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Biden is Adopting MAGA…..Make America GAZA Again!

MAGA – Misigynist A**holes Going Apesh*t

Must be a commie. Refusing to Make America Great Again

Refusing to make it KKK again.
There, fixed that for you.

All countries that these people came from should flip the bill for transporting them back to their homeland
Kick out all that cheap labor and reduce the labor supply. Corporations will have to pay more to compete for workers.

Not to worry, VP Harris is getting to the core of the problem.

Well, trump’s preferred choice for VP kills dogs that don’t listen to her. And she is going to pay for that remark.

How bad was it for Obama when he wrote in his book that he ate dog?

Not bad at all because thinking people realize that eating dog in some countries is normal for the extremely poor.

So is shooting dogs when they are untrainable. Farmers do it all the time.

Not if they want to hold public office in 21st century America, and even if they do, they have brains enough not to put it in a book

You are still living in the 20th century. There are numerous places one can send a dog if it isn’t behaving. Shooting one isn’t an acceptable option.

Yup, just keep passing them along. How many have you taken in?

Over the course of my lifetime, quite a few. I always do rescue dogs.

Congrats to you. Sybil loves you

Right or left this still holds truths. I find both extremes are greedy and crazy as hell.
I don’t understand how or why anyone would support any person who literally breaks the law to enter your country. But that seems to be the Hypocritical way our Government “chooses’ ‘ what laws to uphold and enact and those they refuse to recognize and enforce. I solemnly swear to uphold those portions of the Constitution that I deem fit our agenda.

So help me God

God tried to help you by giving you a brain but you refuse to use it just like the rest of the MAGArata.

Your TDS is flaring up again..have some more kool-aid

I am afraid you have drank it all.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense will not just open their front door and let total strangers in. WHY would you do that to your country, endangering the public, putting unnecessary strain on all facilities and services, it’s total madness. Immigration is one thing, allowing people that can make a difference, and contribute to the economy. You don’t want or need people that can’t or will not work, and they rely on government handouts to survive.

Or theft

That is this VP’s legacy… Cackle laughs every time she cant answer the question… and if she does get to answer, its word salad…
Harris is useless, and all Americans should feel embarrassed that she is VP. 
Harris is nearly as bad as Joe Biden when it comes to answering a question intelligently except what’s sad is she doesn’t have dementia.

You want her so bad

To disappear………under your covers.

Southwest Airlines closing 4 hubs. 2,000 jobs lost. Best economy ever my ass

A combination of Build Back Better, Bidenomics and Amazon and other at home shopping venues, reducing consumers going to the store, therefore slashing the work force until they can longer afford to stay open.

The Big Laugh is on the people who voted for Joe just because Harris was his running mate. Having the card and checks in the box did not overcome her incompetence and ineptitude once put in a high profile extremely difficult government post.

Harris won’t be laughing when she & her incompetent boss Joe Biden get voted out of office

Biden & Democrat So Called FACTS can’t be Questioned…Then THAT’S a Religion!

Inadequate attempt at blame-shifting, just like you’re bad at everything else. Drumpf is and always has been the one trying to create a cult, and he’s halfway there.

Your TDS is showing again, better drink more kool-aid

Some of those businesses just plain don’t deserve to exist. Bad concepts and badly managed, so they don’t get customers.

Same can be said of Gov’t officials

That’s because all airlines have long relied heavily on business travel, which is no longer necessary, thanks to the internet and Zoom meetings. They don’t have to spend the money to fly, and they’re not. Nobody ever said it was the best economy ever, either. Still repairing the damage Drumpf did to it.

Joey just said it was the best economy in the world…don’t you believe him?

Ha ha


Best looking 1st Lady we ever had.

So why was her husband cheating on her?

Have to ask him. l guess thinking with the wrong head.

Or he figured if he got caught, no repercussions, just like in everything he has done.

If Strong Men like Trump Scare You….We’ve seen what WEAK ASS Men like Biden & Obama have done to the US & the World!

He’s not strong, just loud, obnoxious and overprivileged. He’s weak and scared, haven’t you seen his face as he’s sitting in the courtroom? He’s obviously been drugged so he doesn’t freak out, but still about to cry.

Confusing him with Joey, ol buddy

Must of thought he was still a democrat

As Biden WAITED for an entire Year before Finally showing up for the Folks in East Palestine a Red District & NOT in an Election Year. How soon will Biden be Heading to Offutt Air Base for His NE/IA Election Year Fly Over Photo OP of all the Tornado Damage?

I will bet he won’t throw paper towels to the people who were affected by the tornadoes.

