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MC mom unhappy after son bruised during school restraint

MASON CITY – A Mason City mom told NIT that she is seeking answers about what she calls a “lack of consequences” after her son was restrained at school and ended up with bruises on his arms.

Amanda Reinhart reached out to NIT to describe what happened to her son, 7-year-old Daniel, while at school last week.

“Daniel is 7 and approximately 50 pounds,” she said. “School staff restrained him [on October 21] to the point he has bigger than a quarter size bruises on each arm.”

Amanda said that she spoke to the teacher who restrained Daniel at Harding School afterwards, whom she said is Vicki Davison, trying to find out what happened.

“The story I got from the teacher who did the restraint was that my son was being disruptive in class, refusing to do his work. He was removed … to what they call a blue room. At this point I was told my son had raised his fists to the teacher but did not hit her or even swing at her. She states that my son then said he was going to choke himself so she restrained him. She holds the arms about wrist/hand area and crosses his arms over his body until he is calm. My son stated he repeatedly told her she was hurting him and says he was crying but she told him she wasn’t going to let him go until he was quiet.”

Bruising after restraint
Bruising after restraint

Amanda said that Daniel has been restrained at school before, but apparently had never been bruised in any of the previous episodes.   Daniel is a special needs student at Harding, and has suffered abuse at another school previously, Amanda said.

In the wake of the incident, Amanda has contacted the Department of Human Services (DHS) and Mason City police.

“DHS won’t help and neither will the police,” Amanda said.

“The police officer said he was given a completely different story than I was and told me ‘well sometimes when people are restrained or arrested bruising happens’ and they won’t file assault charges because he was being restrained for safety.”

Captain Mike McKelvey of the Mason City police department told NIT that “The police were contacted. The alleged incident was reported to have occurred at Harding School. No law violations were apparent. Police are no longer looking into this matter.”

“The school is now giving me the same story they gave the cop but it’s slightly different each time,” Amanda continued. “Ms. Davison had told the police officer my son was belligerent, was threatening to kill staff, swearing and hitting and kicking her. So her story changed a lot from the time we talked Tuesday afternoon to when the officer spoke to her Wednesday morning.”

Amanda is now completing paperwork with the Mason City School District. She is also looking to file an ethics complaint with officials in Des Moines.

Amanda says Danny “is still being very quiet and unlike himself”.

Mason City School Superintendent Anita Micich did respond to NIT when asked about the incident, and says a restraint of a child is “always a last choice”.

Dr. Anita Micich
Dr. Anita Micich

“The Mason City Community School District serves students with varying disabilities as per the requirements by law. We train all of our staff who work with students who have behavioral needs and/or disabilities in Crisis Prevention Institute intervention training which is reviewed yearly. All of our staff who work with students who may require these types of supports and interventions are certified in CPI yearly. The training is extensive and does include how to appropriately use physical restraint. At those rare times when students are unable to regain instructional control and have been unable to respond to the protocols in the CPI process staff may have to restrain in order to keep the student and others safe. A restraint is always the last choice. The ultimate goal in the CPI protocol process is to have the student calm down and be able to return to the normal schedule rather than have to engage in a restraint.. There are many requirements schools and districts must follow when engaging in a restraint. The dignity and safety of the child is always our priority.”

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better for your child to see you advocate for them but also advocating for the child that needs the extra help. And deserves the extra help. What if it was your child. At any moment something can happen a brain injury anything that could cause your child to be in this position. Often parents of these children have tried everything and do not know where to get help. We need to give them more options. I don’t think anyone is at fault her except the system that has failed to help this child

Also I am appalled by the number of people who don’t want this child in a classroom with there child. Maybe instead of being so cruel you could instead lobby to make sure that school isn’t putting this child in an environment he can’t handle so they get the extra dollars from the state. Help to speak out and tell the school they need to help the mother find alternatives to help her child. I get its be a concerned parent but do you think your child needs to see you being so hurtful…

As a social worker.I would say it was in the best interest to restrain if the child if he started to actually hurt himself.But I don’t agree that the child should have been held until bruises were caused. I also don’t see anywhere in this article that anyone called to get the child more help because he was threatening to hurt himself.I think it is the responsibility of the school district to say we can’t handle his behaviors here so we recommend another type of learning environment.

