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Source: North Iowa’s  “Republican Patriarch” has played  ‘Kingmaker’ for too long

Editor’s note: NIT received the following editorial from a North Iowa resident and subscriber who wants it published, but, citing fears of reprisals from the names and groups mentioned who have interacted with Dr. Blodgett, cannot include a byline. Knowing the sheer viciousness of these entities, we have agreed to post the editorial, as the source is valid.
Dr. Gary Blodgett has helped many a candidate attain public office - even those on the other side of the political spectrum.
Dr. Gary Blodgett has helped many a candidate attain public office – even those on the other side of the political spectrum.  (Seen here with Phil Dougherty)

In his October 27 weekly column, Globe-Gazette reporter John Skipper wrote about Dr. Gary B. Blodgett, known for many decades as north Iowa’s “Republican Patriarch”.  I have met (know) Gary Blodgett, who has, indeed, been a pillar of the Cerro Gordo county Establishment for nearly 50 years.  I like and respect him, as he’s a nice guy who has done much good over the years for north Iowa.  But his disproportionate influence on our area elections marginalizes the ability of average north Iowans to have much of a voice in choosing leaders.  At 77, Blodgett is at an age where most men are fully retired.  Even those who have spent decades in the public eye, as he has, ease up.  It would benefit the public, in my view, if Doc would give it a rest – and the sooner, the better.  Blodgett’s fundraising prowess, which directly stems from his prominence, personal wealth, social circle, and influential connections in high places, is such that once he gets behind a candidate or a campaign, success is all but assured for his choices.  Skipper refers to Blodgett as a political “kingmaker”, which is accurate, considering how often the doc ends up funding the winning side.  But I believe that doc’s inordinate influence and political power is bad for democracy.

Skipper defends Doc ... and was in no rush to write about Casey Callanan's illegal campaign contribution.
Skipper defends Doc … and was in no rush to write about Casey Callanan’s illegal campaign contribution.  He was once again beaten to the punch by NIT.

Doc’s defenders, including John Skipper, his wealthy supporters, the Country Club crowd, and the business community, say anyone can do what Gary does.  That’s partly true, but even then, only in theory.  The reality is that extremely few individuals possess the gravitas to appeal on behalf of a first-time candidate seeking a minor office  and raise over $30,000 in just two weeks’ time.  Blodgett’s ability to do this in election after election tilts things his way, heavily favoring his hand-picked choices, causes, and right-wing agenda.  This makes it nearly impossible for others to compete.  The Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Commission website shows that the two other Republicans and the three Democrats who ran in the 2014 Primary for the seat on the Cerro Gordo county Board of Supervisors sought by Casey Callanan raised only paltry sums.  Mr. Callanan  is a Blodgett protégé and beneficiary of his  association with Gary.  As a high school student, Callanan was an intern in Doc’s office when Blodgett represented north Iowa  in the state Legislature.  Gary also helped him land a Washington, D. C.  internship with a Congressional committee in the U. S.  House of Representatives.  His letter on Callanan’s behalf raised more than twice as much money by early March, 2014, than all FIVE of the other candidates COMBINED were able to raise throughout the entire Primary election campaign, which lasted six months.  Not surprisingly, Casey Callanan handily won the GOP nomination for 2nd district county Supervisor, and is the odds-on favorite to win the upcoming general election.  Blodgett in 1988 began raising funds for Urdahl, and has done it in every election since, except when he served in the Bush Administration in Washington D. C.   Basically, Gary Blodgett builds an impenetrable financial firewall which insulates his favored candidates and causes from having to raise cash, and ensures that pro-Blodgett candidates always have more money than everyone else combined.  The large sums doc raises  set the bar so high that it essentially guarantees victory to his cronies and causes.  In 2012, Chris Watts was closing in on incumbent county Supervisor Phil Dougherty, and was well on track to knock him out of office.   Then, only weeks before the election, the Blodgett political operation and money machine cranked out letters bearing his signature.  Those letters were followed up by pro-Dougherty brochures, featuring a  grateful Dougherty standing beside Blodgett, on one of doc’s lakefront properties in Clear Lake.  Gary’s anti-Watts letters and brochures flooded mailboxes: every registered Republican and Independent got them.  The mailers warned that electing Watts may cause Property Tax rates to rise.  In the end, a switch of about 300 votes would have elected Watts, who gave Phil his closest-ever win.  In 2010, an organized effort  was underway to ensure better, more effective representation on the Board of Supervisors, by adding two members.  More than enough signatures were collected on the Petition Drive, and the issue qualified for inclusion on the fall ballot.  But then Gary Blodgett weighed in, raised funds, and authorized mailings he signed to voters, warning that taxes would go up under an expanded Board.  Doc even formed a Political Action Committee called Taxpayers Against Wasteful Government.  This PAC underwrote the costs of Gary’s radio spots, mailings, and newspaper advertisements, against welcoming two new Supervisors.  Blodgett won again, at the expense of average north Iowans, Union members, schools, students, and teachers, the downtrodden, and our senior citizens.

