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Iowa man charged after beating, punching kitten into blindness

IOWA CITY, IOWA – A man was arrested this week after his roommate caught him on video torturing his 8-week-old kitten until it lost an eye and went blind in another.

Leo Nopoulos of West Liberty has posted $5,000 bond after being arrested and charged by Iowa City police with first offense animal torture. He will face a hearing on October 27.  The incident took place at an Iowa City residence.

Nopoulos was allegedly caught on video torturing the 8-week-old kitten of his roommate, Nate Schloss.

Schloss described the ordeal he and his pet were put through at the hands of Nopoulos:

For everyone that’s been aware of what has been going on with myself, roommate Leo (who is posted in the article), and just as importantly, my 8-week old KITTEN FRITZ. In regards to Fritz, he is alive and WILL survive, which is a miracle I cannot thank and praise God himself enough for with how much Fritz means to not only me, but all of my friends surrounding me.

FRITZ had his left eye removed yesterday morning and is currently in the process of healing and recovering. His right eye has zero vision in it currently, but does not need to be removed at this time, and hopefully he will have his vision or even slight vision return to that eye. I AM keeping Fritz and he will be returning to me and will be loved by myself and everyone even that much more than previous. I can’t say it enough again, but it’s simply a miracle after the extent of trauma my kitten Fritz sustained that he is even alive! There is a 3.5 HOUR VIDEO in police possession that shows the CONTINUOUS torture of my little kitten Fritz going on in my bathroom AND bedroom. The depth and details that I would need to explain involving everything that this recording shows would take me more than several hours to elaborate on. To give even the smallest idea as to what exactly happened, the video shows Leo leaving my room only a few times and for only several minutes at a time, AND brings 3 other friends total in at different times to show them my kitten Fritz and what he has done. Whether they have knowledge of what exactly happened is still not known. The first scene shows Leo searching my room, in, under, and around everything searching for Fritz as if he is on a mission. You see him take Fritz by the neck and throw him into my ceiling in my bathroom and hear all the sounds that follow along with, which in itself I cannot begin to explain enough. He is shown throwing my 8-week old KITTEN into the walls, doors, cupboards of my bathroom. He is shown bringing Fritz into my bedroom and violently with full force throwing Fritz into the walls, into corners, into my t.v. stand, beating Fritz with his own hands many many many times! He is shown grabbing a t.v. remote and full force beating Fritz in the head and face over and over and over. He is shown taking a Glade metal spray bottle and beating Fritz in the head over and over and over with NO REMORSE SHOWN. The metal bottle was obtained from my bathroom and brought to police as tangible evidence with blood spatter still being present all around the bottle in multiple places. This is only a BEGINNING as to what I can explain as to what occurred on Thursday, Oct. 9th. We believed Fritz was ill due to his right eye and nose starting to bleed Tuesday, getting better Wednesday morning, but then returning Wednesday afternoon/evening and finding Fritz in bad condition where he was rushed to the hospital and taken care of after several hundred dollars were spent on just that incident prior to knowing what had happened. I had miraculously set up my old laptop to record my bedroom the next day, Thursday Oct. 9th, and returned to something so mortifying and gruesome I cannot begin to comprehend and explain. There is also proof and evidence of Leo admitting to doing this 2 or 3 more times to myself and his parent’s. As to when asked why he did it by me, his response is that he is fucked up. Another response, also recorded, is heard of him saying he had bad voices in his head telling him to do terrible things. This is NOT a one time incident. This is NOT a two time incident. This may not even be a third incident! That itself sickens me more than I can explain; to know this was going on when everyone was gone and to my helpless alb, 8-week old kitten Fritz. At the end of the video, it is audibly recorded and crystal clear in hearing Leo say he is going to leave my cat there to die.

As stated in the article he is being charged with an aggravated misdemeanor and up to 2 years in jail. The extent as to what occurred and witnessed and recorded on video; an aggravated misdemeanor and possibly not even spending a night or week or month in jail for the extent as to what he has done is NOT JUSTIFIED! I am thankful for police beginning the process, but this does not cover even close to extent of what the video itself shows! This is a felony in most states regarding animal abuse and animal torture, but those definitions do not even come close to classifying what is witnessed for 3.5 HOURS STRAIGHT on video. He was capable of doing this to his roommates (ME) helpless kitten of 8-weeks, and I have no doubt had this video not been recorded that I would have came into my own bedroom to find Fritz killed and murdered behind my own back and of no knowledge as to what had happened. I could have kept living with this person!!! Look at it this way.. he was capable of doing this to someone who has been his best friend of several years, his roommate even, behind my own back and putting on such an act to which I had zero clue what was going on. If he had gotten away with this, what is he capable of attacking and torturing next.. PEOPLE??

I’ll leave with one last thing that has hit me the hardest so far, which my mother had told me last night while talking with her on the phone. She told me to look at it this way as well.. It’s a miracle Fritz is alive and not only did I save the life of my 8-week old kitten Fritz, BUT Fritz could’ve saved MY life as well.

Leo Nopoulos

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3.5 hour video, are you F’KING kidding me???? I wouldn’t have let THAT LEVEL OF ABUSE go on for 3 minutes let alone hours!!! If the pet owner “loves” Fritz like he claims to~ he wouldn’t have either! As far as I’m concerned this pet owner SHOULD NOT get that poor kitten back & should also be charged as an accomplice for LETTING the torture of Fritz continue as it did to the point of severe injury.. Animal abuse laws need to be more strict to protect the ones who can’t speak &…

punish the abusers to the fullest extent of the law!! If that guy would’ve done this to my animal he surely would be the one bouncing off the ceiling, the corners of the room, the tv, the walls, & have gotten blunt force trauma from something MORE than a TV remote!!!!

He discovered the video after, he wasn’t watching it happen live.

Breaking news at 11. People go outside.

The POS will probably get a suspended sentence when he should rot in a cell for what he did.

Throw him in jail and let Bubba beat him until he is blind and see how he likes it. What a P.O.S.

The State of Iowa is weak against animal abusers because they protect the livestock industry. Nopoulos is a Greek name. He is hereby stripped of all Greekness. He’s schizophrenic as well. I’d say he should try and get help for his schizophrenia, but the animal abuse violence cannot be forgiven, so he should just rot in hell and die would be appropriate.

OMG! Words cannot describe the anger I feel towards the moron who did this and deep sadness I feel for that helpless kitty. This disgrace of a human being
needs to endure the same extreme pain for twice as long as that innocent precious kitten did and that still would not be punishment enough. I will never understand
how anybody could possibly be so cruel. I
hope this pathetic puke rots in hell.

Do the same to this POS!! I hope he rots. That poor kitten. Bless his little heart.

What the hell is wrong with people, Oh, I know, he was punished as a child, BS. There is no punishment good enough for this act of violence against a kitten, or any animal. The best I could hope for is that he spend some time in prison, with Bubba…

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