You must have forgotten about trump’s wonderful response to the derecho that hit Iowa in 2020. We received about 1/2 of what was requested. Oh, he did come to “view” the damage but didn’t see much because he stayed at the CR airport and gave a little campaign speech and then flew off. There was no damage at the airport. I do think Biden did not handle the East Palestine disaster very well. He should have gone earlier. He did contact the governor of Ohio and mayor of East Palestine quickly to offer assistance and encouragement. Kind of like the republicans’ favorite words after a school shooting – \’we’re sending you our thoughts and prayers’

Hey nobody, where is your deflection?

And Marshalltown after the tornado there. Flat out denied the disaster area declaration.

That’s because those shitholes are not worth rebuilding!

How do you make that decision? East Palestine is worth rebuilding when Iowa towns aren’t? Actually, there isn’t a whole lot of rebuilding to do in East Palestine. A lot of clean up, yes, but the administration committed a lot of money to assist in the cleanup.

Hope it is going better than the charging stations.

Many of those in Iowa are being vandalized by sh*theads like you. So scared of tech you don’t understand, which is most of it.

Ah, there is your deflection.

No answer for the charging station?

Nope because it has nothing to do with this conversation. That is why it is a deflection.

Oh that’s right you can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. Conversation over.

If I gave you your deflection, then I would be allowing you to move the conversation in a direction that you choose because you don’t have a good answer for the original. You do it all the time. I suppose that is why you had a 1.2 GPA because your teachers didn’t buy it either.

As Disturbing as Biden’s LYING Bullshit Stories are, what’s Bothersome is what Our Allies think of Putin, China & Iranian’s think. The Scary Part with HIS Slipping Mind IS, does HE Believe these things Actually Happened?

How SOON Till Biden tells the Story about how HE Helped Save a Family during a Tornado?

As soon as he shows up at a tornado site.

Trying to pick the most notable lies from Donald Trump’s presidency is like trying to pick the most notable pieces of junk from the town dump.
There’s just so much ugly garbage to sift through before you can make a decision. Fact checkers every word uttered by this President from his inauguration day in January 2017 until September 2020
Trump got even worse after November 3. Since then, he has spent the final months of what has been a wildly dishonest presidency on a relentless and dangerous lying spree about the election he lost.
The country still grapples with the deadly consequences of this deception.
The most telling lie: It didn’t rain on his inauguration
Trump began his presidency by lying about the weather.
It rained during Trump’s inaugural address. Then, at a celebratory ball later that day, Trump told the crowd that the rain “just never came” until he finished talking and went inside, at which point “it poured.”
This was the first lie of Trump’s presidency. Like his lies that same week about his inauguration crowd, it hinted at what would come next.
The President would say things that we could see with our own eyes were not true. And he would often do this brazen lying for no apparent strategic reason.
The most dangerous lie: The coronavirus was under control
This was more like a family of lies than a single lie. But each one – the lie that the virus was equivalent to the flu; the lie that the situation was “totally under control”; the lie that the virus was “disappearing” – suggested to Americans that they didn’t have to change much about their usual behavior.
A year into the crisis, more than 386,000 Americans have died from the virus.
We can’t say with precision how the crisis would have unfolded differently if Trump had been more truthful. But it’s reasonable to venture that his dishonesty led to a significant number of deaths.
The most alarming lie saga: Sharpiegate
Trump tweeted in 2019 that Alabama was one of the states at greater risk from Hurricane Dorian than had been initially forecast. The federal weather office in Birmingham then tweeted that, actually, Alabama would be unaffected by the storm.
Not great, but fixable fast with a simple White House correction. Trump, however, is so congenitally unwilling to admit error that he embarked on an increasingly farcical campaign to prove that his incorrect Alabama tweet was actually correct, eventually showcasing a hurricane map that was crudely altered with a Sharpie.
The slapstick might have been funny had White House officials not leaped into action behind the scenes to try to pressure federal weather experts into saying he was right and they were wrong. The saga proved that Trump was not some lone liar: he was backed by an entire powerful apparatus willing to fight for his fabrications.
The most ridiculous subject of a lie: The Boy Scouts
When I emailed the Boy Scouts of America in 2017 about Trump’s claim that “the head of the Boy Scouts” had called him to say that his bizarrely political address to the Scouts’ National Jamboree was “the greatest speech that was ever made to them,” I didn’t expect a reply. One of the hardest things about fact checking Trump was that a lot of people he lied about did not think it was in their interest to be quoted publicly contradicting a vengeful president.
The Boy Scouts did. A senior Scouts source – a phrase I never expected to have to type as a political reporter in Washington, DC – confirmed to me that no call ever happened.
Yep, the President of the United States was lying about the Boy Scouts.

Not enough room here for Joey’s……..He had more than that this week alone.