Supervisor Jay Urdahl has slogged his way through office for decades thanks to Doc.
Supervisor Jay Urdahl has slogged his way through office for decades thanks to Doc.

Longtime county Supervisor Jay Urdahl has arguably benefited the most from Dr. Blodgett’s support, money, and endorsements.  Gary has for nearly 30 years been Urdahl’s major backer.  Every four years since jay’s first race in 1988, the multimillionaire retired orthodontist has passed the hat for this part-time UPS box sorter, to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.  In 2012 Blodgett’s cash operation again paved a  gold-plated path to Jay’s seventh term.  Reports filed with the state of Iowa (available online) show that $17,144.97 – raised chiefly by Doc  –  was STILL  on hand in Urdahl’s re-election committee’s checking account  AFTER the election.  Urdahl’s political career proves just how decisive having old doc’s backing in political races can be.  Blodgett’s support and money transformed Urdahl from a nondescript, unknown, hourly UPS box sorter/loader of no importance, into one of the most powerful, longest-serving county officials in Cerro Gordo history.  Mason City Democrats Joe LaPointe, Mike Dunn, and others who ran against Blodgett for his Legislative seat in the 1990s were outspent, on average, by approximately 15 to one.  Curiously, doc’s choices for public office and his support for, and/or opposition to, other political causes, don’t totally reflect his personal nature, which is genuinely humanitarian.  Records filed with the Iowa Secretary of State show that Blodgett still serves on the Board of Directors of the Bertha Stebbens Charitable Trust.   This well-funded entity has disbursed multi-millions of dollars to needy north Iowans and worthy causes since its inception in 1975.  Reliable sources say that Dr. Blodgett and his wife, Sandy, have made generous financial contributions to several area charities, including the United Way, the historic Park Inn, the Public Library renovation fund, the Clear Lake Fireworks project, the MacNider Art Museum, the Four Oaks Residential Treatment Facility, Prairie Ridge Rehabilitation Center, and many others.  So why would someone who personally supports all these charitable endeavors and public improvement projects favor right-wing political candidates?  Does Gary simply like to effectively dictate who will hold the reins of power?  It certainly seems so.  Since retiring from the Bush administration in 2008, Blodgett has raised money for Republicans ranging from Gov. Terry Branstad, U. S. Senator Chuck Grassley, Congressmen Steve King and Tom Latham, Republican U. S.  Senate nominee Joni Ernst, and Mitt Romney.  It is to the detriment of average people, and to north Iowa politics in general, that Dr. Blodgett doesn’t limit his Midas Touch to the Big-Name Republicans who covet his support.  If he did this, or at least curtailed his involvement in lower-level campaigns, the government that is closest to We, the People, would be much the better for it.

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Ok I will say Republican’s not the word you say not to. Politics is suppose to be fun, the Blodgett’s, they wreck it. Your not suppose to do like doc. Ok LVS, it was 3 on 1, so. Toddy boy, he has a mouth on him, made my nephew mad, Rob and them would not of beat him bad. You say it is ok stick a gun in there face’s, right. Iowa don’t have no stand your ground, we told MCPD this thing, they did not touch it. If your rich you do what ever you want. We get locked up, is that ok with you.

3 on 1, what would you do? If I had gun, I’d draw it, and I’ll bet you would too.

Me to that is what I would of done, blow them scum want’s my money all to Hell, yes. I was waiting for Wanda say it was racist for Blodgett, to of show them theif’s his gun, guess what. I seen the story in the Glob and on here, had photo’s, them scum was white. To bad for Wanda I voted for Callahan.

Whatever any of the Blodgetts are doing, they’re not alone. People with money use it to influence their environment, here and everywhere. There are lots of other deep pockets in Mason City and Clear Lake doing at least this much and more, and they’re happy to keep it on the down low and let somebody else take it in the face for them!