Adrian Peterson is in jail – how about thes morons? OOOHHHHH I forgot their uncivilized pubic servants?

What did you expect when DC took over the education system – luckly he was’nt charged with terrorism under the patriot act – Than in it’sself is funny because it punishes patriots. What does this mean? Pat is goint to riot ?? Tooooo Funnny bunnny !

This child is not just being a brat. he has adhd odd and doctors suspect ptsd from being sexually abused at a younger age in his previous school setting . so if you count that as special needs then yes he is. mom is not the type to give this child everything he wants. they use a points system where he earns points he can “cash in” for something he would like. a suggestion that came straight from the counselor. mom is doing everything right by her son and just wanted answe

Well then, I hope she gets her answers, gets to the bottom of it, and gets her son the help and kind of education that he needs. If all this is true about his past, maybe a different type of school setting would be better for him and help him to succeed.

Is this child a special needs student, or was he just being a brat? Unfortunately sometimes, it’s hard to tell the difference. Some parents let their kids do and have whatever they want, then send them off to school and then they misbehave there. I’ve seen kids in public act horrible and their parents just shrug it off. Or they say..when we get home you’re going in time out. Yeah, that time out thing, how’s that working out? It probably isn’t. My point, it’s not always special needs.

If you would actually look at the bruising. You could tell it’s not from being held or grabbed. The are probably self inflected.

Rasmus you are insensitive to say the least. and apparently have no pro lem letting the world know that. the child”s doctor even said that bruisi.g is consistent with being restrained by his teacher. but way to attack a 7 year okd kid. must be priiuoud of yourself

If I left marks lime that on my own child I would be in jail for child abuse. I work in a school and if I ever see marks lime that on any child I would insist that the police do something.

If a parent left bruises like this trying to restrain him at home then charges would of been filed.

So now “special needs” need to be placed in isolation from general population? Wow, time to grow up. This child shouldn’t have to be placed into a separate kind of school. A teachers job is to teach, not pick and chose who they will teach.

Why was she not contacted immediately? Attacking parenting skills and a 7 year old is pathetic . i have taken MANDT classes for those who don’t know its on restraing individuals in a way as to keep them safe bit not harm them. if this restraint had been done properly this child would not be bruised.

I personally know this family. the child does not continually disrupt class very rarely in the past year actually. he is in a special education class other kids also disrupt this class. the point of the story was not a blame game as so many of you think. clearly this motjher wants answers . why did the story change?

If this child has different needs than a typical student, then do what is right and get him the support he needs from a special needs school.

You wouldn’t take a cat to dog obedience classes and expect them to know what to do, would you? No, because the two of them have different needs.

When you are leaving your child at school or a daycare all day, you are basically also leaving the “parenting” up to those workers as well. So if you don’t like how they deal with these situations, take your child elsewhere. Which apparently, should have been done previously. Public school definitely is not the place for this child. Teachers need to be able to teach.

If this child cannot behave in a manner suitable for this school setting then he needs to be in a special needs school…

public education is 99% paid daycare. Whats the problem.

Time to home school instead of blaming everyone else. It is apparent the kids needs help but help yourself for crying out loud. More of the blame game. Looks like the bruises Matt got from being abused by the Chamber lady

It sound like this child has disrupted the classroom before. And yes the teacher is damned either way. If my child was in the same classroom I would be upset that the class is continually disrupted by one student. Maybe an alternative such as four oaks would be more appropriate for this student.

It’s good to discuss this because ‘disruptive, aggressive children in school and how to deal with them’ is a contentious topic, but let’s not forget…in the world of NIT, a loose grabbing of a wrist constitutes assault. What’s the alternative? Let the kid run helter skelter, thrashing about, breaking windows, stabbing kids with pencils? Adults need to sometimes restrain the little hellraisers, provided it is done legitimately and with the child’s safety in mind.

By all means let the childless, jobless, single guy who lives with his mother and was given a GED give his opinion.


And tell me really, what are degrees in political science worth these days?

