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Martin Brower Mason City reduces carbon footprint

Martin Brower Mason City
Martin Brower Mason City
Rosemont, IL – January 21, 2013: The Martin-Brower Company, L.L.C. is proud to announce that its Mason City, IA distribution center has achieved ISO 14001 certification. The Mason City operation is the 7th US Martin Brower operation to be ISO 14001 certified demonstrating Martin Brower’s environmental stewardship.

Brian Hancock, President, Martin Brower North America, said, “Sustainability is high on our priorities at Martin Brower. All of our operations are required to follow Martin Brower’s environmental management system, which enables us to reduce the carbon footprint of the products we deliver while simultaneously reducing both our costs and our impact on the environment. The ISO 14001 external audits ensure we are measuring our progress and keep us on task to continuously deliver greater reductions in green house gas emissions.”

The company wide environmental management system has allowed Martin Brower to identify waste reduction opportunities and energy efficiency measures to reach its goals of zero waste and continuous green house gas emission reductions.

“Martin Brower has taken the industry lead in best environmental practice,” comments Cem Onus, of DEKRA Certification, Inc. By adopting environmental standards, companies like Martin Brower will gain competitive advantage and protect the brands of the product they distribute, since consumers increasingly demand the highest ethical standards in an age of rising raw material prices and concern for the environment. We encourage all supply chain operations to become ISO 14001 certified.”

Martin Brower Mason City General Manager, Jamie Olewine, said, “The ISO 14001 audits inspired us to really make sustainability a part of our culture here in Mason City. One step in weaving sustainability into our culture was our first Earth Day celebration where employees and their families brought in 500 lbs. of old bank statements and other documents to be confidentially shredded and recycled along with numerous old electronics and appliances. We delivered all of these items to special recycling centers to be recycled and in turn diverted all of that waste from going into landfill. We have the best workforce around so I wasn’t surprised by their enthusiasm in taking on ISO 14001 certification, but I was overwhelmed by the interest in the team’s desire to reduce not only our carbon footprint at work but in their own homes as well.”

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That ISO rating cheapens the rest of the worthy attainments. It takes the same amount of fuel to move a truck from point A to point B. If they were serious about carbon footprint, they would fully automate their facilities, and turn off the heat and lights.

Later on it was confirmed this was a phony baloney press release when they mentioned Earth Day. It has been my experience companies use Earth Day as a gimmick, or thump their chests on how good they are.

Earth Day is a total humbug!

The other days of the year, no one cares, and to be sure, Mason City looks it. The same shopping cart, bike, old tires and other junk have been in the same creek for the past 11 years when I first walked over it.

There are people here in town God Bless them who do pick up after others just about every day, without being paid for it. There are companies here in town that DO take care of their property out of respect for the community. They are few.

The problem is simple, too many people consider everywhere as their own private sewer, including your private property. They don’t care. And I wonder where they get that attitude?

Moreover, how come YOU have allowed them to get away with it? Or don’t you care either?

Blah, blah, blah-ISO does nothing but supply the format to measure. It is up to the company to make the required changes. Most of the time that never happens. I certainly hope this company follows through.

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