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Op-ed: Some things are delightful to compose (by Peter Children)

Op-ed by peter Children –

Some things I write are delightful to compose, others not so nice, this unfortunately falls into the latter category… but the truth, the real unvarnished truth can be quite unpleasant. Especially if it’s about you.

I have had my share of venom spewed towards me, I am no stranger to vile attacks….words that hurt; the only comfort I found was in knowing not one word bore the truth, not even a modicum or an infinitesimal portion no larger than a grain of sand…none the less I could feel the muted sting of some sick bastard who way down deep in the darkest corner of their rectum…an organ which takes up 99.9% of their entirety, they wished and prayed with great fervor that God might grant just once, what they waited most of their miserable lives for. Close but no cigar….. Sorry…didn’t happen.

When the truth, the real truth and nothing but the truth is trotted out into the bright light of day where shadows don’t exist….and there is no denying, no place to hide the bare facts, evidence your yourself compiled over decades of deception, nickle dimming the public…hustling each day for free drinks and any form of food as long as you never had to reach into that deepest of pockets to pay. You’re not cheap, you’re sick, this is a form of illness that is prevalent with those of your ilk.

Hustling for food and drink is insignificant in itself….but to rob the public of what they are paying for is a whole different matter. Now a case for fraud is on the table grounds for a case could be easily argued. What can you actually point to that would stand out as your work for the past 6 terms along with the beginnings of the 7 termth.? What? What is it, and where can I find it….is it bigger than a bread box? It certainly can’t be the North Iowa Fairgrounds….that’s a real pig sty; after a virtual lifetime sitting around that supervisors table….exactly what have you accomplished that you can actually point to with pride? Take your time…think, think real hard…what is it? Word on the street is that you have $16,00.00 in your campain chest, there have been perhaps 4 different Secretary of Treasurers since you started this hustle and I’ll bet you have money with all their names on it. How much does it cost to keep hauling out the same old signs? I also know that there has been legislation passed that allows politicians to keep whatever funds remain in those accounts when you decide to step down. Many office holders are donating those funds to charities….will you? Maybe when Jesus come back….maybe.

What you could do is lecture on survival; you could conduct seminars on how to stack the deck…how to create a new map of your district, drawn by you to benefit your best chance of reelection. How to fleece wealthy friends into contributing to your campain with promises of favoritism whenever the opportunity presented itself which in effect was a blatant betrayal to the political party platform upon which you were alined with. What that translates to was that you were in business for yourself and the Cerro Gordo County Courthouse was your main place of business. We know you didn’t spend any time on improving the Fairgrounds….your constant daily hustle prevented serving those who pulled the lever on a straight party ticket.

The only way I see you having any chance of redemption for you is by resigning immediately.

Peter Children

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