Be nice to know who those deep pockets are.

@eye-try most of your doctors chamber of commerce and CEO’s in the area. they pull the strings that we all dance to.

The Blodgett’s would of like to keep there heads down to, it is only on count of N.I.T. and this good report that we can know what old Doc is doing. Them that has money has a choke hold on us plain folks.

@Lehigh-You know nothing about Dr. Blodgett. You have probably never met him or even know what he looks like. You are just one of the jealous people that are trying to drive him down to your level. he could never sink that low.

All this stuff on this Blodgett his guns and drugs, threats ect is very concerning, scary he is in our mist. Met him last year, it was at a thing at the 4 Oak’s. What he is, is not how he looks and acts like. Todd had on a nice suit looked like he just got back from New York, some place like that. It was like everybody that was there at the place knows him. He does not seem like somebody from around here, even Iowa, I think Toddy boy, he looks down on people that don’t think like him.

Does anybody know, does Todd Blodgett live in Clear Lake all the time, or some other place. I hear he has a place down Texas, his daddy gets rid of him for most the year. Him and Jay Urdahl have cause alot of problems, to bad Toddy boy don’t stay away. I wish old doc would of never met Urdahl, the smelly greedy nose pickin mooch would of never got in.

@ LVS, please either cease defending this drug-addicted, gun-totin’ Republitard, or give us a reason for why you condone such violence. Even if Wanda’s nephew and his two friends were out “to get” Toddy boy, it is against the law in Iowa to pull a gun. Do you not know that Iowa does not have a Stand Your Ground law? Blodgett’s mouth is probably what caused his problem with those guys. Neanderthals like you encourage this Wild West mentality, which has caused so many needless shootings.

Hey Vote, your observation is well founded. LVS sure gets his shorts in a knot when it comes to any criticism of the Blogett Boys. His ranting and name calling shifts into overdrive.

@Vote Braley-It doesn’t surprise me that you are so dumb with a name like that. It is NOT against the law to pull a gun when you are threatened or when you are protecting yourself. Both were the case when Mr. Blodgett reportedly showed his weapon. I don’t believe the police report said anything at all about pulling it. It said he SHOWED it. He had every right under our laws to protect himself from thugs like the people who threatened him

@Vote stupid-I will defend anyone I please and if you don’t like it you know what you can kiss. You people who attack someone behind their backs and anonymously are the worse kind of cowards. There isn’t a one of you who would have to guts to stand in front of them and say this crap.

You know what it is, its because we got a Republitard sherrif, over to the lake there police chief and mayor they are Republitard to. Mason, we got Booky. Gary Blodgett is in the Power’s to be, gets his people in, Jay & Phil, this Callahan use to work for doc down to the state house he did. My nephew’s mom this is my sis, she calls MCPD, they don’t want nothing to do about going after Toddy Boy. If your rich its a free pass if your poor its lock up for us. LVS your mean, Todd is crazy.

Wanda, Although I might agree with some of what you say, your argument loses some of its strength when you resort to using derogatory terms for Republicans. To my way of thinking, ‘Republtard’ is the same as calling someone retarded. I won’t pay much attention to someone who using that term to describe anyone – Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative. Name-calling is what children do.

When I see someone use that term for republicans I see them as low informed, low IQ, and only believes what they are told to believe. They have no thoughts of their own but what they are told to think. I am an independent but after reading all these posting from democrats it leads me to believe that at least all the democrats on here are mentally challenged and will cause me to vote republican everytime just to stop all the inbreeding.

Hope you feel the same way when someone uses the term when referring to Democrats too. If not, you are in the same class as those who use it as an adjective.

Me too. I know we agree on a lot of things and disagree on a couple things, this just happens to be one of them even though you have the right to say anything you want to.

and there goes our constitutional rights, right out the frikken window all because they don’t like someone.

@ maybe, there is no constutitional right to point a loaded gun at someone, or to kill some people who may be intent on a little horseplay. Boys will be boys, especially in bars. If you had sons you would know this. A couple years ago, Mr. Blodgett threatened to shoot an impoverished young man who was trying to support himself by working for a Carnival. Toddy boy suspected that the kid may have robbed him, which was never proven. You trigger-happy nuts are the real danger to all of us.

