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Attempted burglar apprehended Saturday morning

MASON CITY – Saturday morning at about 2:13 AM a Mason City resident in the 200 block of 27th Street SW heard someone attempting to make entry into his home.

The resident immediately called police.

After the subject was unable to gain entry to the home, the resident chose not to confront the subject, but rather stayed in his home until police arrived.  The resident stayed on the phone with the dispatcher and gave description of the subject and his actions.

A few moments later, the subject entered a truck parked in the resident’s driveway, started it up and drove away.  At this time, the resident got into a second vehicle and followed the subject, who was now driving a stolen truck.  The resident continued to stay on the phone with the dispatcher while he followed the subject to the area of 29th Street and South Washington Ave.  Mason City police officers took the subject into custody at that point.

The subject was identified at Murtaza Ahmed, 18, of Mason City.  Ahmed was taken into custody without incident and transported to the Cerro Gordo County Jail.  Ahmed was charged with second degree attempted burglary, theft in the second degree and operating while intoxicated.  The theft and burglary charges are both class D felonies.  The OWI charge is a serious misdemeanor.  Ahmed posted bond and was released.

The Mason City Police Department reminds citizens to lock all your doors and remove all keys from your vehicles.  In this case, the resident was instrumental in the apprehension of the subject.  If you find yourself witnessing a crime, call 911 first and relay everything your are seeing to the dispatcher so that way officers can be notified and respond accordingly.


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Is he not being also charged with drinking under age? He is only 18, correct?

I had several classes in high school with him. I haven’t seen him in months, but I can say that doing this with any malicious intent is not consistent with what I knew of his character. He was rough around the edges – from what I could tell that came from the kids he hung around with – but he was always polite and in discussions about customs, world news, etc., he he seemed to have a fairly decent head on his shoulders. That said, he could be flighty – and it really wouldn’t surprise me if they find that he genuinely did get drunk and accidentally wander to a neighbor’s house, then panic and do something stupid – as his family says – whereas, to be told that he had done this with harmful intent? I would be surprised indeed.

I’m glad it wasn’t my house he tried to break into. I really do not want to have to clean up someone else’s blood and brain fragments.

Really??????????? Maybe you shouldn’t be anonymous and post where you live. He is a kid this would be his family.

` Come on Matt~ this is uncalled for.

subject was identified at Murtaza Ahmed, 18, of Mason City……

so you’re telling me an 18 year old is a KID????????????????? They can go to war and fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And also do life in prison!!!

It does not matter he lives at home with a family. It is NO ONES business to post where he lives. He is not a sex offender, murderer, rapist, etc… he made a stupid mistake one night.

YoU dA mAn TaZ

wish that little bitch would show up at my place!!!

I thought Terry Branstad promised to start cracking down on these people. Hen house owners must of bought him off. Send him back to Hancock county they love them there.

I seen on NIM the shitbag’s family is trying to intimidate the victims now.

(12010426) Other Reported: 05-26-2012 1143
Officer dispatched to location to talk to subject about a subject stopping by his home wanting his brother-in-law to drop charges from a case from overnight. Only wanted it logged as info now. Did not request officer speak to the other party.
Addresses Involved
200 Block 27 St SW, Mason City, IA 50401
Names Involved
Officers Involved
(Primary) Officer Creekmur, Tiffany

He wasnt intimidating the victims! He tried to apologize for what he had done! He is genuinely sorry for his actions! And I like how people like to comment on this anonymously. cowards!

YEAH they should use their real name when commenting about a double felon. I see a life a flipping burgers in his future.

You call that “call log” intimidation? Since you seem to know everything, were you there watcher? This family is not the intimidating type.

I knew this kid was a douche when I first saw him, is he a citizen or can we get him deported?

Obama won’t deport them anymore. He wants to make sure there around to vote in November. He has pretty much promised amnesty for there vote.

Yes he is a citizen & he is a good kid! he just had to much to drink & thought he was at his own house! He didnt realize he was at the wrong house! He is by no means a threat to society! He doesnt even remember doing it! Leave this kid alone, it was a bad choice he made due to the amount of alcohol he had in his system! He will not ever do this again!

This is why this town is crap leave two felonies alone, stealing cars and blaming alcohol means good kid in Mason City I guess.

Posted bond and was released so he could try to break in to someone else’s house tonight. If he try’s to break into mine he won’t get a chance to post bond. Enough of these clowns that migrate to Mason City from other area’s just so they can sell drugs here or try to rob us.

Sounds muslimatic to me!


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