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New poll shows Ernst sneaking ahead of Braley

braley-ernstDES MOINES – Iowa Republican State Sen. Joni Ernst is inching ahead among likely voters in the U.S. Senate race and now has 49 percent to 45 percent for U.S. Rep. Bruce Braley, the Democrat, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today. Five percent remain undecided.

This compares to results of an October 23 survey by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN- uh-pe-ack) University, showing Sen. Ernst at 48 percent and Rep. Braley at 46 percent.

Today’s results show independent voters backing Ernst 50 – 41 percent. Republicans back Ernst 90 – 4 percent. Democrats go to Braley 94 – 4 percent.

The reverse gender gap in this race continues as women back the Democratic man 50 – 42 percent, while men back the Republican woman 56 – 39 percent.

Braley leads 57 – 36 percent among those who already have voted.

Just six days before Election Day, 91 percent of Iowa likely voters who name a Senate candidate say their mind is made up, while 9 percent say they might change their mind.

“As Election Day nears, State Sen. Joni Ernst is closing in on Iowa’s open U.S. Senate seat. Her lead over U.S. Rep. Brue Braley inches up to 49 – 45 percent, giving her the momentum with less than a week left in the campaign,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac Poll.

“Nothing is for sure, but one would certainly rather be in her shoes this morning than Braley’s. One piece of good news for the Democrat is that he has a 21-point lead among those who already have voted.

“Ernst’s lead is built upon a 9-point lead among independent voters and a larger lead among men than Braley is able to muster among women,” Brown added. “And, in what was a strongly negative campaign, she emerged from the mud-slinging with voters liking her a bit more, usually an advantage that tends to translate into votes.”

Iowa likely voters are divided on their feelings about the candidates:
Ernst gets a 45 – 43 percent favorability;
Braley gets a slightly negative 40 – 43 percent likability score.

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JUST MY….Hardly. one, LVS hasn’t reached full puberty and two, we’re at least 1,400 miles apart and a million in our thinking.

LCS…Education is a terrible thing to waste…too bad you weren’t paying attention when spelling was the subject in class. P.S. Typical response for a liberal!

LVS…a bus is the thing you ride on….so “buss” off!!!

@al-you are so damn cute. Did you come up with that yourself, or did some first grader help you with it?

We all know you two are the best of friends. Two peas in a pod. Could you be any better aligned in the political area than the two of you?

I respect that.

Sort of…

Many of you posting in favor of Ernst are supporting the same political agenda that your beloved Robin Anderson supports. The Chamber of Commerce has put big money into her election campaign. Why? So, they can continue ripping off the taxpayer.

Great, accurate observation. Connect the dots. Bookie is also an essential part of the equation.

That’s why LVS and others on this website are such meatheads. They ACT like they are against the big bad powers that be locally, then turn around and vote for the very same thing 10-fold Nationally. But these voters have never really made sense, and that’s why the country continues going around circles on a carousal. Who in the hell do you think Joni Ernst is going to represent? Of course: Big Oil, Koch Brothers, Big Corporations who WILL continue shipping jobs overseas. IDIOTS.

@Philamena-At the risk of repeating myself, you are STUPID. People like you should never be allowed to vote. You don’t pay taxes and you don’t work. Therefore you have no rights. That is the way it should be. But of course you will vote for someone who will continue to fund your lazy, worthless life.

LVS speaks his true mind, and in the process offends and disparages 10 million adults with disabilities in America. Good Job moron. You’re logic is impeccable. I’ll trump you though, old goat: People who don’t own land shouldn’t be able to vote…cuz that’s how it used to be. MORON.

@Philamena-You know what, that is not a bad idea. They should have to take a mental test too. You and bodacious would fail for sure.

@LVS, hey buddy, in any test of mental acuity, I would love to go up against you. Then we would see who the real dunce is.

@bodacious-It wouldn’t even be a contest/ A train driver against a manufacturing engineer. I don’t think so.

LVS, you didn’t comment on your support for the Robin Anderson crowd through your vote for Ernst. Why not? And I am still waiting on the railroad to come and get me. Haven’t you called yet?

@bodacious-I am not a narc. If they catch up with you it won’t be through me. As far as Robin Anderson I am not , nor would I ever vote for her. I am voting against Obama and Braley. Anything has to be better than them. By the way Bo, you will be pleased to know I did vote for a Democrat.