My personal view of weapons is they should never be involved with interpersonal conflicts or disagreements, and should solely be restricted to protections against random acts of societal violence perpetuated by criminals or madmen, home invasions, business robberies etc. To know someone and be in disagreement with them is a DISADVANTAGE, as 99% of the time a County Attorney will press charges against you, were you to discharge your weapon against someone you know.

@Laker-You are a damn liar and you know it. The criminal who Blodgett threatened took money from him and was a thief. He was not the innocent you are trying to make him out to be. Blodgett was well in his rights to threaten someone who stoled from him.

@Laker-Bull Crap. You are just a coward. Stay in your little hole and keep on sniping at your betters.

This article is so far off base I got to believe MM is at it again. Whoever wrote it obviously does not know Gary Blodgett as he/she claims, for those of us that do understand how your claims are bogus and nearly impossible. Perhaps you should really get to know Gary and Sandy, for if you did it would become almost immediately apparent how ridiculous your claims are. I am writing this anonymously due to fear of reprisal from that crazy dude that prints this stuff, and the source is valid.

If you take away all the pissing and moaning and boil it all down, it ultimately reveals a powerful Republican fundraiser with ultra conservative values who has long controlled the election process in Cerro Gordo County. And for that reason, and none other, Doug Nelson should be voted in to counteract that tendency towards oligarchy and plutocracy. What in the hell is Doug Nelson going to do? Probably nothing…but it sends a message to the established powers that be.

You don’t know what you are talking about, there is no way Gary could do what you are saying.

Ok if what your saying is right so how come Blodgett’s people always win. Look how he took Urdal make him go from a nobody in to the monster power mad and that, he is. This Callahan kid, he will get in to, Gary keeps Phil in, fools Republitard’s in to not vote for Chris Watts and that. That is control. Take your blinder’s off, Philospohis is right about old doc, you just will not see it because your stupid.

If the NITWITS are against him, that’s all I need to make an educated decision. Callanan it is!

oh for god’s sake people get over it. County supervisor is the cushiest political position a person could have-a wage most could live on for doing not so much-IPERS–insurance -help some friends get government jobs. It’s like voting for homecoming queen. The snow will get plowed this winter either way. The sad part is we could probably do fine with say 30 counties with jobs like this instead of 99–but every little town wants a courthouse you can ride a horse to.

@ Suzy, I can voush for what MC JD said on here, Urdahl is good bud’s with Todd. Alot of times I seen Todd and Jay up to Rumorz bar here at the lake, Blodgett has a place over by there. Urdahl he is a leech, then so is Toddy boy sense he live’s off his inherit money. Bet that is how Jay got in with Gary Blodgett. Went to school with Toddy boy, he is crazy got in alot of fight’s, got kicked out alot. Blodgett is smart tho, you never seen nobody could make teachers look dumb like he did.

@ 81, Todd was a hoot at John Adams was in my social study class, we had this teach the guy thought his shit didn’t stink. Well the teach says some president from way back, this president was his ancester. Blodgett, he goes too bad for you sir that president is the only one never got married, you got some bastards in your family. Everybody starts to laugh, teach tells Todd ok you go, to the principle. Todd, says no. So the teach gets two big kids to help drag Toddy boy down the hall. LOL

All this will mean nothing when Callahan wins next week.

@ LVS, I beg to differ. If Callanan does win, it shall mean everything this editorial claims works precisely the terrible way that the writer said. The awful, inordinate influence of this wealthy Republitard will be proven to be true. How anyone could allege that none of this will mean anything if Callanan wins is hard to stomach, much less take seriously. Should Gary Blodgett’s hand-picked choice for county Supervisor beat the People’s Choice, Doug Nelson, it bodes ill for democracy.

@Retarded NIACC-We shall see. And who says Nelson is the people’s choice? That will be brought out next week in a election. Or are you going to fix the voting machines to vote Democrat no matter who they vote for. That is wat they have done in Illinois and Maryland. Nothing the Democrats do surprises me any more. And, I will tell you this once, this article is bogus and someday you will know why. You are blaming Gary Blodgett when he has nothing to do with it and that is all I will say.

This is one of the reason that all of the smart young people move away from this state. There are no opportunities available because the game here is rigged. One of the reasons that the other cities are growing because there are no new ideas coming from these bucketheads placed in positions of power choke holding everything.

@LVS, would you please quit using the term ‘retarded’? For those of us with family members who suffer from mental disabilities it is an offensive term. There are many other ways for you to insult others.

