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Networking Tips To Help You Succeed In Business

This news story was published on September 10, 2019.
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Working in business means that you’re going to be meeting and interacting with a lot of different people throughout your days. You’re going to want to build a strong network of connections who you can turn to as you try to grow and expand your company.

It’s important to not only get comfortable networking but to know how to do it the right way. Review the following advice to learn more about networking tips and tricks so that you can be more successful in business. Regardless of who you meet, focus on being yourself, and letting your personality and expertise shine through.

Always Carry Business Cards with You

You never know who you’re going to run into or meet when you’re out and about or attending a networking event. Therefore, it’s a wise idea to always carry business cards with you so you can exchange information on the spot with those you encounter. Use a printing company such as to ensure your cards look professional and will stand out among the crowd.  

Get Online

Another networking tip to help you succeed in business is to make sure you’re also participating in online platforms and forums. These days more and more people are using social networking outlets to interact with other professionals. You’re missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your list of connections if you’re only meeting people face-to-face. Take time to reach out and introduce yourself with like-minded individuals and use others as resources for when you have questions regarding a particular business topic. 

Prepare an Elevator Speech

Keep in mind that you don’t ever want to come off like you’re giving a sales pitch when you meet someone new in a casual setting. Therefore, what you can do is prepare an elevator speech that quickly highlights your business and what it is you do. In addition, include some personal and professional details about yourself so the other person can get to know you better right away. Your nerves might take over when you’re speaking with someone new so having an elevator speech ready will help to ease any hesitations you’re feeling about sharing information about you and your company.

Follow up

One of the most critical networking tips to help you succeed in business is to commit to following up. After you meet people while at an event or out in public, it’s good practice to head back to the office and send a follow up email message regarding your encounter. In addition, you can also think about connecting with the person on a professional networking site or giving them a call a few days later to reconnect. You never know who’s going to turn into a new client or become a good friend down the road. 


Networking can be nerve-wracking and you may unintentionally put it off. However, if you want to succeed in business it’s a very necessary part of the job. Put these tips into action and you’ll likely find that not only does your network quickly grow but that so does your company. 

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