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Man injured in gun incident Tuesday evening (VIDEO & PHOTO GALLERY)

Investigators at the scene
Investigators at the scene

MASON CITY – A man was injured Tuesday evening just before 10 PM in an apparent incident that involved a gun.

The incident took place at 220 1st Street SW. The man who lived in an apartment at the address was injured by at least one gunshot and taken to Mercy Hospital. Police would not discuss his condition nor the manner in which he was injured, although one officer said it was a gunshot to the head.

Witnesses at the scene denied hearing anything out of the ordinary nor seeing any suspicious activity prior to the incident.

Across the street, neighbors said they heard nothing until authorities arrived.

“We saw them wheel someone out on a stretcher, covered with a sheet,” one man said.

“I heard he was still breathing,” another person informed.

A next door neighbor, Lionel Foster Jr., told NIT that he was laying down for bed when “I heard glass break. It sounded like it was not my windows so I tried to go back to sleep. That’s when the sirens began and could see the flashing lights so I got up to see what happened.”

Police scoured the immediate area for clues. They searched alleys and adjacent yards while also questioning bystanders.  Police formed a line with their flashlights and combed the front yard of the property.  (See video.)

A large group of people lined the street watching. Police had to break up a fight between two dogs.  They asked people to disperse.

A police officer told the owner of the property where the incident took place, Ed Kent, that they had no choice but to break a window in order to see what was happening inside. Glass and pieces of the white sun shade were in the grass below the window. Mr. Kent said he would bill the city for the damage to his property.  An officer offered to make sure the window was covered yet this evening, at least with plywood.

Mason City police, state patrol and other investigators were at the scene past 11 PM continuing their investigations.

Watch video:


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This is so funny everyone thinks this city is so bad but it’s really not at all. There’s no city that is going to operate perfect like everyone expects it to.

The shooting was a local man not any of the douche bags from out of town. It was an attempted suicide. Sometimes it’s better to get all the facts before you go spouting off.

So, many comments… Ed Kent, please get your properties cleaned up. Your properties have been a black mark on Mason City for years. You’re comments about the window when your renter shot himself is only supporting evidence for your lack of morals.

The problem with Mason City is that you can’t go three streets in one direction regardless of what side you live on without encountering difficult people. i.e. wonderful houses in Pebble Creek, except for the HUD housing at Pebble Creek Apts. (scary!), nice houses around Mercy but go across the highway around Pete’s Kitchen and south of there, again scary! Homeless lady last night around Rock Glen.

This is the direction our town is going unless we band together and hold the MCPD accountable for cleaning up our town. Unskilled workers, no high paying jobs, MCPD is ineffective, and slum lords who have been this way for years, it’s no wonder we have problems. But damn, look at those nice dice in central park and spider down at the PD. Lmao

MCPD can’t fix the lack of jobs and the problem of homelessness, poverty, addiction, child abuse, etc. They are a piece of an incomplete system of services. While they may not be as effective or consistent as they should be we have a lot more factors and faults here. We have a huge blame game going on and there are really too many failures that all the ignorant comments on this site only magnify. The ignorance that one can see play out here and in places like NIM is disgusting and is a bigger reason we’re failing, not the perceived weakness of MCPD who actually sounds like they did their job last night.

Seems kind a odd that these types of incidents are happening again when a certain someone is back in town.
Pay attention!

Ed Kent is a d-bag

I’d rather have d-bags here than d-boyz.

Accentuate the positive people! We watched on the TV a show about these drive-by shootings that happen in places where lots of these kind live. Just about the best thing for Mason would be for these drive-by’s to happen all the time. Stop being so negative, there is always a silver lining in even the darkest cloud.

that’s Ed Kent for ya , concerned citizen that he is . worried about his stupid window .

Leave it to a slum lord sucuh as Mr. Kent to only worry about his window not the residents of his property. Wow.

it’s not much worse than Mr Foster, hears glass break but since it sounds like it wasn’t his, decides to go back to sleep. lol

@Josh-just what did you expect Lionel to do? Go out in the dark in that neighborhood trying to find out what window was broken. That was a stupid comment to make. In that area of town you mind your own business because if you don’t you just might be the one getting shot.

Your saying Kent is wrong well your wrong. Replace that window labor, ect worth lot’s more then who ever got shot. To bad he lived, we got to many them scum.

Pee Wee you are an idiot. You don’t even know who it was that was shot. And the fact that it was more than likely self inflicted. So tired of the 5 different turds that post on this site under different names. Matt, I really think it’s time to make people log in under real identities and we will see how many internet tough guys no longer comment.

OK smarty whys PeeWee a idiot taxes is too high we got too damn many bad folks in Iowa, it is good when they leave how ever they do it. PeeWee calls a spade a spade that is good yes.

And yet you are logged in under a pseudonym yourself. A bit of the pot calling the kettle black, don’t ya think?

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