I am afraid I will have to agree with this one LVS.

Thank you for your comment. He can be so offensive and abrasive in his persistent name calling that he diminishes the quality of the conversation between mature adults.

@Otis-what would you know about being a adult you idiot. There, I didn’t use the word retard because I didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.

If you are so easily offended, maybe the internet isn’t for you. Retarded is as RETARDED does….

I’m so sick of the politically correct mentality. THAT offends me.

the peoples choice? didn’t he get last place in his own parties primary?

Ka-POW!!!! Good punch-back, LVS! LOL, joke’s on Retarded NIACC. Also love how you stick it to Philosphyous. Your the reason I read these blog’s.

@JohnDeere,LVS, and MyVOice. Calling people ‘retarded’ isn’t about political correctness. It’s about decency and intelligence. Obviously, none of you have either of those two attributes. I hope that you never have a relative who suffers from ANY disability and that you or they have to listen to that offensive term used to describe them. LVS tells us often his wife is Mexican. You certainly would have issues with someone who called her a derogatory name and I am sure you would be offended.

@Anonymous-You couldn’t be more wrong. When I use that word it is to describe an individual that I am posting about. It has absolutely nothing to do with any relative of your and should not be considered a insult to you as it has nothing to do with you. What you want is P.C. of the worse sort. You are trying to censor my speech just because it offends you. I am not signing up for that. I will use whatever words I choose as long as they do not violate what Matt allows. You have no say in it.

@Anonymous-By the way, should you ever decide to attack my wife personally I would hunt you down and you would wish you had never opened your mouth. That is a promise.

@Anonymous-If you are so sensitive you can not look at a word that is not spoken about you or yours you should not be on a site like this. You should be in a home somewhere where you will always be protected from the big bad world.

As I said buddy, decency and intelligence. And, are you threatening me?

@bodacious-Are you posting under the Anonymous name so you will not be held accountable for what you say? Are you afraid to stand behind your comments like the other cowards on here? I am really surprised at you. I know we don’t always agree, but I really thought you had more integrity than that. And, if you are threatening my wife to get even with me you don’t need to think of my comment as a threat. It will be a promise. Now go blow your damn horn and wake up some citizens.

LVS, I do not intentionally post under anonymous. I keep getting logged out of this site and if I don’t check closely (which I don’t do) my posts sometimes come up as anon. And I am always accountable for what I say unlike you.

I thought about saying something to you about that but then I remember that it has happened to me also, especially after I switched to firefox.

@maybe-Google chrome lets me know if I am logged out.

or perhaps Callanan will win because in the eyes of the majority he is the best candidate, and the guy with the most votes wins. No conspiracy, just common sense voters.

LVS, you’re a confused Independent aren’t you? One minute you cheer Matt on, fighting the forces of corruption, plutocracy and oligarchy, and the next you act like Callanan and Ernst, and King are somehow not what Matt ends up exposing. It’s bewildering. I think in the end you vote Democrat, but come across like a Republican to fit in with the NRA guys whom you share membership with. I’m for gun rights also, but that doesn’t I’ll ignore the rest of the equation.

@Philomena-Once again your comments mean nothing. I am not a member of the NRA. I just hate it when a bunch of idiots gang up on someone who knows nothing about it. In my opinion someone who comments about someone like this is a coward. None of them would dare stand up in front of Dr. Blodgett or his son Todd and say the things they say on here. From what I read it is nothing more than jealousy because they don’t have the funds to do what Blodgett has done.

Most Iowans wouldn’t say half the stuff they do in front of someone…that’s the nature of a blog site: It provides you the option of not having to. I don’t know about you, but I’m a really good natured guy, and even when the insane man in the woods was freaking out on me, I just calmly stood there and recorded the event in my mind. This notion of everyone being a “badass” who would smack someone around at first sound of something they didn’t like is an LVS fantasy.

@Philomena-There is a easy way for you to find out. All you have to do is come out from behind your potted plants.

I stayed behind the potted plant because I had to make sure #maybe wasn’t suffering from PTSD, and that he didn’t come armed with his AR-15/PG-13/Rated M for Maturity weapon. He says he’s peaceful, but all soldiers are trigger happy, and see Taliban beards when really those beards are just Amish (It’s why security is extra high at the World Series these days). Even though I’m clean shaven (mostly),#maybe has to go thru a 12 step program before I’ll see him: 12 steps to enlightenment

2Philomena-I pretty much agree with “maybe” on most things and am probably a lot more sudden than he is.

