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Clues or tips sought after thieves enter NIP Fitness

by Matt Marquardt –

MASON CITY – Imagine getting an early morning call from the police saying your business has been burglarized.

That’s what Jake Prazak and John Berding dealt with Sunday morning at their gym, N.I.P. & Fitness Center, located at 2324 S Federal Ave.

(PHOTO: Jake Prazak, co-owner of N.I.P. & Fitness Center, looks out a broken window at his gym Sunday afternoon.)

Prazak and Berding were notified by Mason City police that an officer had noticed a broken window early Sunday and that it appeared someone had entered the building.

“They broke the window and climbed in,” Jake Prazak said.  “They took electronic equipment, smashed our cash register.  They even took body building supplements.  It appears they left the same way.”

The crooks didn’t get much cash, however, since the register is cleaned out each night at close.  They had to go to Staples today and replace it.  “$99… not too bad,” said Jake’s wife Jessica.

Jake and John rounded up the remnants of the cash register and loaded it into a box (see photo, right) and tried to assess what all was missing.

The pair didn’t stop there, however.

John, along with another friend, theorized the burglar(s) left on foot and headed south.  They came across some of their electronic equipment in a dumpster, with a shirt wrapped around one of the power cords.

“It’s an Iowa Games 25th Year Anniversary t-shirt,” Berding said, via phone.  “There’s not many of them around here, and only a few local guys participated in that event.”

There was also a blue sweatshirt they found that they think may belong to a person responsible (see photos below).

“They removed the hard drive from some surveillance equipment we found,” John said.  “They may have done something like this before.”

“I really just want my two laptops back,” Jake said.  “A lot of family pictures and music on them; things that can’t be replaced.”

On the bright side, the thieves did not smash or damage much else than the window, the cash register and the items they took.

Sunday afternoon, Jake was at the gym carrying out business as usual.

“We have a ladies boot camp at 2 o’clock,” he said.  “It could have been worse.  We will be upgrading our security.”

The burglary likely took place between 4 PM Saturday and 6 AM Sunday morning.  It is possible a person or persons were walking north in the South Federal vicinity, carrying electronic equipment.  If you have information or saw any suspicious activity this weekend, please call the Mason City Police Department at 641-421-3636.

N.I.P. owners believe this sweatshirt may belong to a person who broke into their business Sunday morning.

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to Wow

Maybe you need to have some facts straight before you go and accuse people of crimes. For your information one of the people you decided to name is not even in town so don’t go accusing people when you don’t know anything about them.

I owned a business in Clear Lake for many years. Same thing happened to me. The cops found a window broken and called me at 3am. They stood by while I entered my shop. Sure enough I was robbed and the place was empty. Thats when the po po came in. It must be Mayberry investigative mentality.

Gitchya a rottie,(or two) makes for a heckuva security system in one mean lean package! “Come crawlin’ through that window again – Loose a chunk of yer butt!” yee haw!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been to Banff…am I a suspect?

He was lurking around the building on his cell phone. broke the window and came back later when he saw no one had noticed. grabbed supplements and was going for the cash register when he saw cameras and freaked out so he broke the surviellence system and took the harddrive and laptops so that they could not have recordings on them. also smashing the stereo for possible recordings. than to get rid of possible prints he took it in his car and through it in a nearby dumpster along with his clothes to not leave evidence on him

Dang Tootin South End gettin’ more dangerous every day!

Seriously, stealing someone’s laptop..must be a real loser!

“John, along with another friend, theorized the burglar(s) left on foot and headed south. They came across some of their electronic equipment in a dumpster, with a shirt wrapped around one of the power cords.” the owners had to do their police work, cause mcpd dont anymore

Then let me ask. Was an exact description of what was taken given to the PD when they discoverd the broken window? I doubt that happens as they have no idea when it happened. I am sure they inspect the building’s perimeter for clues. I am sure once the owners of the building arrived later, they got further information on what was taken.

We are not privy to what has taken place between our Police and the owners other than what was said in the article. We are also not privy to the exact actions taken by our Police at the time the window was discovered, and now.

All you can logically comment on is what the article says. The rest is supposition on your part. Just saying “cause mcpd dont anymore” really has no basis.

Horrors. Crime that our Police Department discovered onit’s own? But I thought from the many comments here, that our police were no good, could not fight their way out of a paper bag, sat in the donut shoppes all night. Never patrolled. It was alluded to we should call in the National Guard, State Police, the FBI, CIA, and NSA in order to solve the problems here.

Where are those naysayers now? Oh wait, this did not happen on the North End of our community, so it is not really a legitimage crime? Maybe because it did not happen on the North End, it really does not count. The only thing that counts is the North End, and crime does not exist elsewhere.

All the police did was discover the crime, not actually SOLVE it. Sounds like the business owner had to go do the later detective work in this case.

They were probably pulling in there to set up a speed trap aka eat their dounuts and drink their coffers.

Damn North Enders on the South End! These North Enders need to stay on the North End.

damn north enders who moved to the south end and forgot all the north enders since they have been on the south end who are now being rude about the north end while living in the south end. dont even get me started on everyone who lives on the west and east ends!

SO glad I moved out of MC!!!

How wonderful! I’m sure there are no break-ins where you are now.
Why do you keep checking back when you are so glad to be gone?

Yes, I am glad my family and I are out of Mason City also. It was a ratty place to live (and visit) already 40 years ago. For such a small city it sure has it’s issues. One of the most unfriendly places I ever lived in.

Damn South End-we should bulldoze it down.

Keep the cash register open at night to show there is nothing in there, that way crooks don’t ruin a $99 cash register to get nothing.

first i did not see any names of the accused . second s federal means south this did not happen in the north end.

The north end is pretty much all picked over by now. In a few months the north-enders will have the south end trashed too.

That’s a souvenir from the Banff mountains in Canada. Probably from a thrift store. Also anyone could own a Iowa games shirt, I’m sure they weren’t only give to contestants. Even if they were it could be another Goodwill find. Just saying. So someone broke in then decided they’d strip down to wearing nothing but still walk around carrying laptops n supplements? It doesn’t make any sense to me.

damn north end

Wow, you’ve got some nerve throwing out names like that. The two young men you are referring to have been out of town for several months learning a trade, trying to better there lives. Laying bricks and building character. You should retract your comment.

I hope you catch these scum bags, and it’s too bad you can’t ring their necks..

try some codie matz and lugar kid, codie lives on that part of town

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