Give us a couple.

Listen to the news reals or watch Howard Stern interview

If you watch Howard Stern for news, you are a moron.

FINALLY Congress has Found the Source of ALL of Biden’s Millions! Residuals for providing the Look, Dialogue, Walk, Stumbling & Falling for the Dead in the Walking & Fear of The Walking DEAD!

Biden isn’t rich, nor does he say he is, as opposed to Drumpf, who isn’t rich either, but constantly bellows that he is.

Joey won’t admit where he gets his money…..shouldn’t brag about ill gotten gains

The Republicans have been trying to prove that the Biden’s money came from somewhere it shouldn’t have but they have struck out every single time. What is next?

cooperation to show the off shore accounts from the banks…it is coming

Still waiting.

OMG.. Biden last week Claimed His Uncle was ate by Cannibals. Now THIS Week He was a Football Hero, Arrested for Standing on a Black Families Front Porch, A Stuttering Tuff Guy who Beat Up Bullies for a Quarter & SAVED 1/2 a Dozen Kids as a Pool Lifeguard. Biden is Making UP More Stories than a Scout Master at the Boy Scout Jamboree Campfire…Before they began Touching Them!

l understand He did play football.

Get the Feeling that Trumps the Roadrunner that Hillary, Adam Schiff, Pelosi the Media & ALL the Democrats are the Coyote? Even NOW with a Coyote Judge, Prosecutor & Pack of Coyote’s in the Jury HE’LL Walk showing the Witch-hunt Bullshit Trial that IT IS!

Beep Beep

I hate to say it but Hillary was right about everything she said about trump and what he would do to America.

Such as…..

Anyone who believes that Ho is out of their minds.

Yet you think trump is a truth teller. Hypocrite.

Joey will spin you a yarn…every time he opens his yap recently.

:That might be true but my post was about trump and the constant lying coming out of his mouth.

:That might be true but my post was about biden and the constant lying coming out of his mouth.

So any woman who’s smarter than you is a ho. That’s a lot of women

Or a lot of Ho’s

These people are insane! So, lawyer Tiffani Johnson actually thought her being black was a qualification to be a judge in this GA election.

A judge upheld the disqualification of a candidate who had had planned to run against the judge presiding over former President Donald Trump’s 2020 Georgia election interference case.

WAY overdue…all DEI did was place unqualified  people in positions they had no business being in. I guess it’s better late than never. Iowa State University will close its Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Office in July. Two filled and three open positions will be eliminated as a result, saving the university $789,000 in salaries and benefits.
The University of Iowa is closing five unfilled positions, saving $360,000. Iowa’s DEI office will shift to a new office to handle accreditation and compliance with state and federal law. The office will be renamed the “Division of Access, Opportunity and Diversity”.

The University of Northern Iowa will eliminate its Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice Office and its Chief Diversity Officer position. UNI President Mark Nook says more positions will be created to offer more services to students in the Dean of Students office as well as the Office of Student Involvement. At the Regents meeting, Nook did not have a number for the cost savings of eliminating the office.

Did you see the Iowa State president said now that they got rid of DEI, the rural white farm boy won’t feel he doesn’t fit in on the ISU campus.

I don’t want to see American automakers fail, and I especially do not want to see another bailout situation. This market does not exist on a grand scale. Crony capitalism is ruining industries. The sooner companies realize this the better.

Ford has some of the worst electrical problems to begin with. What makes one think they’d do any better with an all electrical vehicle? Fully rusted out electrical hazard they would be.

You don’t think they already know this? Just got a notice on gas rate increase. Residential will go up on average 11.7%. Non-residential will be 10%. Why?

Wait let me get this straight…..if I go to a school board meeting and complain about what they’re teaching my child I’m a terrorist but when this anti-Semite talks about killing people that’s ok……remember this on election day because it will only get worse under this administration……..

Depends on who you are talking to and how you are talking to them.

IF You’re the Smartest Person in the Room..You’re in the Wrong Room.

Funny how people only “mis-speak” when they get called out on it? Explain to me how “Zionists don’t deserve to live” was taken out of context…

Collin Rugg reports: “NEW: The woman who was found naked in a car with her student, is married to Department of Defense commander William Ward.
Erin Ward was charged with felony s*xual abuse for hooking up with a teen in her husband’s car.
Her husband ‘Doug’ Ward is a high ranking government official who was recently appointed Deputy Director of the Commander’s Action Group and Senior Nuclear Deterrence Advisor at the United States Strategic Command. (Daily Mail)

So, a woman commits a crime and you blame it on her husband? She’s got to be a republican.

Where n it say anything about blaming him? Another bullshit description by a liberal.

