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Ominous graffiti showing up in Mason City

MASON CITY – In the wake of Saturday’s murder on East State Street, graffiti is showing up around town with a sinister message:


One spray-painted message says: “Snitch’s Die.” That was scrolled onto the building located at 606 East State Street.  A man was hurriedly covering it up Monday morning.

Another message at a separate location says the same thing.  That message was left behind Alley Katz bar on North Federal Avenue.

Still another message said “Stiches 4 Snitch’s.”  That one was left at the East State Street underpass.


Behind Alley Katz Bar

606 East State Street

East State Street underpass

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Can I simply say what a relief tο fіnd someone who гeally κnοws ωhat they’re talking about on the internet. You actually realize how to bring an issue to light and make it important. A lot more people really need to check this out and understand this side of your story. I can’t beliеѵе уou’re not more popular given that you surely possess the gift.

so do you have to register on if you want to try to help bail the kid out of jail or is it someone else?

What isn’t printed in this article is that homes around that area were also vandalized with symbols. I think that we as a community really do need a curfew for the young people in this town. I have control over my own kid’s but there are far too many parents out there who would rather be their Child’s friend than actually parent.

@free snaps. Why would the news put anything about Ian’s rap sheet or his black belt in the paper? He was murdered. He was not the murderer. And you can bail James out of jail but that doesn’t change the fact that he klled someone. And why blame the female? She didn’t put the knife in James’s hand. The fact is your friend made a huge mistake that he will have to pay for. There’s no changing that. Oh snap…crackle and pop

I would blame the female since she called her ex-bf instead of calling the cops.


My grandpa always told me when he was growing up Mason Citywas known as Little Chicago. I never understood why until recently. From what I’ve heard about Chicago, I hope this town doesn’t get that bad.

I believe the Time magazine issue nicknamed our lovely community “The Little Apple.”
Oh, and by all means, bail Shanky Shankerton out…maybe he can join forces with the Kropf boys & help us “take care of” our nasty little East Park Gang issues. Idiot.

Theres a small group working on getting bail for james And mason city has always been a shit town the ex prob did it for attention since shes posting it on every Volkswagen site.. And why didnt any of the news mention that ian was a black belt or he had a rap sheet as long as james??

What is the bond on murder charges? Hope your friends are rich! I don’t know what happened, but unless it was self defense, it’s not legal. If it was self defense, James wouldn’t have run away either. Who cares if Ian was a black belt? I’m a black belt too. That doesn’t mean I deserve to be stabbed does it? What the heck ever happened to people dukeing it out & not being pansies & pulling weapons?? Makes people just want to avoid confrontation at all costs because you never know if the other person is crazy & has a knife or gun to pull out. Sad sad sad.

@free snaps, REALLY? You are a moron…. Ian doesn’t have a rap sheet any longer than anyone else in town. I would love to know how seat belt, speeding, and normal teenager activity is a “rap sheet.” Look it up before you make yourself look even worse. He needs to sit in jail and think about the bad choice that he just made. Oh yeah I believe your friend just added to HIS… “RAP SHEET”

$100,000.00 cash only shouldn’t be to hard to come by.

Awe anonymous, and just when I thought you might be gaining some intelligence you go and make a comment like that.

And Watchdog, yeah that’s what I hear and I’m sorry. Things seem pretty bleak. And your county attorney is clueless as to what is going on in his office also. Maybe time to go over some heads and make some changes.

Whoa, wait a second, there’s obviously a couple of people going by the name anonymous….guess I need a new screen name.

I hope your packing more than a paint can! If you think you can intimidate witnesses and keep this kid out of prison you are mistaken. I know the Decker family and will stand by them to make sure they get justice for the death of their son.

Bring it sally

@anonymous, well said. Now if you can get the rest of your community on board maybe you can all come up with a solution to be of some help to your police.

Very true educator. Parents have gotten very lazy and unconcerned. A lot of them think of school as a free daycare. They don’t care what they’re doing while they are there. And they also don’t care what they are doing or where they are or what time they come in. As long as there is always someone else to blame. And Justin you are so right.

The northend Caseys has a camera pointed on one of the spray paint jobs. MCPD could easily review the footage and arrest the dipshit who did it.