So now LVS wakes up feeling like John Wayne. Well good, if that’s what gets your juices flowing enough to get outta the house: I’m all for it. Don’t forget to watch Gunsmoke and Bonanza today also(I prefer Bonanza).My everyday nature is that of calm, serenity, peace, happiness. I look at disturbances to that in the same way a police officer or military operative would or should: I view it as a mission to complete, to return back to happiness. If you want a barfight go elsewhere

@ Philosphuis, it is not no fantasy like you call it, our nephew got in to it with this crazy Republitard druggy. They was outside some bar here in Mason a couple years ago. Toddy boy went ape crazy, Rob and his two friends was trying to get him, they would of got him to but this Blodgett, he pulls a gun on them in their face’s they fear for their lifes. Cop’s here would not touch it, our Republitard excuse for a Sherrif, he done the same. This insane crack head, might of shot our nephew.

@wanda-as I remember it you cowardly nephew and his friend attacked Mr. Blodgett and all he did was protect himself. He allowed to do that when thugs threaten him. They were lucky he didn’t shoot. They deserved it.

LVS-Your views on this kind of suprire me, from your views that I have read about the Mayor and City Council I did not peg you as the Country Club Type. Seems these guys all run in the same circle.

@web-Believe me I am not one of the country club set. I just hate it when they make personal attacks on a individual like is being done here. It is altogether different than attacking someone who is a politician or in elected office. When it is a attack on a private citizen it takes on a whole different meaning. Every one of these cowards would never stand up and say it in person. They even admit it. Gutless wonders all.

LVS fails to take into consideration that according to the information presented here on NIT, Dr. Blodgett is hardly “an ordinary citizen”. He’s a political operative, in the same way Karl Rove was. His political activities make him fair game;that’s the unwritten rule of politics:If you get involved and influence outcomes, then the lens of scrutiny will be cast upon yourself and your entire families activities. He should let the simple North Iowa bumpkins decide for themselves.

Wealth and prosperity is on the way! Republicans to the rescue!

You mean the kind of wealth and prosperity we had when the market crashed under G.W.? No thanks.

Yes the crash cause by the Democrats was “during” the GW administration.

Still the crash was caused by liberal policies!!


talk to frank and dodd about the crash

Sorry Mason City J. D. Didn’t mean to report your reply. New to this comment section. That song refers back to conditions in the old coal mines. Most miners had no education. Left school to work in the mines as their fathers did and children would. Doubt mine owners let a polling place on their property IF the miners were eligible to vote by law. Look at the restrictions being put in place today under guise of “voter fraud” control. Those conditions are where today’s GOP would…

What does the GOP (Americans for Prosperity) and 1890s Robber Barons platform stand for? Remember the Tennessee Ernie Ford song “Sixteen Tons” and the lyrics “Load sixteen tons of number nine coal, what do I get. Another day older and deeper in debt. Saint Peter don’t call me cause I can’t go. I owe my soul to the company store.” GOP=debtors prison, death if you can’t afford medical costs (Dr. Paul), starve if you can’t make it on their offered wages, company owned housing…

@ Jack, the blue collar kind of thinking described in that song is part of the problem, as far as fascists like Gary Blodgett go. Most Republitards lose the workers vote, as they should. But when blue collar workers are conned, crafty Republitards win in places where they have no business even running, i.e., Mason City. Old Doc always carried Mason City. As long as some Democrats are not intelligent enough to see through Blodgett-style candidates, we Democrats will keep right on losing.

The struggle is between the aristocracy and the rest of us. The Electoral College was created by the aristocracy in order to prevent the popular vote if they didn’t approve the outcome.

Here’s what will happen (yet again) in American politics: The Republicans will all sweep into victory, a Republican President will be elected in 2 more years…the Republicans will (yet again) run this country into the ground: starting wars, racking up debt, financing corruption and organized crime…and yet again Americans will rebound back with Democratic rule 4 years after that. It’s a never ending exercise in stagnancy and tepidness. Entire lives will be spent unfulfilled.

I sure hope your wrong, last thing we needs another Republitard. If we get another Bush or worse Reagan, old doc will pay him off to buy Toddy boy a job in the White House just like he done with Raygun. Least that way the trigger happy crack head will leave out of here.

