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Op-ed: Establish your identity (by Peter Children)

The majority of what we are really about, no one can see at first glance. That is because it is inside of us; what you are is stored in the top of your head, in your brain.  What is on the outside is mainly genetic.  Your voice, the way you walk, your height and the color of your hair. Your teeth and your skin color….and your inner gastronomical track is what your parents gave to you, that and much more.

The only chance you will ever have to establish an identity of your very own is how you think and what you believe.  Even that is in question to a large extent.  While growing up and sitting at the table waiting to be fed, and on into that process; your parents, or parent expound on their thoughts, their day, their job, their acquaintances, and there you sit like a small sponge soaking all of it up.  It seeps into your pores and finds it’s way into your brain where it sits waiting for you to claim it as your own.  It’s called subliminal suggestion or better put would be indoctrination of the innocent.

As you grow and become familiar with other environments, such as school or work, where you intermingle with others, you begin to hear other opinions on life, other thoughts that you may or may not embrace.  Thus begins the elevolution of growth and the passage into the world you will live in.  You may turn out to read more than your parents, therefore widening your world even more. You may decide to further your education by attending college where you will be exposed to yet another level of opinion, some may appear radical to you…or not.  At this point you are still somewhat pliable, not totally set in stone….but close.

The media will undoubtly influence you with many versions of the truth, all of which should be suspect; when you develop a relationship, your partner will offer yet more input to consider. The books and articles along with the films you watch will also influence you to a degree.  All of this material you will constantly shift through, mostly subconsciously but it will cause you to question what you took to believe as gospel at the dinner table so many years ago.  The original information that first entered your brain will never be totally eradicated, but if your mind is open, it will change.

Then comes the church, and all bets are off.  If you allow it, this fraction will dominate your life and dictate policy to you reinforced with guilt.  It can cause you to give up your partner to whom  you were to wed because they were not the right faith.  Words that are spewed from the pulpit are considered gospel….the word of God.  It doesn’t get any better than that. This is deep water, you can easily drown here if you let go, and may do.  The church is good, it sets a tone of morality and implants a sense of charity, but you can’t sleep with it.  However words from the pulpit can easily seduce  you as well, not all of what you hear in there is read directly from the bible.

The church legalizes your life; many marry in the church, not all but I  believe it is preferred. You are baptized and later confirmed in the church and finally you are buried in the church.  The church is also tied to your heritage so it becomes a part of your family.  More on the church later….

So in many ways your body is like a computer, it takes in information during your entire lifetime and the results of that data govern and shape the way you live your life…..          .

Peter Children

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