What was your point then, Larry? Why bring it up in the first place?

Maybe the same reason you bring up Russia,Russia,Russia got your attention?

I don’t bring up “russia, russia, russia” although trump’s devotion to Putin and Russia has been proven.

Like Joey’s to Xi and China

I haven’t seen it has been proven that Biden’s ties to Xi and China are problematic to the US.

l haven’t seen it has been proven that Trump’s ties to Putin and Russia are problematic to the US.

Who did they invade on Trump’s term? l can live with that.

Hmmm. To Celebrate 9/11 2023 BIDEN decided to arrange a FAIR Prisoner Swap with Iran, 5 of their People for 5 of Ours PLUS THEY got 6 Billion in Frozen OIL Assets!  What are the ODDS that some of that 6 Billion PAID for the Hamas Attack on Israel less than 1 Month later on 10/7?

Hamas HERE Protesting on Student Visas against Israel YOUR ASS should be GONE! YOU aren’t an American! FBI!!! Terrorist Groups aren’t THEY?

Biden gropes and sniffs kids and video evidence is all over the net for many years. Fake News used to actually talk about it but they stopped. Wonder why? He also seems to be provided with kids to ogle and sniff at every appearance up to this day. The parents must be paid to offer up their kids. Nobody there at any Biden “rally” anyway as he has no actual support. All scripted and staged. The 10 people there are paid to clap and cheer like seals and the rest is Fake News media. But “anon” here and it’s 3+ posted names I’m sure have no problem with any of this. You people are sick.

You’re the sick one, and a liar to boot. Everybody knows Drumpf is the p*ssy-grabbing, leering, daughter-molesting, porn-actress scr*wing pervert, BECAUSE HE BRAGS ABOUT IT. Put down the meth.

House GOP erupts over “dysfunction” after hardliners kill vote
House Republicans’ internal tensions reignited on Wednesday after a group of right-wing hardliners blocked a key federal surveillance bill from coming to a vote.
Why it matters: It marks more than a half-dozen times this Congress that Republicans’ right flank ran the party’s legislative agenda aground by revolting on a standard party-line procedural vote.

  • GOP lawmakers plan to meet for a special conference meeting at 4pm, according to one House Republican who predicted it will amount to an “airing of grievances with some angry people.”

Driving the news: A group of 19 House Republicans — predominantly members of the right-wing Freedom Caucus — voted with Democrats to block the procedural measure, known as a “rule.”

  • The underlying bill would renew Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), which allows U.S. intelligence agencies to conduct warrantless surveillance of non-Americans abroad.
  • But amid growing GOP skepticism of federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies, many Republicans pushed for substantial restrictions to protect Americans’ privacy rights.

What they’re saying: “This is dysfunction. Nobody can lead this place. Look at it. What have we ever been able to really get accomplished?” Rep. Troy Nehls (R-Texas), a Freedom Caucus member who voted for the rule, told Axios.

  • Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-Mont.) called the tactic “frustrating” and “moronic,” telling Axios, “When they complain that the train’s not on time … well, you guys are the ones blowing up the tracks.”
  • Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas) told Axios: “It’s my 1oth term and I’ve never seen that before. We have to govern. … When I first came in, if you vote against the rule, there are consequences.”
  • “I don’t appreciate it. Don’t, obviously, think that’s great tactics,” said Rep. Mike Garcia (R-Calif.), a member of the House Intelligence Committee.

Zoom in: Even some Republicans who said they opposed or had serious concerns about the FISA bill denounced their right-wing colleagues’ tactics.

  • “The people that voted for me … expect me to come here and do my job. And that is to say yes or no to a bill, not to weaponize a procedure,” Rep. Derrick Van Orden (R-Wis.) said. “This is not how you govern.”
  • Van Orden said he “fully intended to vote against the bill,” but he “voted for the rule so I could vote against the bill. … No one should be making that decision but me.”
  • Rep. Marc Molinaro (R-N.Y.) said that “not allowing it to move forward ends our ability to … adopt amendments to strengthen the provision and protect American civil liberties.”

The other side: Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas), who voted against the rule, told reporters, “There were people that have problems with this and it was clear that it wasn’t going to move.”

  • Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.), another defector, alleged Republican leadership “stacked the deck” against right-wing amendments to the bill.

What we’re watching: McCaul predicted the bill will come up under a process known as suspension of the rules, which bypasses party-line procedural votes but requires a two-thirds majority to pass legislation.

  • “I anticipate that they will put the underlying bill with the reforms on suspension,” the House Foreign Affairs Committee chair told Axios.
  • Garcia said he “hopes” the bill will be brought up under suspension: “That’s what it should be.”