UNbelievable. Why set up security cams…then, when a crime is committed in cam’s view, THE FOOTAGE IS IGNORED! What’s the f**king point? The vandal/s might as well have signed their name/s, but the tape isn’t being reviewed? Insanity!

Thank you Kelly. No I don’t live there anymore but my familly does. I saw things were getting bad 15 years ago and chose to take my children some place to have a better life. Best thing I ever did. What I’m saying is get more involved in your community instead of sitting on the computer complaining of how someone is not doing their jobs. Go on a ride along and see what they acually do. Contact your city council. Go to meetings. I am not a police officer but do work closely with them. They do things I would be scared to do. Tell me how you feel about approaching a stopped vehicle or going into a dark building not knowing what is waiting there for you? They are brave and put their lives at risk. No don’t take out your guns. There are better ways of getting involved. Get off your hiney and do something. Ask how you can help.

@Colorado, I have been involved and always have been. I have been on the policing advisory board, been active with crime stoppers, etc. I’m not saying don’t pull me over if I’m speeding, but don’t pull me over if there’s something more important going on. I know my neighbors, and most of my neighborhood. I know there’s a sex offender right across the street just 3 houses down. I know there was someone peeking around my house last night and I went outside (unarmed as i don’t own a gun) to see what they wanted and they ran off. I know who the drug people are down the street, not to hard to figure it out when there’s traffic all hours of the night. I truly don’t know the answer, but Mason City is a scary place right now. All I’m asking for is some more patrolmen out and protecting the citizens. I am a tax payer and I wouldn’t mind a bit paying for in taxes for more police officers to be on duty.

Hey Colorado,

Our Mayor is a drunk and the city council is a bunch of dim-witted numbskulls that are not smart enough to come in our of the rain.

They are all into it for their ego and building their political and financial future. It’s one big group of elitists.

Things don’t look good from within!

Stitches 4 Snitch’s…what? The suspense is killing me! And who is “Snitch?”

That has nothing to do with this case….it is little punk wanna be gansters trying to put fear in people. Ian was being a good father and making sure his childs mother was ok. End of story.

The dude killed him because he was dating his ex girlfriend. Not because he was a snitch.

The “dude” killed him because the other “dude” confronted him about slapping his ex-girlfriend. He was protecting the mother of his child.

Why is it whenever something happens the police get ragged on? They are a few babysitting thousands. They are doing their jobs. It’s parents and citizens that aren’t doing theirs. Maybe you do need more on duty during shifts. But the ones that are there are putting their lives at risk every day for you. Quit putting then down. No seatbelts, speeding, etc. It’s all law breaking and they’re just doing their jobs. Not harassing your “law” abiding good citizens. Get out there and do something to help instead of complaining. I grew up in MC and it is very sad what is going on there

Sorry @colorado, I don’t feel I am “ragging” on the police department. As you said you don’t live here anymore, so you have no idea how bad it really is. The police need to step it up and protect the citizens. What do you suppose we do as citizens??? Get our own guns and just start shooting people like the case in Florida? That’s not the answer. Sure speeding and seat belts are violations, but if someone is pulled over on East State Street for going 30 in a 25, I think the police could be focusing on more important issues. The crime in this town is out of hand. And if it means more police out during their shifts, then that’s what needs to be done.
I’m so thankful for this website keeping citizens informed of the criminal activity in Mason City. You certainly don’t read anything about it in the Globe, all they have to offer is stupid “silly me” stories from John Skipper and divorce and bankruptcy proceedings from Senzarino.
Thanks Matt for keeping the public up to date.
And Please, Please city counciil members, and the police force, find a solution to help with the crime in Mason City.

So it’s only some laws you don’t want to obey. Everyone but you must obey them, but God forbid they pinch you.

You are “ragging” on the police. Please feel free to enlighten us on what the police should be doing to “step up” and protect the citizens. We, as citizens, have allowed the increase in criminal activity. The police are no-longer allowed to Protect. We’ve eroded their power in the name of criminal rights.

As far as traffic laws; I was stopped by a MCPD patrol for speeding. 40 in a 35. Yep I was speeding and freely admitted it.. No long excuse, should have been an easy, quick ticket to write. But no; the Patrolman got a Domestic Abuse call. He gave me back my license and insurance cards, told me to slow down and raced away lights and sirens on.