So, who was the Democrat, LVS? Oh yeah, Patricia Wright. Thanks, but she would have been voted in anyway. She does an excellent job. Mike Grandon was the best, but Patricia was trained well under Mike.

It is pretty sad, I agree. LVS and maybe continually call Democrats sheeple and yet they continue to be herded into a state where money and power are the two things one needs to prosper. Unfortunately, very few of us have either.

Bodacious, aren’t you tickled by the number of poverty stricken people who vote Republican? It all comes down to one thing: GUNS, GUNS, & more GUNS.

No it comes down to RIGHTS RIGHTS RIGHTS. Guns is just 1 of those rights that are being taken away.

Maybe, tell me right now: since when are your guns being taken away? You don’t listen, and you don’t pay attention. Pres. Obama has said time and time again that he does NOT want to take your guns away. Does he think the average citizen needs an AR-15? No. Do you?

It just amazes me how stupid some people can be. Obama says he is not taking our guns away yet every single democratic senator is trying to pass laws that will do just that. Pull your head out of your a$$ and look at the senate and you will see that not only are our guns in trouble but our free speech, our freedom of religion, illegal searches not to mention the government can throw anybody in jail as long as they want for any reason they want with no trial, patriot act.

If you had been around in 1775 we would still be under british rule because you are a coward that will believe every thing that is told to him. Open your eyes and you will see what the entire government is doing.

I believe you’ll find that Obama is half black and half white!

When Democrats are in power: Republicans still get their nice jobs, their military playthings, their guns and ammo, their exorbitant money, their fast cars and third homes, their corporate hegemony…and all Dems ask in return is to help the poor, play close to fair, and protect the environment we all live in…and the goddamm Republicans refuse. They aren’t happy unless they are oppressing others, stealing money, messing things up and killing others. Remember that.

@Philamena-I thought you were taking a buss to Colorado toady. Is this another one of your lies?? No wonder people do not ever take you seriously when you lie all of the time. Or, is it that Colorado doesn’t want a communist traitor like you either?

@Philamena-You should know all about stealing money. You have been stealing from the taxpayers all of your life.

LVS, you . U. People love me. When will u understand that aggravating noise feature?

The only person that loves you is you.

I’m the true American…but Bruce looks good too.

Remind me Wednesday to buy stock in metal coat hangers if Ernst wins.

Why, are you going to hang yourself?

Do-it-yourself abortions were thought to be performed with metal coat hangers…apparently reaching in, snagging the fetus, and pulling it out. Crude and dangerous. He’s implying that if Joni Ernst wins, abortion will be made illegal.

I don’t know if anyone else feels as I do about this election or not. It seem’s like the big boys think we are fools and they can play us like a fiddle. They run mis-leading ad’s (some are outright lies) this is both party’s. And lie to us about our local politician’s. The millionair’s (on both sides) are trying to do everything to further their causes and could care less about what we want in Iowa. I would like to see us tax the hell out of any ad that is placed by a out of state super…

cont.-pak and if possible make them prove their statements are correct before we let them on the air. I don’t know about the rest of you but I do not think we need these people coming in here telling us what to think or how to vote. (Both sides are guilty) Maybe if we let our politicians know we will not stand for it or vote for anyone who allows it they will change.

I agree LVS, the best idea I have heard to date is, “Only funds from people or entities within the jurisdiction of where the candidate should be allowed.”

That would save a lot of this crap on TV and radio that we have to put up with.

Or give them a 1 time allowance and thats all they have to spend.

Good post LVS, I agree that both sides of the political arena could use some shaking up from the general public. I am tired of the political ads slamming each other. Too much money in their campaign funds!

Bruce Bailey (Mike Obama version) reminds me of Eddie Haskell from the Leave it to Beaver show.

Sweet, condescending, sincere and honest, to your face, but he would slit your throat in second if he thought he could get the last piece of pizza you just ate.

Buzz, I need a co-pilot to Colorado. You ready to navigate? Break out your Rand McNally Atlas and report to the Willowbrook mall at 6am by where the GreyHound Busses depart.

@Philamena-I though Greyhound leaves from the airport. I would hate to see you miss your bus.

Philly…Well, once again, you were a no-show. How do you expect people to take you seriously when you do follow through on anything?

