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Floyd County Courthouse: Supervisor meeting minutes and expense report for May 15, 2023

CHARLES CITY – The following are the expenses paid by Floyd county and Board of Supervisor meeting minutes for the period ending on May 15, 2023:


Mark Kuhn
County Supervisor, District 1

Dennis Keifer
County Supervisor, District 2

Jim Jorgensen
County Supervisor District 3

Floyd County Board of Supervisors Meeting
May 15, 2023, 9:00 a.m.
The Floyd County Board of Supervisors met at Floyd County Courthouse EOC/Training Room with the following in attendance: Supv Mark Kuhn, Supv Dennis Keifer and Supv Jim Jorgensen.
Keifer/Jorgensen moved to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried 3-0.
Public comment: none.
Jorgensen/Keifer moved to approve the May 8, 2023 minutes as amended. Motion carried 3-0.
Jorgensen/Keifer moved to approve the claims presented: County 2598-2674 and Secondary Roads #22954-22964, with the exception of two VISA charges to be discussed. Motion carried 3-0. The Board discussed a second violation of a county credit card charge made erroneously by Jeff Sherman, Board of Health Environmental Specialist/911 Addressing/Zoning Administrator, for a personal charge to Martin Brothers in the amount of $56.44; Sherman made full reimbursement of the charge. Kuhn/Keifer moved to suspend Jeff Sherman’s VISA card for a period of six months and notify the departments Sherman reports to of the second violation. Motion carried 2-1 with Jorgensen opposing. The Board discussed a violation of the credit card charge made by Adam Sears, Conservation Director/Weed Commissioner, where $7 in sales tax was included on an online county purchase with Staples; as of Friday, the VISA account shows the tax has been credited to the account. Jorgensen/Kuhn moved to issue a warning to Adam Sears regarding sales tax on purchase as a misuse of the credit card policy with further action to be taken should there be second occurrence and to notify the Conservation Board of the action of the Supervisors. Motion carried 2-1 with Keifer opposing. Jorgensen/Keifer moved to approve full payment of the VISA account with note that the two charges of misuse of the account have been remedied. Motion carried 3-0.
Updates on various boards/commissions/activities: Supv Keifer attended a Landfill meeting. Supv Kuhn attended a NIACOG meeting; board members are invited to NIACOG’s 50th anniversary celebration.
Updates on Law Enforcement Center/Courthouse Project: Auditor Carr reported the new elevators passed inspection last week; Young Plumbing and Paulsen Electric are wrapping up work; leveling of the new board room floor is completed; the north side of the building is prepared for fill dirt and large boulders will be placed in lieu of bollards. Supv Keifer reported that the potential change order for the flue area is the only current outstanding PCO but the intent is to hold off for other options to consider; the public elevator was not working this morning.
Keifer/Jorgensen moved to approve the Fourth Amendment to the Coordination Contract between Iowa Department of Health and Human Services and Floyd County for Decat Coordination services. Motion carried 3-0.
Jorgensen/Keifer moved to approve the Second Amendment to the Community Partnership Protecting Children Contract between Iowa Department of Health and Human Services and Floyd County for Decat Coordination services. Motion carried 3-0.
Supv Kuhn presented the history of what has taken place with the proposed hazardous liquid pipeline ordinance along with e-mail correspondence between the zoning department staff, Zoning Commissioner Chair Dean Tjaden and Kuhn to members of the commission and board of adjustments regarding the April 7 receipt of the draft ordinance, attendance at zoning commission meetings, meeting dates, location and public hearing timeline. Kuhn expressed the time it is taking to schedule the initial commission workshop meeting is troublesome in order for the commission and supervisors to hold required public hearings with consideration of approving the ordinance by July 10. The timing of the ordinance is critical for the county’s legal counsel to prepare arguments by the July 17 deadline for parties who are intervening in the proceedings for the Summit Carbon Solutions permit. Kuhn requested the commission’s meeting be scheduled by June 13 at the latest and the agenda include an action item that sets a meeting date for hearing and possible recommendation to the supervisors. Tjaden explained the commissioners want to do a thorough investigation and he would like 100% participation of the commissioners along with participation of members of the board of adjustments at their first meeting; Tjaden said they plan to hold a workshop meeting on June 13 with no intent to have an action item to set a public hearing at that meeting and isn’t sure an ordinance can be completed by July 10. In response to Tjaden’s question in regard to if Supvs Keifer and Jorgensen have a problems with what the commissioners are doing, Keifer responded that he doesn’t understand what commissioners do or what they want to investigate other than establishing reasonable setbacks, land use, and safety in order to protect and preserve the rights of our citizens; Jorgensen responded that he does not see any issues on how the zoning department and commission are proceeding, understands this takes time with some counties taking up to five workshop meetings, realizes there are people opposed to the pipeline and some in favor who have signed agreements with the pipelines that need to be served as well. Kuhn commented that Tjaden and Sherman are controlling and slow-walking the ordinance to the point where it won’t matter for all the people who are concerned on the Summit Carbon Solutions route; the board is asking the commission to get the ordinance out to the public for the opportunity to comment on it. Commissioner Shawn Pitken commented that he has read the 18-page ordinance and would like the commission to have their own legal counsel, other than Attorney Tim Whipple, to explain the ordinance; Kuhn commented Whipple, the author of the ordinance, and County Attorney Todd Prichard will both be present at the commission’s meeting. In response to Kuhn’s and Keifer’s request to hold a workshop meeting prior to June 13 with a quorum rather than 100% attendance of commissioners present, Tjaden responded that he would not do that because of the importance of the item and how it will affect the county.
Keifer/Jorgensen moved to approve the Application for Use of Floyd County Courthouse Grounds submitted by Main Street Charles City for use of the north parking lot for staging of the July 4 fireworks display. Motion carried 3-0.
Jorgensen/Keifer moved to approve a Customer Prevention Maintenance Agreement with 3E for the generator serving the courthouse/LEC. Motion carried 3-0.
The Board noted the hiring of Eliza Fields, jailer, starting May 9 at $19 per hour which will increase by $1 per hour upon completion of 40-hour jail certification through the State of Iowa.
The Board and Auditor Carr discussed transitioning salaried employees from the long-time practice of dividing the annual salary by the number of fiscal year pay days, which causes the employees to be paid ahead, to paying one week behind the prior 2-week pay period. The 27 pay days in FY23 and the 27th paycheck covering FY23’s annual salary through June 30, which is a third paycheck in the month, provides for the smoothest transition with the salaried employees being paid on July 14 for one short period of July 1-7. The Board will take formal action on May 22.
Keifer/Jorgensen moved to approve the Contract to Provide Professional Consulting Services to Floyd County between Cost Advisory Services, Inc. and Floyd County at a cost of $4,450 per year for three years. Motion carried 3-0.
Future agenda items: FY23 county budget amendment and relocation of Emergency Management office.
Jorgensen/Keifer moved to adjourn. Motion carried 2-0.

Gloria A. Carr Mark A. Kuhn, Chair
Floyd County Auditor Floyd County Board of Supervisors

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