Trump’s Trials are like an Innocent Black Man in the Deep South back in the 50-60’s Accused of Drinking from a Whites ONLY Water Fountain. Then placed on Trial by a Racist WHITE Democrat Judge, Racist White Prosecutor, an ALL-White Jury & Promised a FAIR Impartial Trial.

Nice attempt to co-opt the other side, but no luck. One big difference is that the black men were INNOCENT, while Drumpf is guilty as hell, and everybody knows it.

“anon1” and “Anonymous One” is obviously the same person. I mean, the names are identical. Do you think you’re fooling anyone? Not me. Leftist trolls such as this always have more than 1 account to pretend they have more of a presence and especially to converse with themselves. Sad pathetic losers. Problem is these clowns infect the entire internet along with bots pushing their manufactured narratives they received from Fake News and their social media echo chambers. Ironic that these same people are the main target of the liars and they believe all of it. The sheep will continue to be the sheep. But mainly they’re just stupid.

“AnonOne” as well. These are all in just the last week. Shall I continue?

you are living in a clown world. Guess you haven’t noticed that I disagree with Anonymous One on occasion. You might look to No1 of 1 and nobody as either the same person or kissing cousins.

Well you just confirmed that it is you since all leftists do is lie. “Leftism” itself is based on lies and using people as useful idiots. You disagree with yourself “on occasion” to make it look like it’s someone else. The difference between you and someone else that may or may not use more than 1 posting name is that they’re posting facts, you’re repeating all the lies and false narratives that you believe. Liars hate being exposed and laughed at. By the way, we’re all living in clown world being run by lying clowns, it’s just that you’re one of the clowns who cheer it all on. Sound about right?

No, it doesn’t “sound about right”. But, I would love for you to point out some of those “lies and false narratives” you speak of. As for you, you drive the clown car and I know you love the biggest loser….you know-the one who lives in Mar a Lago.

And there it is, but but but but Trump! The answer to your question is everything you post and everything you believe is a lie. You’re leftist trash, this is all by default. What is your purpose here? You’re nothing but a lying troll.

Funny, but I usually back up what I say with facts. You must not like facts but, hey, neither does your idol.

And again, but but but but Trump! It’s all you have. Deflection, projection, hypocrisy and lies. Playbook known. You’re an NPC clown wasting everyone’s time.

As I said, facts are not something you are familiar with nor do you have anything to back your rants up. Go back to Fox and comment there. You fit right in. Or, you could just go away because you have nothing to add of substance.

And there’s another narrative, but but but Fox News! You’re a such a predictable clown. I don’t watch Fox because they’re also Fake News. You have no facts, you respond to actual facts with your BS fake narratives you’ve been told. You’re a by-the-numbers know-nothing leftist just as they want. Dumbed down and stupid/misinformed/uninformed/blatantly lied to and you pretend to have “facts”. You have NONE and have posted NONE. Everything with you people is misdirection. Let’s talk again about how you denied the 3 posting names I listed above are not all yours. You are a LIAR and you know you’re lying, but you continue to lie. Again, this is a leftist by default. Keep posting and making yourself look like a fool.

Let’s see, what kind of people live in clown world? Clowns! Outing yourself again!

No you just outed yourself as a LIAR once again. You are posting under at least 3 posting names and you’re a loser leftist alone here trying to pose as more. What a POS loser you are. LOL!

All you do is call people names. No facts, just name calling and you call us losers.

Look who is talking!

Wow, you just can’t stand to hear the truth.

BIDEN Admin LIES Again! Not ALL they Claimed about the 13 Soldiers Killed by a Suicide Bomber in Kabul was TRUE! The Taliban had the Bomber in Custody just prior & KNEW what He was Planning to do & let Him GO. We were told that is was ONLY an Explosion another LIE! There is actual Combat Video & Audio by a Marine’s Body Cam that Immediately after the POS Blew Up that in the following next 5min 43 SHOTS were Fired into the Crowd by the Taliban!

LOL nope. Sober up.

And then he/she/it/they/them comes back with an alternate posting name just proving I’m correct and that you’re a liar. LOL! You are part of the clown show.
This applies to you:
William Casey (Ronald Reagan’s CIA Director) ( at his first staff meeting, 1981): “We’ll know that our disinformation campaign has worked when everything the American public believes is false”

I wish you could say Biden was a do nothing president except for everything he has DONE has been a disaster and harmed this country

Although I think this is a miscarriage of justice. Idiots that insist on preventing useless people from murdering their future useless kids… should be punished…if not for their crimes, at least because of their inability to mind their own FKN business.

Intruding into somebody’s personal health is the embodiment of not minding your own business.

