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Four police officers fired in Minneapolis after video shows cop with knee to pinned man’s neck who is now deceased

Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin bravely reaches for his pepper spray to battle citizens begging for a man’s life who cannot breath.

MINNEAPOLIS – Four police officers have been fired Tuesday in Minneapolis a day after video showed a cop with his knee to a pinned man’s neck who is now deceased, and the city has plunged into riots.

The startling video shows two officers on Monday evening making what they claim is an arrest due to fraud by an African-American man, George Floyd, in front of a grocery store.  Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is shown in the video apparently relentlessly driving his knee into Floyd’s neck as Floyd is pinned to the pavement next to a squad car.  Another officer, Tou Thao, callously told onlookers “don’t do drugs” as Floyd pleaded that he could not breath and was in pain.  This went on for about 8 minutes before Floyd apparently became unresponsive; the onlookers begged officers to let pressure off Floyd so he could get air. Chauvin – who reportedly has shot and killed at least one other person – reached for his pepper spray as citizens begged him to let up.  Police claimed Floyd died later after he was roughly loaded onto a stretcher and into an ambulance and taken away.

Leslie Remond, president, Minneapolis NAACP, stated, “The cruel display of the state-sanctioned murder that took place in Minneapolis is yet another repugnant show of violence by the police. The actions of the officers involved are inexcusable and warrant swift consequences. Their actions represent a dangerous precedent set forth by the racist, xenophobic, and prejudicial sentiment in our society against Black people. We witnessed a violation of our human rights, and we must hold all involved criminally accountable for the death of Mr. Floyd.”

Derrick Johnson, president and CEO, NAACP, stated, “The words, ‘I can’t breathe!’ echo louder and louder as we think back to 2014 when New York police officers killed Eric Garner in the same manner. Yet, here we are waking up to the untimely murder of George Floyd by police officers. The outrage we feel and the justice we demand will reverberate throughout Minneapolis and the country as a whole. We are done dying. This moment calls for us to unify, uplift the family, and pursue justice.”

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey on Tuesday said, “Four responding MPD officers involved in the death of George Floyd have been terminated. This is the right call.”  Charges may be in the works for these former officers.

Tuesday night, Minneapolis faced angry crowds which squared off with cops in riot gear, who allegedly used tear gas and rubber bullets to dispel the crowd.

The city has called in the FBI to help investigate the incident.


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This is Obama’s fault he taught blacks to get lippy with officers

I think that you are on to something there!

I am sure that is what many trump supporters believe.

I feel sorry for all involved including the police officers. Mr.Floyd’s family is having to deal with the death of a love one. The family of those officers are probably being ridiculed, threatened, and afraid for their lives. The children are those officers going to school will be extremely difficult. I am praying for peace for all.


I think when people are filled with this much hate towards humans ,, it’s shows there insecurity ,, if a black man or woman makes you feel so insecure that you want them dead ,, that shows your mental struggle is real,, something happened in your life while growing up that cause these insecure feeling,,, we as black people no what caused us to struggle,, now it’s time for white Americans with this hate to share what’s happened in there young life to cause there struggle,, I thank God for COVID ,, in next few years,, population will be down drastically,, maybe we as Americans will then take look at how important life really is to all humans,,

Wow. You speak as if you regard ignorance as a high virtue.

“I think when people are filled with this much hate towards humans”, who are you talking about with that comment? Some clarification is needed.

Hello those looters are Democrats !!!

Way to make this political. Maybe the cops were Republicans.

The POS cop who did this was on stage with Trump at a Minneapolis Trump Rally. The cop gets his examples from Trump apparently

No he wasn’t on stage with trump. That has been debunked. But he is still a pos.

Those looters are just like the democrats can’t let a tragedy go to waste got too loot and steal!!

They didn’t loot the tobacco shop !!!
Before there were police there were Americans !

He murdered that man. Anyone can see that. In the future concerned citizens might have to REMOVE the guy before he could kill. Doing that to anyone will kill them. The police are not above the law. Police chiefs all over the US are pissed at that…killer. One of there own. Riots, looting, mayhem. AKA Cops and Robbers. It’s going to be a long weekend ahead. Stay safe. Stay home. RIP

Another covid related death. Stay in your moms basement.

Kill’em all go Trump

“He’s a little man, that’s all he is, just a little man despite his girth & size.”

You won’t grasp this, but Donald Trump would be first in line to slam the cell door shut on that stupid cop.

And none of the rioting looters would call themselves Trump supporters and neither would you.

No he wouldn’t. He would be the first to pardon him.

This was murder and could happen anywhere. The cop shaved his head so you know right there he raasist.

wow..l shave my head, does that make me racist?

I shave my legs, DANG IT!

I shave my face. I’m a racist, because I don’t like anybody.

They need to teach proper ways to address Police if you don’t want any trouble. Just because they detain you don’t mean you are guilty. Relax have your day in court or let them ID you. These officers will be found not guilty they did exactly as they were trained. The angle of the road will be used as a defense. On that note it is terrible that guy died. I’m so sick of you lemmings who fall for the media’s outrage as the thousands and thousands of black on black gun deaths are ignored. They really don’t give 2 shits about that as it doesn’t fit there narrative

What’s really ignored is Black on White violent crime. You would not believe the disparity. Read any of Colin Flaherty’s books or watch a couple of his videos. The man doesn’t lie.

Black on White crime has nothing to do with this murder. Quit.

If you let truth pass you by, in the interest of pushing your own message, you will always be wrong.

Rampant Black on White violent crime has everything to do with how cops treat Black perps. EVERYTHING.

Keep reading Flaherty. You and he are excellent bedfellows. Remember to take your sheets off before you climb into bed.

The murdering son of a bitch looked right at the camera, knew he was being video-recorded, and kept doing what he was doing anyway. What a dumbass.

Chauvin will be tried and found guilty. He will go to prison where he will most likely get shanked to death.


Don’t do drugs and don’t steal. Most of all, don’t fight the police. You will lose. Another loser gone.

Watch all the videos. He is not fighting the police. A new video from a business where this happened showed him handcuffed, standing up, and doing what he was told to do.

Where could that video be found. I would like to see what happened before the 10 minute video of him on the ground.

Here you go. Don’t see him resisting at all.

The 6 minute video did show that he was not actually resisting. Is there any video from when he got to the police car across the street? There is a gray area between arriving at the police car, and the video of him on the ground with the policeman’s knee on his neck.

Just remember, we stole this country from Native Americans.

What you mean, “we” white man?

With all the white power and trumptards on this site, how do you live with yourself? You give a platform for hate and racial discrimination. Just read the posts. People saying kill em all and get them out. This website is what is wrong with our country. Just remember, we stole this country from Native Americans.

So…go blow your unemployment check at the casino when it opens. The Red Man will thank you all the way to the liquor store.

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