That and a two bucks will get you a cup of cofree when you don’t have a job.

Ok, I don’t defend Peter very often. He may be a cellar dweller, but there a lot of people that are not going to college anymore. There’s not a lot to offer out there anymore. And if people plan to stay in Mason City there’s NOTHING to offer at all. It seems the alternative school numbers are going up also. Our school system used to be something to be proud of, but since Anita has been on board, the sports programs are hurting and the budgets are hurting. And it’s effecting the…

way the students are thinking about their futures. High student loan debt, no jobs, etc. Mason City is a mess as is our entire country. Heck, it you were single, could live rent free, debt free, wouldn’t you do it too? And be honest. You know you would!

Honestly if I could live rent free and debt free in my forties but it had to be with my mom? I would not be able to suppress my dignity and sense of worth enough to sponge off my mom, not work, and not have a relationship with someone. Honestly.

First of all the Predatory Society sucked me into a bunch of heinous debt: Corporations making their money off of people while giving them nothing good in return. The Federal Student Loan fiasco loaned me money for a worthless education. The Criminal Justice System racked me up with a couple Fraudulent DUI’s until I figured out how bogus and poisonous alcohol is. Every step of the way is a system trying to rob and steal from people, while serfing them out to sucky jobs.

If society loaned money to people for programs that really worked, we’d all be comfortably secure. 9/10 of society is bullshit, piggy backed off the past. Federal loans should be made to people for land, construction materials, greenhouses, medical treatments etc. Give people the real tools to survive and thrive, not a boutique b.s. education at a fluff school lying to people that their degree in “criminal justice” is somehow relevant to staying warm and feeding your family.

Newsflash: no one forced you to go to a school you couldn’t afford. No one forced you into becoming intoxicated and then forced you to drive. YOU are ultimately responsible for YOUR actions, past AND present. It’s called being a mature adult. You had your land and you made a poor choice. You lost your land. I hope you don’t continue to make poor choices but only time will tell.

I shouldn’t have to live in a society that forces people to keep their wits about them 100% of the time lest they become ripped off, imprisoned, bullied, brow-beaten. You miss the over-arching point: That society sucks and has allowed the worst aspects to flourish at the expense of others until they “get wise”. Why have such robber barrons in the first place? Is this all part of “America’s for the tough and not for the suckers”? I’m more of a logical and humane person.

As far as me “losing my land”…the only reason I sold was because the County Attorney and Sheriff’s Dept of Franklin County weren’t doing their job. When a human is harassing and threatening, they should be dealt with properly. It’s not my job, nor my neighbors to have to deal with an armed psychopath.The County Attorney refrained from acting because he knows who I am, and he knows that he doesn’t like Hispanics. It was political, so stop acting as though it was my fault.

Nothing is ever YOUR fault. That is the constant in your world.

Poor Philly, once a fool always a fool.

Society is a crock of shit. Why should existing land baron farmers be considered “made men” with society throwing money at their feet to protect them from failing? Why doesn’t a Federal program grant homesteading money to solitary individuals who want to develop land and get out of the serfdom slavery of towns and cities? Because society is set up in a Feudal manner, and they deliberately design it for Serfs to endlessly work at a subsistence level below or near the poverty line.

Yep-he is still a fool tonight.

Philly….in response to your October 27, 2014 at 11:55 am, 11:58 am, 12:54 pm, 12:58 pm & 4:27 pm postings, I not only call bullshit but I will also invoke a double bullshit on your statements too.

You and I both know, you can’t undo a double BS callout. It’s a fact. Deal with it.

Sounds like the teacher is damned of she did and damned of she didnt. EVERYONE here is a monday morning quarterback. Situations are different when you have to make a split second decision. Every single person here would have done “something different” in their past after they had the chance to think again.

So how would the mom feel if the teacher had let the kid “choke himself” and the bruises were around his neck, or it ended up being worse?

On a side note…I have never heard of the “blue room” at this Harding school in all the years my children have gone….Now I am curious as to what that room is and where it is located within the school!