How big a box of bread crumbs do you have? You will need plenty to lay out so you can find your way back from Colorado.

PS….When can I take ownership of your blue tile???

@Buzz-Please say it ain’t so. Philamena isn’t still here is she/he? I guess we must just accept that he/she is a damn liar. We knew deep down that this is the case. He just makes up story’s to have something to say. I am sure glad he is barred from Mason City. Someone might just mistake him for a deer and put a arrow in him. Go to go now. I need to practice with my crossbow.

Have you noticed that while talking to peter sometimes he will answer and forget to change his name back to that ridiculous phillomomma or whatever it is.

Because I pointed out a time discrepancy in how Buzz Crumcutter sometimes inserts his comments in between conversations, and that he doesn’t use a profile picture or colored tile, you turn it back on me suggesting I’m other identities (which I’m not). Resorting to calling me Philamena (as if being a female is a bad thing) showcases your inherent sexism. Does “Throw like a girl” ring a bell? Is 70 mph fast enough? Can you guys come up with something original…ever?

@maybe-Yes, I have noticed. He also uses a couple of other names from time to time.

I noticed someone else asking peter a question and peter answers the question under a different name.

@Philamena-They only time you ever did anything at 70 MPH was when you thought “maybe” or I am coming and you are “RUNNING” for a potted plant. You are Philamena because “Left MC” you “other self” is female. You are such a fake, liar and coward it is unbelievable.

Ernst will win by 7 points !!!!! 12 points if you only count legal votes !!!

“After we win this election, it’s our turn. Payback time. Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we don’t forget. The ones who helped us will be rewarded, the ones who opposed us will get what they deserve. There is going to be hell to pay.”

AFter you win the election it’s payback time? Wow, I guess you missed the part where the Democrats in the spirit of reaching across the aisle tried to work with you rabid dogs for the past 6 years, and you did nothing but stymie. I advised from the beginning of the Democrats wins in 2008 that they should completely sever the heads of Republicans and never let them back up for air…and now I see why I was right. You people are sickos, and have no intention of working with anyone.

I guess I missed the part when they wanted to work with the republicans, all I saw was reid blocking the voting on bills.

Maybe, you are correct, Reid has blocked every bill coming out of the house, just like Gronstall has done here in Iowa.

Actually “Phil” (the smartest person in Cerro Gordo) that was a quote from the party that “in the spirit of reaching across the aisle tried to work with you rabid dogs for the past 6 years” on the eve of Obama’s election to President.

I’m ready to divide the country whenever you are Joao De Carmo (whatever in the hell your goofy name is).

Unlike the “great uniter” in office, I want a United States of America, How about you Philospus? “(whatever in the hell your goofy name is).”

If that’s true, then start ACTING like you want a United States of America. And quit being so mysterious…explain your weirdo name.

Prey tell what “start ACTING like you want a United States of America” entails? If you mean rolling over and kowtowing to the liberal machine; no thank you.

@Philamena-I really hope there is no payback time by either party no matter who wins. We are much stronger when we work together and the shape the world is in today (thanks to Obama in my opinion)we need all the strength we can get. They need to work together and stop the petty squabbling. Most of all we need the special interest out of our politics. If they want something let them spend their own money on it.

The people that instead of believing everything that is fed to them but actually do their own research will know that they are being lied to by the democratic party. The only people that will vote for braley are the die hard bury their heads in the sand puppets so I think joni will take it.

Just wait until the Koch brothers start setting policy. Watch the gap widen even further. Watch Cancer rates climb, medical care decline, poverty rise, rights decline. You’ll see. Ernst is a puppet. Only card carrying Republican white dudes will be able to see their rights survive. The rest will be deprived…but that’s what you racist white dudes have wanted all along. You’ve only wanted YOUR rights upheld, no one else’s.

Hey peter, the Koch brothers donate to the republicans, democrats cancer research and many many others. Who does george soros donate to besides the democratic party? The Koch brothers want a better way of life for everybody, soros wants a new world order. You tell me which is worse.

maybe you were born a white dude, probably with blue eyes and blonde hair. You had everything going for you in white protestant America. You operate with race in mind, and it’s so incredibly pathetically obvious. You have no reason to hate Obama, yet you do. Race is behind your rally cry to try and win this election. You people want nothing more than to kick the darkie out of the white house , and return to your superior white gene pool and southern sensibilities.

typical liberal, always throwing out the race card. You know nothing about me because of you did you would know that I am not a racist. I guess when that is all you have to use is the race card, that makes you pretty pathetic.

