets a mandatory 50-year sentence.

Pretty sad….2 Mason City murders all over some girl who was playing both the murderers & the victims. Vicky Miller should have been at home worrying about being a mom instead of out partying & standing by an abusive boyfriend. Whoever texted Ian is the person to blame here. If it wasn’t self defense I’m sure the knife wounds would have been more consistant, sounds like he was just stabbing everywhere to get Ian off of him. Either way, two families have lost here. Very sad.

All 3 played a part in what happened. If the girl had gone home and been with the child like a responible Mother. No fight would have taken place. If the new b-friend hadn’t carried a knife and used anger to settle a girlfriend issue he’d be free now. If the old boyfriend hadn’t tried to play hero to a girl who shouldn’t have called him to settle here new boyfriend battles he’d be alive. All 3 were too old to act irresponsibly like they did. Hopefully others can learn from this.
One lesson could be to call the cops if your boyfriend hits you.
They all should have learned how to be in relationships without acting like hot headed little kids. The child is the one who will now suffer the most. So all you crying about your feelings need to think about that baby and her feelings for a minute. Your life isn’t messed up forever. But that baby’s is.

Well said. The girls who called Decker and “invited him over” were hoping for a fight. Well, they got it.

I hope some people learned something about meddling in other people’s affairs. Why would they escalate an already bad situation?

To ‘Just my opinion’. Don’t tell me to calm down. My comments are towards the gutless nameless people putting down my family and the people who helped us! If you are not one of those people then shut the F### up. Christina Heagel

I am Ian Deckers Aunt. You who post annonomously on this website without using your true identity are nothing but nameless cowards. You make me sick. You sit there behind your computers and judge people namelssly. Where are your balls???? You have none. Life is full of breakups in all shapes and forms. Look at the dirt in your own life before you pass judgement on others that have lost someone to violence of this manner. HOW DARE YOU COWARDS!!!!!! You are nothing. James Farnsworth is responsible for his OWN actions. There is a beautiful little girl who now will never know she had the best daddy a little girl could ever dream of having. That young man is my beautiful,kind,loving Nephew, Ian Michael Decker. Who I have not hugged, kissed, said I love you too since Easter. I will never hear him say again “I love you too, Aunt Crissy”. So shut your judgemental filthy mouths. James Farnsworth is going to rot in jail and then he is going to rot in hell. As far as the prosecution team. They were EXCELLENT!!! You were not there obviously. You have no idea what Mr. Dalen brought to the prosecution team. MY FAMILY have no problem with him, SO WHY ARE YOU??? Fix your own lives before you place judgement where it is NOT wanted. Just like Farnsworth, he was not wanted back that night. Had he JUST GONE HOME,like he was told to do DOZEN’S of times, I would not have to address pieces of SHIT like you and I would be able to hug my nephew again. Christina Heagel.

I think you need to calm down. I’m very sorry for your loss, but from the comments I see on here most everyone is blaming Farnsworth. He’s the murderer. He did not have to kill Ian. Jealousy knows no bounds in cases like this.

So with our county Attorney having to call in the state attoney to try the case, and every case he handles himself being a plea bargain. Does he have any trial experance?

Let’s hope there’s a mandatory sentence so everyone’s favorite judge can’t alter it.

This whole case just seems like social Darwinism at work. Girl gets flirty text from her ex, current boyfriend gets upset, they fight, ex comes over to console her (I know this because, ya know, I’m not stupid), current boyfriend comes back groveling, ex – in a fit of bravado tries to beat up current, gets himself killed, current goes away for a long time, and girl is stuck with a child she can’t depend on the father to help raise. Her fate in this is plenty of punishment.

It is funny how this works. When you go to a place with a knife it sure shows you have intent of hurting someone. Then when you kill them you must pay the price. The only reason he didn’t get murder 1 was because they couldn’t prove he planned on killing the guy. In 35 years when he is old he will get a chance to get out. Of course in a year or so we will have to pay for a appeal. Bring back the death penalty and put them down.

Maybe he always carried a knife for protection from old boyfriends…..cuz he didn’t have a gun permit.

I think the girl friend/ and some of the friends should step up and take some blame here. It seems to me she was ‘playing’ both of these guys emotions. When you are with someone new you really shouldnt have contact with your ex especially when it was obvious they didnt get along.

Step up and what? A person was killed by knife point. Blame falls squarely on the guy with the knife.

“Step Up and take some blame”. This whole thing wouldn’t of happened if she wasn’t unfaithful in the first place.

The choice of how to handle his part in the situation was Farnsworth’s. But the ex and the girlfriend actions helped set up the situation.

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