What can WE do? Do you know your neighbor? How about the people across the street, how much of the neighbor hood do you know? If you are typical, you don’t know many people in your neighborhood. Do we need to be armed, well maybe, maybe not. Remember that the average response time for the police is 5 mins.

Justin, that was really refreshing to read your comment, you indeed see the big picture! Regards.

we do not need more police. We need the police we have concentrating on REAL crime in Mason City. Yes, we know they can stop seatbelt violaters, and people driving 40 in a 35 zone, but who cares?
Lets have less working during the day harrassing honest citizens, and more working late night to stop real crime.
Remember, protect and serve???

That’s the point I was trying to make @reason. You hit it right on the head. But if it takes more police, than for pete’s sake get them out there to “protect and serve”. But something needs to be done.

‘voice of reason’ or anyone who feels the need to criticize our officers, here’s a link if your interested in knowing first hand about police and sheriffs operations, and like this link mentions ” To gain a deeper understanding of today’s law enforcement functions”

Would you please explain to us what a “real crime” is?

Most of us are familiar with crime, it is the result of the breaking of a law.

Does that mean, there are real laws, and fake laws? What is a fake law? And when someone breaks a fake law, is it called a fake crime?

Please by all means, enlighten us!

If you can’t figure out the difference between a violent crime and a speeding ticket you are wasting everyones time.

He did not mention violent crime, he said “real crime”.

That is about, the stupidest term I have ever heard in my adult life, real crime my foot. We pay the police to enforce all laws, not just the ones you or someone else feel are petty, worthless, or “fake”. How laughable.

After all, that is your prime duty as a citizen of the United States, to obey all laws. There is nothing in there that says you must obey only the laws you like. Or worse, “I will only obey the laws if someone is watching”.

Observer no he did not say violent crime but everyone else but you I guess can figure that out! Next time you are getting a speeding ticket and the cop wants to leave because of a REAL emergency make sure you demand he stay and finish writing because a law is a law!

My question is–who are these messages aimed at? Friends of the victim? Friends of the guy who killed him? Whoever turned it in to the police?

Or it was some punk kid who is trying to freak people out. They have very nice solid penmanship for someone working in the wind with a can of spray paint. I vote it’s a girl with too much time on her hands.

This makes me sick to my stomach. What is going on in our community? Our councilman Kuhn did a ride along with the police department, here’s my question. Did he learn anything in how our council can be proactive against drugs and violence in Mason City? Or was it all for not? I don’t care if it takes tax dollars to pay the police personnel, we need more police on the streets than there are now…we need more police checking the nasty bars on a regular basis, and we need more being done with East Park and the vandalism. I was walking over the weekend and the beautiful bridge that was built between the park and the pool is already vandalized. It’s getting ridiculous in Mason City. Get more officers out there stopping this stuff before it happens, and get the drug task force working harder to stop the manufacturing of meth in this community. I grew up in Mason City and it makes me angry that this is what this town has turned into, a place where drugs can be manufactured and sold, a place where a woman can dispose of a baby, where murders are taking place, where bar fights are happening on a regular basis. What’s going on?

I was told awhile back that it is possible for ANY citizen to do a ride along with an officer if able to pass a criminal background check. Anyone know if that’s accurate?

not surprised to see that spray painted around town, rode the west central bus one day and a few of the fellow riders that mentioned Beje Clark or got on at Mental Health Center or Prairie Ridge talked about their various court cases and said the saying that got painted around town

I’m sure glad our public school system is teaching our children to spell.

I know this article has a much larger issue than this criminal’s punctuation, but I think it’s disguisting that you think it’s the school’s fault for this idiot’s lack of correct grammar. Schools are constantly busy trying to fill gaps (social, behavioral, emotional, and sometimes curricular) their parents have left us with and have to deal with kids who have absolutely no motivation to learn. Why would they, when they can just go out into the world and leech of others or sell drugs?

It is the school’s fault the guy/girl can’t spell. Schools spend to much time trying to shape the students world view, political views, false history, shaping their thinking, ect.

If the schools focused on the basics (Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic) and stop with all the psychology we all would be better off.

You want to correct behaviour, start with consequences that make the bad actors “miserable”.

As it is now, our educational system is a joke as well as the punishment we dole out for bad behaviour.

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