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North Iowa Businesses Look to Improve LGBT Inclusivity 

In recent years, there has been a country-wide push to increase the inclusivity of workplaces. Many businesses in the US have now started to become more inclusive of both their employees and guests and started to support diversity. Although Iowa companies can benefit from the diversity of employees available, there are still many steps that Iowa companies need to take before they are fully inclusive of diversity.

How many US businesses are becoming inclusive? 

Although Iowa businesses can still take steps to become more inclusive, as a whole, the US moving forward with its diversity inclusion. For instance, 160,000 businesses in the USA have gender-neutral toilets, which can be extremely beneficial to those who are transgender or non-binary, for example. Some states require gender-neutral bathrooms by law and have signed bills to stop gender discrimination and refusal of access to restrooms, although this is not the case in Iowa. However, many businesses have started to implement inclusive facilities and policies to encourage diversity in the workplace, with diversity becoming the top priority for employers in 2018.

How can you design your business for inclusivity?

  • One of the top ways that you can make your business inclusive of the LGBT community is to install gender-neutral bathrooms facilities alongside your separate bathrooms for different genders. This can stop gender discrimination in the workplace and ensure that everyone feels comfortable while at work. Companies such as Partition Plus will help you to find the best bathroom stalls for your employees and your workplace theme. 

How can you create an inclusive office culture?

  • You should create an LGBT inclusion policy that sets the standards of your workplace and shows the repercussions of breaking this inclusion policy. You should attempt to make this policy no-tolerance, and allow employees constant access to be able to read and digest the implications of this policy. 
  • Embedding LGBT inclusion into training is also vital if you want to limit discrimination in the workplace, and you should take this time to discuss your company’s viewpoint and standing on LGBT inclusion, as well as the efforts that your company makes to be diverse. 
  • You may also want to rethink your hiring procedure to include more LGBT individuals, and you can do this by looking at your data and by collecting surveys from everyone that applies for roles in the workplace. You can also do this by advertising your job roles at LGBT recruitment events and job boards the focus on businesses that are LGBT-friendly. This will give you a clear idea about how inclusive your workplace is, and what you can do to improve inclusion to ensure that you have a diverse workforce. 
  • You should make an effort to attend LGBT events and community days, such as Pride, in your local area, as this will give you an opportunity to connect and communicate with individuals in your area and get involved in active support of the community. This will also showcase your support to those interested in working for you, and to the whole community. 
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