So, let’s get this straight. Pro-lifers who are willing to “play the game” are rewarded with no jail time from a peaceful protest. DOJ only goes after those who DON’T toe the agenda when it comes to protesters. Double standard. As part of her probation, she must undergo mental health treatment? Read between the lines folks, it’s really “reprogramming,” that’s exactly what they do to citizens in North Korea, Cuba, and China.

Look for Biden to declare a Climate Change National Emergency! 
An unprecedented step that could unlock federal powers to stifle oil development and production.  This would cause higher prices and HIGHER INFLATION!  Be aware!

Trump’s Trials are like an Innocent Black Man in the Deep South back in the 50-60’s Accused of Drinking from a Whites ONLY Water Fountain. Then placed on Trial by a Racist WHITE Democrat Judge, Racist White Prosecutor, an ALL-White Jury & Promised a FAIR Impartial Trial.

Give me a break. Comparing trump to a Black man is laughable. Only you could come up with that comparison.

The similarities are undeniable or coincidental?

Cannibals Prefer when Serving a Biden that a 7yr old Zin or Cab should be used if Grilled, or a 3yr old White when Cubed in a Stew or Soup.

WTF are you babbling about now??

Figure it out you Dumb Ass!

Just think anyone can run this country if he can. It’s sad that our country has become this. I thought America was much better than this but we’re no better than a third world country. Hell we are a third world country.

Thanks to billionaires and their puppet Drumpf.

Biden’s a heretic…amongst other things. Let’s hope the Catholic Church excommunicates his entire family..

More BS. He’s a devout Catholic who attends Mass regularly, and carries his late son Beau’s rosary in his pocket every. Not known for hawking bastardized “Christian” Nationalist bibles held upside down, though.

They are going to try writing stuff like this a lot to flip Roe back. Roe being overturned is saving 32,000 babies’ lives a year nationally. I’m concerned that in the states that have very Liberal abortion laws like California and NY they may even try to increase the number of abortions so they can say “hey look see overturning Roe caused there to be more abortions.” Roe was their idol. Trump played a major role in toppling their idol with his Supreme Court picks.

You can’t trust anything the media says.

We can’t trust anything you say is more accurate.

I trust NIT

You are stupid!

They will use immigrants. Why? Because everything is the immigrants’ fault.

Most of us are immigrants….so we are all at fault

The only ones who aren’t immigrants are Native Americans. And we tried to wipe them out.

Yep, Joey, Harris and their Regimes have just watched on over the past 3.2 Years while over 280,600 American Men, Woman, and Children have been targeted and their lives take by their Criminal Illegal Immigrants and deadly drugs such as Fentanyl being used against Americans coming over their Open Border.

Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution of the United States “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government and shall protect each of them against Invasion.”
Treason against the United States by adhering to the Invaders and giving them Aid and Comfort.

Who is going to enforce it?

trump will if he would be elected (which he won’t)because he probably believes  ““The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government ” means that Republicans in are required to run every political office in the country. I bet No1 of 1 believes that too.

Better than democratic socialism

Pro-palistinin students threatening their Jewish classmates need to be expelled.

I agree with you for once. However, the protestors have a right to protest and a point to make. Over 33,000 dead in Gaza including 13,800+ children. Stop the killing.

How many innocent people die in unnecessary wars/battles. Hamas needs to go

Saying it happens isn’t doing anything. Do you agree with the genocide the Israeli government is waging on Palestinians?

What genocide? The Israeli government is probably the best l have seen at protecting all innocent people.
Sounds like you agree with the genocide Hamas is waging on the Israeli people.

Not at all. Look up genocide so you know what you are talking about. Facts tell us that the IDF is trying to wipe out Palestinians. Hamas is made up of Palestinians but not all of them agree with Hamas’ methodology. Bombing hospitals, schools, daycare centers and sending in armed soldiers shooting anyone who isn’t wearing an IDF uniform is not right. It is genocide.

Some things NEVER Change…..Democrats NOW Openly HATING On Jews in the Streets & On College Campuses.  These POS Could SAVE a WHOLE Lotta Money to Learn how to Hate on Jews just by Reading Mein Kampf.

These poor, ignorant dolts have no idea that the phrase on the sign means Islam wants to kill all of Israel…the great “falling away” is in full swing, ready yourselves. And, the majority of the students have no clue on earth what they are protesting !

This is what happens when you allow (in good faith) a certain group of people to enter your country who have a religion that calls to exterminate all “others”…

Just because someone is against the genocide of the Palestinians, it doesn’t mean they are anti-Semitic. That is just another ploy of the MAGArats to make their non-supporters seem evil.

