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Four Old Possessions You Didn’t Know Were Worth Cash

In today’s economic climate, every dollar counts. That’s why individuals across the world are being so careful with their cash, only spending it once they find the very best product, for the very best value, on the internet. But such people are often unaware of the capital that they’re sat on top of, in the form of unused, old, and disregarded possessions. You’ll learn, by reading on, which of these possessions can be shifted for cash in the coming months, in order for you to enjoy a little more income from your old junk.

Your Car

Most people are aware that their car must be worth something when it’s running. However, many people expect that a car that won’t start isn’t worth a dime. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as many scrapyards will attest. The metal alone is worth a little cash, and parts of your car, like the wheels and engine elements, will be stripped to be sold once more. You can, then, sell your car to a wrecker to make a pretty penny out of your old and unused vehicle, a comfortable windfall to help you boost your incomings this month. 


From smartphones to laptops and MP3 devices, you’ll have been through a pile of digital technology since the onset of the first iPhone and iPod. Nowadays, many people have a huge drawer full of old phones that they’re not sure what to do with – many with cracked screens and warped innards. They may seem worthless to you on the surface, but they’re also worth some money – and you’ll be able to find a company that you can send them to, which will pay you handsomely from device to device. Look into this option to make some quick money out of your useless old devices.

CDs and DVDs

Speaking of redundant technology, you’ll be surprised that your old CDs and DVDs are actually worth some cash when sold on the internet. You can choose to sell these individually, or you can sell them at scale with the help of a third party. You can also simply sell them to a collector of CDs and DVDs, who will organize them based on their worth and will resell them for their own profit. Don’t just add these fragments of the past to landfill – look to sell them to make some extra cash this year. 


Finally, furniture – and especially older furniture with a little character and prestige to it – is actually worth a fair bit of money if you take it to a dealer, or if you sell it independently using eBay or Gumtree. If you have an old piece of furniture you’re looking to replace, or you have some items up in the attic that are simply taking up space in your life, it may be time to part with your old pieces, gathering a tidy sum in the process. With a revolution against flat-pack furniture ongoing, this is the perfect time to take your old furniture to the market to sell. 

Use these tips to make a little cash from your unused and unwanted old possessions this year, boosting your income as a result. 


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