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9 Reasons to Change Your Mattress

A good night’s sleep is essential for our health and wellbeing. However, many of us don’t realize that an old, worn-out mattress could be the reason we toss and turn at night. Studies show that the average mattress should be replaced every 7-10 years, yet most people wait much longer.  Sleeping on an old mattress can lead to back pain, poor sleep quality, and increased stress. If you wish to buy a new mattress, visit

In cities like Philadelphia, the importance of a good mattress is even more apparent. Philadelphia ranks as one of the worst cities for sleep health, with only 40% of residents reporting they get regular, quality sleep. With demanding jobs, busy lifestyles and loud city noises, a supportive mattress is key to getting the restorative rest we need. 

Replacing an old, lumpy mattress with a new one can significantly improve sleep quality. The right mattress keeps the spine aligned, reduces pressure points, and allows you to fully relax. 

Here are 9 reasons to change your mattress:

1. You Sleep Better in Hotels

If you sleep more soundly away from home, your mattress is likely worn out. Hotel mattresses are designed for universal comfort and replaced regularly. Compare your mattress age and materials to determine the issue. 

For example, a 10-year-old spring mattress won’t provide the same pressure relief and comfort as a newer memory foam or latex mattress. These respond better to the body’s shape. However, if you’re based in Philadelphia, where sleep is crucial given its ranking, it might be worth visiting places like The Mattress Factory, Philadelphia, which offers a wide range of mattresses that are comparable to the comfort of luxury hotel beds.

Upgrading to a more modern mattress can help you achieve the same comfortable, undisturbed sleep you experience in hotels.

2. You Wake Up with Back or Neck Pain

Waking up with chronic stiffness, aches, and soreness is a major indicator that your mattress needs replacing. An old mattress sags and fails to properly support the spine’s natural curves. This lack of support strains the muscles and joints over time. 

Upgrading to a medium-firm mattress designed for your specific sleep position gives better alignment and pressure point relief. Look for a mattress that offers robust lumbar support to keep the spine in proper alignment. Memory foam and latex mattresses contour to the body’s shape and provide excellent pressure relief.

Getting a mattress tailored to your sleep position eliminates the discomfort caused by an old mattress. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and pain-free.

3. You Toss and Turn Frequently 

Frequent tossing and turning throughout the night signals your mattress is no longer comfortable. As mattresses age, they develop uneven sagging and soft spots that create pressure points along the body. These pressure points disrupt sleep by reducing blood circulation.

A new mattress provides continuous comfort and reduces restless nights. The right mattress material cradles the body to relieve pressure points. Memory foam and latex naturally contour to the body’s shape and relieve pressure.

With fewer sleep disruptions, you’ll fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up more energized.

4. There are Indentations or Sagging

Noticeable sinkholes, sagging, and unevenness mean your mattress is worn out. Over the years, the inner springs lose tension, and foam layers compress from body weight and use. These uneven indentations disrupt sleep by causing misalignment as the body sinks.

A new mattress provides even, stable support so you stay properly aligned all night. The latest mattresses use durable foams and pocketed coil systems that resist sagging. This keeps your spine, neck, and hips neutrally aligned as you sleep.

With a supportive surface, you’ll avoid discomfort from tilting and misalignment during sleep.

5. It’s Over 7-10 Years Old

Mattresses wear out over time as the materials compress and lose their support and comfort. Even if your mattress looks fine, it’s best to replace it every 7-10 years. The average lifespan of most mattresses is 7-10 years before they start to deteriorate. 

Old mattresses provide less support for proper spinal alignment as the materials break down. The cushioning foams and coils lose their elasticity and no longer keep the spine neutrally aligned. This misalignment can lead to back, neck, and joint pain as muscles and joints are strained. Studies show replacing an old mattress can significantly reduce back pain and stiffness.

Replacing your mattress every decade helps ensure you get the restorative deep sleep you need. Investing in a new mattress revitalizes sleep quality and leaves you feeling well-rested.

6. It Makes Bothersome Noises

Squeaky springs, creaking noises, and rustling sounds are telltale signs of a worn-out mattress. As mattresses deteriorate, the materials break down and create audible noises with movement. This interrupts sleep for you and your partner.

Investing in a new, quieter mattress improves sleep quality. Advanced foams like memory foam are virtually silent. Innerspring and hybrid mattresses should have a quality coil system that doesn’t squeak and creak.

With a peaceful, noise-free mattress, you’ll sleep deeper without disruptions.

7. You Feel Like It’s Unsanitary

Mattresses collect dust, dead skin cells, sweat, and other allergens over the years. If your mattress looks dirty, feels musty, or triggers allergies/asthma symptoms, it’s definitely time for a new one.

New mattresses often have antimicrobial components to resist odors, bacteria, mold, and mildew. Models with removable, washable outer covers make it easy to keep your mattress fresh and clean.

A new, hygienic mattress promotes healthy, allergy-free sleep. 

8. You Want Motion Isolation

For couples, a bouncy mattress allows movement to transfer across the bed and disturb your partner. Upgrading to a mattress with strong motion isolation creates a more stable sleep surface. 

Memory foam and pocketed coil mattresses absorb movement so you don’t feel your partner’s tossing, turning, or late-night trips to the bathroom. This prevents sleep disruptions for both people.

With excellent motion isolation, you and your partner can sleep undisturbed.

9. You Want Adjustable Firmness

If you and your sleeping partner have different comfort preferences, an adjustable air bed allows customization of each side. Air beds have separate firmness controls to meet each person’s needs.

This ensures you both get the ideal support, cushioning, and alignment you need for your sleep position, body type, and health conditions. Adjustable bases also allow customization of the head and foot position.

With adjustable firmness and positioning, you and your partner can optimize your sleep.


Your mattress affects much more than just sleep. An old, uncomfortable mattress can negatively impact your sleep quality, health, pain levels, and daily performance. Give yourself the gift of restful sleep by investing in a supportive new mattress suited to your needs. Take time to research different materials and features so you get the best mattress for your sleep position and preferences. With technology advancing, now is a great time to upgrade your mattress and start waking up refreshed and pain-free.

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