No real surprise there.
Any students involved should be expelled.
Any faculty should be fired. “Hamas University”

It all started when Joey got the chance to go in the cockpit in Airplane the Movie. Joey, ya ever been in a Turkish prison camp???

No, but he’s been at the bedsides of his dying first wife and daughter, and of his cancer-stricken war hero son. You must really have enjoyed that Turkish prison camp. You probably have a lot of drug-connection friends there.

I’m voting Trump, I think he’s being railroaded, he can’t get a fair trial. And you know the Democrats put those two lawyers on the jury to guide everyone else to a guilty verdict. Plus another four years of Biden sounds like a nightmare.

Key words here are “I think”. You don’t think and you don’t know anything about the American justice system. trump’s lawyers had the opportunity to question and remove any prospective jurors they felt could not be impartial.

They may be playing opossum…….

Brandon and company can’t do anything right but bribery…

And who is it who’s on trial for bribery right now? Not Biden.

Made up charge. Won’t stand

Oh God.
Please help me.
I cannot read or write.
If I could.
I would blame everyone else for my efforts to learn.

50 years in government and you learned nothing Joey.

Of course… Why use force to remove terrorists? ::sarcasm::

In The Atlantic today, David Frum noted the changing U.S. political dynamic and, referring to the Ukraine vote, wrote: “On something that mattered intensely to [Trump]—that had become a badge of pro-Trump identity—Trump’s own party worked with Democrats in the House and Senate to hand him a stinging defeat. This example could become contagious.” In other words, he said: “Ukraine won. Trump lost.”

Biden won. America lost on border security

America knows it is that is why Election 2024 the Dems are gone.You have shown us your true colors.The American people like a fair fight not Woosy’s who at all cost will interfere with our votes.

With Joe Biden as president, every state is a border state facing the threat of drugs and criminals settling in our communities. Biden has neglected his duty to enforce our border laws.

 The 20% that support open borders are human and drug traffickers, high ranking democrats being paid by cartels, home grown terrorists or those being given a check by Soros to destroy anything they can.

Those 20% are blind Democratic Party supporters. They do not look at truth or fact. They just go in and vote for whomever has the Democratic Party next to their name. Sad.

That sounds like you rather than democrats. Truth and fact are not in your vocabulary.

Are they in the Dem’s?

You can’t understand what you read either

Who in their right mind would vote for Biden. Forget he’s mentally incapable. Just look at what he has done to this country and around the world since he became President.

Biden won’t stop until he financially cripples the working class tax payers..

Great things. Just look closely. And anyway, anyone who would vote for trump numerous times has a lots of guts to talk about mentally incapable. You, sir, are the epitome of mentally incapable.

Start at the border. That says it all about Joey
How many uncles has Trump lost to cannibals?

I am sure he has had many uncles eaten by animals because everything he does is the best. And nobody has had more uncles eaten by cannibals. The whole issue is a way for the Republicans to deflect away from Biden’s accomplishments as President and to mask the fact that Biden actually does have family members who served in the military. How many does trump have?

None, they were all eaten by cannibals. Oh, Joey’s accomplishment….family cannibalism.

While in Israel Biden recalled he was found in a basket and raised by Hebrews.

Thinks he’s Charlton Heston?

You need to read the Bible.

Biden is no friend of the West. A liberal globalist causing willful turbulence at home and globally for personal and party world dominance. WW3 is well on the way..

It is if you have your way. You won’t, though.

Biden’s Uncle ATE by Cannibals…The BEST Democrats Have! Man’s DELUSIONAL!!! 25th Amendment!

Ignore the part of the story where his uncle was shot down over New Guinea serving this country and that his body was never recovered. I know trump had no member of his family ever serve this country.

The Joe blowers really are THAT stupid

One way to escape from Joey.

Why don’t you try it then?

l’ll follow you

this right here.


It’s disgraceful that the NY DA campaigned on getting Trump, and a judge daughter who’s affiliated with the Democrats on raising millions to continue Trumps cases. How can these people even be allowed to continue in this case?

Cash only at Bodegas, ask Jill

Does your mother know you lived?

Does your father know you are alive?


Bet he regrets every day.

Nope, he doesn’t.

Can’t regret what you don’t claim

“Our nation was saved by the immortal heroes at Gettysburg. Gettysburg, what an unbelievable battle that was. The battle of Gettysburg what an unbelievable. I mean it was so was so much, and so interesting, and so vicious and horrible, and so beautiful in so many different ways—it represented such a big portion of the success of this country.
Gettysburg, wow! I go to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, to look and to watch. And uh the statement of Robert E. Lee, who’s no longer in favor—did you ever notice that? He’s no longer in favor. “Never fight uphill, me boys, never fight uphill.” They were fighting uphill, he said. Wow, that was a big mistake, he lost his great general and uh they were fighting uphill. “Never fight uphill, me boys,” but it was too late”

Guess who said this:
1 Abraham Lincoln
2 Joe Biden
3 Donald J Trump

Must be Trump, the other two were there.

