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Joni Ernst campaign spokeswoman caught drunk driving

Screenshot of Gretchen Hamel's Facebook "wall" ... she is posing with an Ernst campaign sign
Screenshot of Gretchen Hamel’s Facebook “wall” … she is posing with an Ernst campaign sign

WEST DES MOINES – A spokeswoman for the Joni Ernst campaign was caught drunk driving just days before the election that sent Ernst to the Senate, and she resigned, according to the Des Moines Register.

Gretchen Hamel, age 34, was a campaign spokeswoman for Joni Ernst’s U.S. Senate campaign. Records show she was arrested on October 29 by West Des Moines Police for operating while intoxicated. The Des Moines Register reported Thursday that Hamel resigned the morning after the incident.

“This is a personnel matter which we will not discuss in the press. We wish Gretchen nothing but the best and appreciate her efforts,” said Ernst campaign manager Jon Kohan in a statement published by the Register.

Records show Hamel was also cited for improper use of a median.

Hamel posted bond and was released from jail the next day.

No court date has been set, yet.

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This does not surprise, this is what Republitards do. One of the Bush daughters was busted for underage drinking, and another Bush was sentenced to drug rehab. Republitard Mel Gibson was picked up for OWI. Now this Republitard party gal who works for Phony Joni is, also. Maybe we should not be so hard on her, after all, we north Iowans tolerate our infamous GOP drug addict, Todd Blodgett. If Toddy boy can smoke crack and not be in jail, other Republitard drug users must feel entitled.

@Laker-You are even dumber than I remembered. What the hell does this have to do with Joni? Are you trying to tell me that you left wing druggies never do anything illegal. That is all you Democrats do is push everything illegal, from immigration, I.R.S. Libia, Iran, Obamacare. Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house.

Really!!! What does this have to do with Ernst. Is she guilty of being a drunk by association, that’s how people get a bad reputation. If either of them were perfect, like a lot of people think they are, this site might not exist… Maybe she was just celebrating a pending political victory, and how did she know she was right.

What about Joni Ernsts manager getting a DUI?

Oh no. Just say it ain’t so. I wonder how many times LeftPhilamena 2 has been arrested for DUI? We all know Philamena1 has been several times.

Zero, how many have you had LVS?

@LeftPhilamena2-I don’t drink, don’t smoke and don’t do illegal drugs. How about a big mouth drunk like you/

LOL – wow, spoken like a true Christian.

@leftPhilamena2-Christian has nothing to do with it. Common sense does. Try it, you might like it.

First of a long string of disappointments to come.

Yes and those disappointments started 6 years ago. :((

BINGO on annie !!!!!!

Philly…I wonder if she had soiled herself? Care to weigh in on what that’s like….Drunk, alone, passed out, only to find someone left a big batch of cake batter in your drawers.

o NO u di-int! i LOVE cake batter! me n my man mix it n eat it n never even thank about bakin it!

Yeah, eat it right outta the box it came in.

Buzz you haven’t lived until you’ve pissed all over the backseat of a cop car. In fact I’m proclaiming a rebellion movement right now: If you’re arrested for non-violent, non-harming alcohol or marijuana related charges, go ahead and water the cops upholstery. If settling for a silver medal isn’t your style, go for the gold: the cop will hate you for it, but you’ll get a kick out of watching him gag for fresh air. Just think of the nasty mess they’ll need to clean up.

The party of family values!

I’m jealous you left MC!

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