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Kropf arrested again, this time at Big Blue

MASON CITY – Jared Kropf of Mason City was arrested Friday morning at about 7:30 AM at Big Blue for public intoxication.

A couple early morning walkers called into Mason City Police Department for an incident that they witnessed at that location around 7:15 this morning involving a vehicle that may have been stuck in some weeds.

“We first heard a vehicle’s motor rev-up,” a person told NIT.

“We didn’t see the vehicle in the weeds until after we saw a guy pulling a girl into the water of Big Blue. There was another girl, wrapped in a blanket sitting on the curb. Then we saw what looked like the top of a car across the road (indicating to the south side of Big Blue) and they were trying to pull it out with a white truck. That’s probably the noise we heard.”

Kropf was seen walking in the tall weeds on the driver’s side of the vehicle (see photo). He was yelling and walking towards the Mason City Police officers. Officers arrested him and took him to the Cerro Gordo County Jail.

There were two girls left in the white truck that was there helping pull the other vehicle. The girl in the back of the truck was yelling and screaming after getting her picture taken.

Miller Towing was called to pull the vehicle out of the weeds.

Jared Kropf was recently sentenced to 5 years in prison but was released back to the streets while awaiting an appeal of his sentence.

Kropf had been sentenced after voluntarily pleading guilty for the assaults against two men which caused one of the victims to be seriously injured requiring intensive care at St. Mary’s in Rochester after allegedly using bats and crowbars in a street fight on April 3rd, 2011.

Court records show Clear Lake bonding agent Jim Finstad posted $10,000 surety for Jared Kropf’s release from prison through Sun Surety Insurance Company on July 30th.

A source told NIT today that “He (Kropf) is still in jail waiting to see the Judge on Saturday. He’s talked about posting bond later this afternoon.”

 A minivan that was at the scene when Kropf was arrested Friday morning.

A woman who may have been with Kropf Friday morning.


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Real good decision letting this guy out of jail…

Can the bondsman or the court revoke bail if the bailee proves themselves an idiot?

No you cant fix stupid but for a mere 30 cents I could solve the problem!

Lost cause….you just can’t fix stupid!

this kid is a lost cause..nothing good will ever come from this kid.

just throw away the key

this is the reason mason city has gone to crap.

they lack respect and simply have no future so being a dope head and getting arrested is all they have to do in life.


What a piece of crap. Another fine example of the trash in this town. Its one thing to be drunk and put a van in a small pond, but to do it in a city park where kids play, he should be strapped to a board and let all the kids take one swing each with there daddys belt. Time these scum bags get what they deserve.

gramma jean Wake up there worthless, Drugies, Losers and never gonna to amount to any thing, jared prob couldnt even get a job at burger king, and when ur gone u will prob give them ur house on Plymouth rd..

some of you defended him about 2 weeks ago, one person said “they are good boys”. To the person known as “gramma” get them some soap on a rope for Christmas, they might need it.

The story isn’t ever out and you throw them under the bus. The police need to do some real work and get people really causing problems. Lay off Jared!

my dearest gramma jean- right, he’s not guilty because he was sitting next to you in church with his nose in the bible when all this was going on. Shame on everybody for pointing the finger at him. Avon makes great soap on a rope.

Jared needs to go to jail for a long time. He is a drain on society. He might be your kin but I’m sorry….he’s a loser.

Yes, he gets his appeal on the conviction of brutalizing his victim to within an inch of his life with a baseball bat and or tire iron.

Now he has been caught intoxicated in public. Answer this please. Felony burglary, Felony drug charges, Felony violation of parole, Felony assault, numerous charges of driving while barred, escape, thousands of dollars in fines due the State, and yet you draw a halo over the boy? Really? What the public is seeing is a person who has a revolving door in the criminal justice system.

The county knows him on a first name basis from jailers to bailiffs and judges.

Yes, he is due his day in court on appeal, that is a constitutional right. But to turn around and get in trouble again while on Bond, is not a good thing. Defend him if you must, but please be not surprised if the rest of the citizens become upset about this recent turn of events.

You people are the bad ones. Always talking bad about others when I’m sure you’ve done your fair share of bad things. Jared is one of the nicest young men you will come across. Not like some of you A-HOLES!

Felony burglary, Felony drug charges, Felony violation of parole, Felony assault, numerous charges of driving while barred, escape, thousands of dollars in fines due the State. Yup…that’s one nice boy. Not sure what else to say about that. I think I’ll just go crap on a paper plate, take a good look at it and call that nice too. Not much of difference really.

I agree with Gma Jean. No one on here knows this guy personally except her & I apparently. Disgusting to know how many judgmental people are among our society. All Jared & Brandon did was give a butt whooping to someone who deserved it. No one knows what caused the fight in the first place, so keep your mouths shut.

Matt, check with MCPD he was also arrested Aug 2nd for interferance with official acts.

And Gals; If you are going to hang out with him or his type, you give tacit approval of his behaviors, plain and simple. So don’t take it out on others because of your choices, and dry up the fake tears.

Or as the saying goes, birds of a feather, flock together.

When you lay down with dogs, you are going to get fleas…or something worse.

sorry about the miss type

Booze and gasoline will not mix, no maater how hard you try.

A true Dirt ball, And they need too wake up judges and lock him away for 15 years

What does this guy have to do to get put away forever? Must have a brain the size of a pea.

Ok judges, do your usual thing and let him out of jail. Maybe next time he will kill someone with his B.S. Who knows, it could be one of your relatives.

Muscular criminal. Chubby cops. Anyone else see a problem here?

Ever hear the saying “Brains over Braun?” Well, lmao…dude obviously has no brains.

these guys live for attention and by posting
every move they make just adds fuel to the fire.

The police HARASS these brothers no matter what. Saying they have warrants for their homes & messing with them all the time. Pretty sure he wasn’t the only person intoxicated there, but the only one arrested. BS!!!!

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