Then explain why you don’t like Obama. You can’t. You hate him because you cannot stand the idea of a negro President. It bugs you to no end. You’ve been trying to roadblock the President since day 1, and now you see an opportunity to continue shutting out the President. It’s racism pure and simple. Iowans are largely racist. This President has done more for Veterans than Dubya ever dreamed of, yet you hate Obama. Why? You have no answer, other than he’s a negro.

The drugs have fried your brain. I don’t like obama because he is a fraud, he is a liar, a murderer and a communist. His policies are destroying our country and you just lick him up oneside and down the other for the main reason you say I hate him. I don’t hate him as a person but for what he is doing.

You Republicans hated him from the moment he was elected. Your leaders swore they would oppose him every step of the way, and they did. The majority American people elected him, and you refused to accept him as your President. As a soldier you are a traitor and should be held in insubordination for talking the way you do about your Commander in Chief. You hate Obama because he’s black, Democrat, and smart…in that order.

Standing up to a criminal, someone who is trying to destroy MY, not yours, country doesn’t make me a traitor, it makes me a patriot. You say the republicans want to block everything obama is doing, what about reid? You are nothing but a ignorant, racist, stoned, communist and I am through with you.

Are you really? That’d sure be nice. YOUR America doesn’t exist anymore, and when it did…it operated at the expense of others. You’re too far gone…part of that stubborn age group of myopic good old boy white military rednecks who thought about the world in a certain way, and menaced and terrorized the rest of the world to back up your thoughts. You want a loud truck, big gun, cold beer, pretty chick, country tunes, and negroes as the butt of your jokes…NOT ur Prezident.

And you know what #maybe? It pains me to say all this to you, because you seem like an okay guy…but really, it’s getting to be too much. The entire Republican rally cry about “taking back THEIR America” is rooted in nostalgic racism. And those reasons are piss poor in my book. I’m not going to stand by while idiot cattle Iowans take yet another ride on the voting pendulum and swing Republicans back to power. I’m gonna do my best to remind them they’re under a damn spell.

@Maybe you forgot arrogant and sanctimonious

“Sneaking” ahead?

The article didn’t use that phrase.

Nothing sneaky about it – Braley can’t shake his trial lawyer pandering to other trial lawyers for dollars.

..considering the neither candidates are all that “stellar”, and for the life of me I still can’t figure out what it really is they “stand” for anyway, I’ll be looking to fill in that “box” that says “Neither Candidate”!

That would be worth a try – who knows what might come of it!!

go Joni

If you watch that video of joni on tv and then watch the unedited video you will see that they edited it down to make it sound like she is saying something that she isn’t really saying. That is something the democrats are very good at.


gimmie mah gunz and lock step. So how many names does that make for you?

If you’re talking about the video you linked for me a couple of days ago that proved nothing. It wasn’t an unedited video of her talking, it was some weird computer voice summarizing her position. Link the video. And Joni still wants to restrict women’s choice when it comes to their healthcare, quit trying to deny that. No woman with any intelligence would vote for this nutbagger.

The video I watched was a video of her talking and the words matched her lips. There was no computer voice.

This was the video you linked for me before as “proof”

That was a video explaining her point of view, it wasn’t the unedited video that the democrats are trying to use against her. The video I am talking about that I cannot find was a live video. I know that you are too lazy to do your own research, especially if it could prove you wrong, but I am not going to do it anymore for you.

Can’t find it because it doesn’t exist? LOL

you would like that but it does exist, go be a good little boy and look for it.

YOU are the one who has been hanging his hat on this “video” from the beginning. Link it or it doesn’t exist.

You are right, I found the page the video was on but the video has been removed, luckily there is a transcript for it. Next time do your own research, liberals count on people like you to be lazy.

From Politifact:

Ernst has a point that the legislation does not literally call for the restrictions on reproductive rights Braley cited, but it’s more than just a “statement” of principle — it would change the Iowa Constitution in a way that could, at some point, enable many or all of the consequences Braley foresees to be enacted.

We rate Ernst’s claim…


Even more news:

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