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Benefits of Studying for a Degree in California

This news story was published on July 2, 2020.
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Finding the right college or university for your degree can be a big undertaking. Not only do you want to apply to the best schools that cater to your subject areas, but there is also the location to consider as well. While your discipline may very well dictate the state you end up studying in, it also doesn’t hurt to research potential places you’d want to call home for the next 4 years.

If you’re undecided about where to study just yet, you may want to add California to your potential list. Not only does it offer stunning landscapes, but it also possesses a thriving tech industry and a diverse multicultural community. For more information about studying in California, consider some of the benefits below. 

Top-Quality Education

California is home to some of the top universities in the country. It is known for its academic reputation and for providing affordable quality education. If you’re looking for places to study, Touro University Worldwide at offers an array of business, psychology, and health science degrees. 

Scenery and Outdoor Activities

The environment where you study can be just as important as the university itself. Being able to stay active and keep stress levels low through exercise and outdoor activity can boost your health and well-being and enhance your overall life as a student. Depending on where you study, California has a vast range of scenic locations to explore — from desert and mountains to city and coastline — which means you can do everything from hiking, cycling, surfing, and more.

Travel and Exploration

The state of California is famous for its road trips. If you’re able to drive while studying, getting out onto the open road can be a fantastic way to diversify your experiences and enrich your knowledge. As well as a fantastic way to unwind, traveling may be essential to your subject area; therefore, road trips could also serve as research expeditions or field trips. 

High-Quality and Diverse Food

With its proximity to Mexico and its location being situated next to the sea, California has a vast array of high-quality food. Its mild Mediterranean climate, rich agricultural industry, and health-conscious residents also mean that there is an abundant selection of state-grown fruit and vegetables. Whether you’re looking to primarily cook for yourself, or try out the local fare, there is no shortage of restaurants, especially if you’re after Asian, Latino, or Mexican-inspired cuisine.

Tech Industry

California also has a thriving tech industry. Home to the famous Silicon Valley, it is a great area to be based in if you have interests in the fields of technology and innovation. As a student, there is likely a lot of networking opportunities available too, so it’s something to consider if your aspirations lie in this industry.

Studying for a degree in California comes with a variety of benefits. Do your research and see whether the state’s geography, climate, lifestyle, and industries provide what you need to get the most out of your degree. Good luck!

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