Cont’d….have been more understanding and less upset. A mother protects their child. If child feels uncomfortable or untrusting of adults around them, one can expect a mother to try to fix that.The adult who restrained him should be more empathetic and maybe explain to him what happened and tell him she wasn’t trying to harm him if that is in fact true. A lot of times kids act out because they don’t know how to communicate. It’s up to the adults to show them which seems, hasn’t been done…

Seems to me the school tends to flip-flop ALOT when it best suits them….they did so most recently in the stories the Globe did after the felony bark peeling incident….regardless if they felt they needed to restrain this child for whatever reason or per “protocol” they obviously did so in such a manner that it caused bruises….for that an apology would be appropriate….and corrective action to avoid the same later…had the story been the same from the beginning I’m sure the mother would

One more observation: Some Day Care facilities have cameras installed in their rooms to monitor interactions between staff and children. Why aren’t there cameras in the Blue Room at the Schools ?

FACT: Danny’s Mom took him to the doctor who said the bruises were consistent with restraint, not from beating on the door to the Blue Room as Mom was told the day AFTER the incident: FACT: Danny has already suffered from physical abuse in another school and the Perpetrator is now in prison. This little boy has absolutely no reason to believe his is safe at school. Neither does his Mom. She is angry that the FACTS seem to be evolving to counter her response to the incident. 🙁

FACT: Mom reported this to the MCPD the following day. The officer who took her statement and pics of the bruises first contacted the school and got a much different story than Mom was given the day it happened. FACT: The school’s
written incident report stated the same information given to the MCPD. Danny was restrained because he was a danger to himself & others, kicking, hitting, swearing, threatening school staff.

Thank you Berkah & Anonymous for your thoughtful comments. For anyone else who has posted or plans to, here is some relevant information: FACT: Mom was called the day the incident happened. She was told Danny had been taken to the Blue Room, but was told he hadn’t conducted a physical attack. Bruising was not mentioned. FACT: Mom learned more after she discovered severe bruising on his wrists. FACT: DHS will not investigate because it is a School situation.

As a parent that had special needs children, these kids are remarkably strong and my kids sometimes had to have three or more teachers restrain them,As fas as the teacher that did the restraint my kids had this teacher, if she had to do a restraint I know it would have been as a last resort.I stand by her decision and think maybe all the people commenting should walk a day or two in their shoes.

Mr. Servantez, thank you for your comment. I have dealt with this child during some of his “melt downs” and I agree that kids can be incredibly strong in these situations. I also agree that the teacher involved has worked very hard to help Danny learn self control. In fact, he has been doing very well lately, which is why this situation is so surprising and unexpected. The key issue is the lack of information, or the misinformation received.

Hey, neither the cops nor DHS are there to seek justice. Their role is to protect certain interests.

Now, if one of those “imports” of NorthIowaToday poster fame had bruised this kid, they would be all over it.

But authoritarian institutions protect each other.

What a troubled young boy.

IF you did not read this– it was a special needs child.

IF he does have behavior issues, it is difficult, however, he shouldn’t end up with the type of bruises u see here.

Those bruises take a lot of strength to inflict and this should be investigated further.

And, if this child needs a more restrictive school environment and treatment for his special needs, get him into Four Oaks.

This really needs further attention.

Ask to see the video…

Sounds like he deserved it. What did the boy’s Dad say about it?

Are you kidding. IF it was your child with special needs and he came home with this level of bruising I would hope that you would have the good sense to intervene and get some solid answers.

Spanky is more interested in a political agenda than parenting.

Mr. Spanky: “Dad” hasn’t seen Danny since he was 3 months old. Mom moved 3 states away to keep him and herself safe from “Dad’s” abusive behavior. “Dad” is in jail right now – they should install a revolving door on his cell, he’s been in and out so many times.

Mom’s little boy is special and every one else abusive. Notice a pattern.

How insensitive can you be? People who are abused and reach a point where they won’t take abuse anymore will do anything to protect themselves and those they love from further abuse. Period. Were we there? No. The bruises would be pretty darn alarming to someone who has been abused. The school should invest in cameras though. If nothing wrong was done, video would answer that. And if wrong was done, something could be done about it. As a former victim, I empathize with the mom.

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