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Opinion: City hall secrets could soon be laid bare for all to see

The stranglehold on this city can only be attributed to one source… the city council. Trash burning plants and pig people wouldn’t get out of the starting gate let alone get much traction if it were not for this current council. Sadly, when offered the chance to correct it, the greater preponderance of the qualified voters stayed home.

The offer to govern yourself is the greatest attribute this country has to offer, it’s why people from all over the world want to live here. And all this time you thought it was the North Iowa winters that attracted them. You don’t need a broom to clean out City Hall, you just need to vote.

This city has been sued numerous times but the chance of you hearing about these legal conflicts is extremely remote. Why? Because they were all settled out of court, and the local Globe-Gazette made the decision to gloss over the drama; the city has paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars while Bookmeyer has held the top spot.

At first glance this sitting council looks no different than any other… but that’s where all similarity ends. These remaining 5 members ( soon to be 6 ) have serious mental deficiencies. There is no other way to approach this, these council members have allowed a Mayor with extreme alcoholic tendencies that are well established and near legendary to lead them as far from reality has humanly possible.

Still instilled in my mind are the long lines at the council meetings, lines of people now in the bright light of day confronted with the realism that their home was soon to become unsalable, that the city that has been home to some near 30,000 people who filled two cemeteries over 166 years was soon to be the victim of rape and will slowly cease to exist… with little or no compunction by those who they themselves put into those seats.

While it’s never been my deliberate attention to demean someone like Hickey whose life’s ambition was just to drink beer with the Mayor and be around people wearing clean clothes. Then there is Solberg who’s constantly trying to remember where her house is. John Lee teaches government and is trying to convince him self that what he’s doing is good government… you know, the clandestine meetings and secret oath’s not to tell the constitutes what is really going on.

Let’s not forget Schoneman whose eyes are constantly fixed on Bookmeyer so as not to miss any hand signals the Mayor might want to convey. Between that and trying to see over the top of the table he’s at, he’s in over his head.

Bill Schickel. As compared to the others this guy has a degree of complexity that follows him. There is evidence he can drive and listen to the radio at the same time. When he first voted no to the hog palace rumors quickly surfaced that the pig people were preparing a place for him in their corporate dinning room. All he had to do was change his vote. High drama was on this menu and it was heating up.

John Lee brought forth a deluge of tears, full course of uncontrolled sobbing culminating in a no vote. Bill Schickel held… whatever might have been offered, if anything… wasn’t going to move him. Alex Kuhn was steadfast in his conviction and the measure failed. Then came the aftermath and the shunning coupled with spasms of verbal outbursts.

Everyone knows the conclusion…..was it worth it?

Peter Children
Mason City, Iowa

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Adams has yet to prove himself, he will need time to acclimate into this council before judgement can be rendered. A lot of people are watching.

Was it coincidence? Was it controlled by law or statute? Was it a favor to those in city power and control? Or was it outright chicanery and manipulation to effect the election outcome of this critically important At Large City Council seat?

I am referring to the obvious potential effect of holding the vote for the at large seat nearly a month after the general election. If you want a city government that truly represents the majority of its citizens then make it as easy as possible to cast a ballot. That would have been in conjunction with the general election where the massive turnout would have let the most citizens speak as compared to the paltry turnout predictions for December 6th election. It is gamesmanship at the very least and I hold the mayor, his council supporters, the city administrator, the chamber of commerce and all of their supporters, accountable for this slight of hand with our democratic process.

We have the opportunity to balance our city council, recast the weak mayor system that this city voted for but does not enforce under the current council makeup, and to take control back from those who hand us a cow pie hat and expect us to say “Thank You”. Many are in our city government to pad their own pockets or stroke their own egos.

No more behind the scenes sorcerer tricks. Let’s hold the men and women hiding behind the curtain accountable for their blundering actions that make this city a joke to anyone, especially good employers who are on the outside looking in.

North Iowa’s city with the greatest untapped potential,lMason City- deserves a government that works for all Mason City citizens. That starts with a mayor and a council who are independent from personal enrichment and special interests, who aren’t afraid to be honest with the people up front, and who are focused on the issues Mason City citizens care about most; great new jobs, great new employer partners and supportable sustainable growth with a quality of life second to none for all.

Excellent comment.

“Was it coincidence? Was it controlled by law or statute? Was it a favor to those in city power and control?” I too thought it was odd that they didn’t just roll this election in with the general election. Unfortunately Iowa code dictates that no special election be held on the 3 Tuesdays prior to a general election or 3 Tuesdays after. Not sure of the rationale but that IS the law. No shenanigans or conspiracies,they were just abiding by the law,

I think if there would be change the chance of it materlizing would have a better chance coming from Adams. O’Brion is widely perceived as Bookmeyer’s man…..and therein lies the problem

O’Brien is more aptly described as a Bookmeyer lackey & Robin Anderson minion.
O’Brien hasn’t seen his balls since Jodee took them and put them in her purse a long time ago.

Was it worth it? Trash plant? Yes, that was a total ruse. Piggy plant? Yes, that would have caused more tax burden brought on by more crime and more needed welfare.

Hope that answers your questions. I don’t believe the sucicide of a councilman was meant to be included in your question. I did not include that in my answer because it was not relevant to your question.

Good read.

Oh, and don’t expect anything to change with the election of Adams or Obrien.

95 percent of all politicians are on the take – the other 5 percent just won their campaign and have not taken office yet.

White House (demorat response) to President Trump saving the Carrier jobs in Ohio. – Josh Ernst -obams_ spokesman replied = let him do that 800 times more -that is how many jobs obamas democrats czars have created in the last 8 years ???? I say PLEASE name me 1 private sector company this worthless group has created ????? As for all the jobs created 95% of them were due to retirements and NOT new jobs! PS most of these jobs were in government public sector sucking the pockets of the forgotten middle class private sector – public servants jobs have been well rewarded over the past 8 years.

The real unemployment figure is 9.3%. They have been lying to us for eight years.

You have been lied to the past 12 months by the Donald and you don’t know or even care. Carrier is still moving to Mexico with $7 million dollars of taxpayer’s money.

Voter turn out in River City is pathetic. It is hard to point fingers and blame, when the true citizens don’t put forth any effort to try and change it. The term “oh well” is all to common.

This is the truest statement printed here!

Vote for Pau Adams next week! That will be a start at turning this council and city around.

No need to wait until next week, Head to the court House and vote Paul Adams Today.

Drain the swamp – Worth county also !

Another Peter that has all the answers. And he won’t do anything either but talk either.

Conspiracy theory much? Stupid article.

Great article. You just have to be smart enough to understand it.

What secrets? You mean with what happened to that poor young man Alex Kuhn? And what they did to him?

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