Good one.

All you tough guys who cry that ‘women aren’t women anymore’ because they won’t go out with you? Maybe this can give you an idea why.
An author who has long chronicled young people’s early experiences with sex, has noticed a sharp uptick in recent years of sexual strangulation among teenagers. “How come boys all want to choke you?” she remembers a high school girl asking.
“I’m not here to kink-shame,” the author writes. But “the physical, cognitive and psychological impacts of sexual choking are disturbing.”
Taking a bath will help, too.

I wish these damn liberals would find someone else to persecute.  They are so afraid Trump’s going to be elected in Nov., that they’re trying anything to destroy him; like they did when he was President.    They’re afraid of him, with good reason – DOWN WITH LIBERALS!!!

He is not going to be elected. He will be lucky to stay out of jail. Americans are tired of his lying and his antagonism towards others. He may end up as the biggest loser of all times (which he already is).

He can pull a El Chapo!

Only people that vote for Biden is queers people from California. Iowa and New York.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense or decency wouldn’t vote for Biden.

You are an idiot. And a bigot to boot.

Close to 81 million people did in 2020.

From the grave too

Any proof? Didn’t think so.

Joey voted…from chicago

I knew you didn’t have any proof. Just nonsensical bs.

Sounds like Joey Eh?

No, it sounds like you and No1 of 1. Lots of smoke but no fire.

Down with your dumba**. The rest of you too.

Just plain ignorant policies or corrupt anti-American puppeteer strings being pulled?

Barack has a close handle on him now.

Biden means economic disaster, border disaster, and inflation disaster . He’s an absolute disaster.

 Kamala Harris even said in an interview this is what their voters voted for. And if they vote for him again, more of the same

Biden’s planning 73 trillion in new taxes in his next term so that should just about finish us off. This is our last stand to Save the Republic.

If this clown Biden is reelected, we are doomed!

You made a little mistake there, Larry. Biden’s tax plan is $7.3 trillion not $73 trillion but what’s $66 trillion to someone like you. Also, it is for the next ten years and is on corporations and the extremely wealthy. Just little things old man, but important little things. You are a liar.

Pulled a Joey, missed a period there. Hope Jill doesn’t.
Corporations pass it on to the consumer. Wealthy find loopholes, provided by the tax laws. Just little things, but important little things. You are a fool

Your comment on the President’s wife says a lot about you. Part of Biden’s tax plan is to eliminate the loopholes. Not surpirsed to see you haven’t lost your deflection skills.

You sayin she’s old? Sure the dems will let him do that? At least you didn’t deny the fool part or is that the deflection?

You can call me anything you want. Doesn’t make it so. But, Jill Biden is old and she has more than likely already gone through menopause. You, on the other hand, are still going through it.

Thanks Dad, l wondered what it was.

At your age I thought you knew. At least they made a movie about you – The 40 year old Virgin.

Both are wrong, ask your siblings

This kind of misogyny is exactly what is going to get Republiperverts defeated this fall, and probably in the next election, too. You just can’t have a day go by where you’re not obsessively thinking about, and trying to control, what goes on in women’s pants, probably because there’s nothing going on in yours, other than soiling them.

Your just jealous your woman has a bigger unit than you

Biden’s committing treason with help from the democrats.

Well, the Biden crime family doesn’t care anything about us. All he cares about is getting more money in his pocket

It is way past time to make all the crooked politicians pay the price for their illegal , immoral actions

Yes, the Drumpf Crime Family is finally being called to account for their treason, theft, and perversion. Long time coming.

Wow…charges l have not seen yet.

Of course you haven’t. Put down the meth and you might be able to read better.

l can decipher you and your garbage. Show me the charges you dream about in your intoxicated stage

Every move of this president is another try to ruin the USA

  1. An emergency cabinet should be formed to investigate and bar this highly treasonous person

You do know that trump is no longer calling the shots. You should have used his correct moniker – this ex-President.

Never changes. Rules for thee but not for me. Joe Biden. So corrupt.

They have charged Trump with crimes that the Dems do daily, so this is not surprising.

BS. If you’re going to cut and paste, at least learn how to do it right.

Looks right to me.

Liberal democrats are the lowest form of hypocritical human scum in the existence of time

Obama & his puppet, Pinocchio Joe, should be charged with TREASON!!
They are allowing this to happen by design! I am sick of the misery and unrest they have brought to this country!