Philly….I sure hope you are wrong. But, there is one certainty. In two years, you will still be sucking from the communal trough as well as being gainfully unemployed.

I am an owed man. If I were to “suck off the community trough” as you put it, I would certainly be entitled to do so. Think of me as a professional sage.

Philly, “professional sage”… hardly. Professional trough sucker, burden on society, gainfully unemployed lip licker and engineer of the looney-tune express….yeah, that’s the ticket.

Will you be bringing back any Bronco’s souvenirs for us when you never go to Colorado?

Philosophus, you absolutely nailed it.

@JMO-Philly is actually “Left MC” too. He post under two names so he can hide his cowardly views. He is nothing but a gutless TROLL. He runs around saying other people are posting under different names when the two faced bitch has been doing it all the time himself.

LVS, why are you going around spreading lies? Is this what you do when you get angry? Geez everyone knows that I’m one identity on NIT: Philosophus…so give it a rest. I may be a lot of things in people’s eyes, but I’m not dishonest. So give it a rest. LEFT MC is whomever they happen to be…which isn’t me. Man oh man, you must be pissed off, cuz you’re really acting ridiculous. Republicans lie when they start to lose don’t they?

Can anybody tell me, just how did someone like Jay Urdahl ever even get on Gary Blodgett’s radar screen? We have met Dr. and Mrs. Blodgett, and they have about as much in common with Urdahl as Mitt Romney does with the guy who picks up his garbage, or mows his lawn. We like Gary, and Sandy is a lovely lady. But it just seems that something is not right for them to sponsor Jay Urdahl. What is the story behind all this? Anybody?

Suzy I know how it come to be why Jay got in with Gary Blodgett, it was on count of doc’s son, name of Todd. Urdahl and him has been real good buddy’s for alot of years, they both drink real heavy. I got this from a lady use to work up to the court house, she says when ever Jay would say stuff about the Blodgett’s he would see dollar’s signs in his eyes. So, he sucks up to doc, doc puts him in, and Urdahl stay’s in ever since he first run. This was all on Gary’s money most still is to.

Excellent editorial, eloquently stated.

I honestly believe it’s just a game to Blodgett. He loves to see just how far his massive wealth will carry him. Proof of this is getting a nobody like Urdahl in office and keeping him there. Does anyone really like Urdahl? He’s a schmoozer (not to mention moocher) who thinks he has everyone’s highest respect. If he only knew.

I’ve already voted for Doug. Please do the same.

Casey, Phil, and Jay,

seek office, to our dismay –

‘Cuz if there’s one thing we can’t afford,

It’s an All-Blodgett Board –

So vote for Doug Nelson today …!

Love it!

Unfortunately, this is politics as usual in every locality in every state, as well as on the national level.

Nothing at all will change until there are greater restrictions on campaign money in politics–and good luck with that one.

Until then, the only thing citizens can do is remind themselves that these bought and paid for pols do not represent their interests.

Government should protect the weak from the strong. Media should protect the weak from the strong.
When the strong buy the government and the media, who do you think will be protected? Who will have the resources to stand up to them and how? When opinion pages are for sale to only the Right people, how will anyone even know there’s a problem until it’s too late?

Thanks for standing up for the principles of protecting the weak. Keep it up! And everyone— VOTE!

As far as I am concerned, this says it all. I shall never support any candidate backed by Dr. Blodgett. Never.

@ NIACC, for real, so sad to see this one person has so much pull, time to make him stop. Doc needs to just go back to the golf, please. If Gary would of stayed out of our politics all these years, we could of put in some real good people that he went up against.

This does it for me. It is time we do something. For all those who cherish democracy, this column is a clarion call to action. Vote for Nelson!

Voters, pay heed to this message as it’s time to speak up and vote for the person–not the Party.
There is SO MUCH WRONG with the County government and the controls need to be back in the voters hand!
Go vote !!!!
And I would suggest someone other than Casey who as Watss exposed–has NEVER even been to a County Board meeting-disgusting that he thinks he’s qualified.

Its even worst then this, old doc has stuck his hands in to lot’s of canidate’s campaigns, just never let’s go. Control freak Republitard.

Every body better read this, if we don’t get Doug in the whole entire board I mean every Superviser, will be a Blodgett board. Yikes!

If nothing else, after reading this Doug Nelson certainly will get my vote.

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