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Op-ed: Select few calling the shots in Mason City (by Peter Children)

There is a select few that are calling the shots in this community. They do not represent the majority but in doing what they are doing is not in anyway illegal.  You see, the people living here bestowed that authority upon them.  I realize what I am continually saying has been said before…by me.  Those of you who do not vote are in many ways guilty of community malfeasance, corporate injustice; this city is in effect a corporation, that along with misappropriation of common sense.

How simple it is to vote, this past election all you had to do was step into any location, identify yourself and cast your vote. Nothing could be easier; yet year after year you fail that duty. I call it a duty because of the countless young men and women who fell on foreign soil never to raise again for the sole purpose so that we as citizens of this great country could chose those we think should represent us as a people.

The twenty percent who do vote know you will not vote.  How do they know you ask; well let me be the one who offers you that answer. They know because they know you…they know you won’t go out if the weather is the slightest inclement, if there is a football, basketball or baseball game on television.  My closest friends tell me that their vote won’t amount to much…how terribly wrong they are.

I urge you to look around you, look at who you elected as mayor, you who did not vote put this train wreck into office, you allowed him to embarrass you in public with his frequent drunken behavior, his despicable language.  The result is that you gave him authority to spend your tax dollars for cosmetic changes in City Hall ($60,000.00) simply to move his desk to another location, or to move Trout’s desk close to his own so he can watch everything this guy who let the mayor preform surgery on his gentiles does.  Wake up…in an economy where employment is scarce people with jobs are easily comprised, meaning Trout…Tom Meyer was no different, if that guy wanted to keep his law license he had to quit crafting legal opinions to conform to the mayor’s wishes….to that end he fled town.  If he’d (Meyer) would tell the truth, that is what you’d hear.

Nobody likes to beat a dead horse, but my God people get your ass out of the lazy-boy, shut off the game and get your head in the game.  Its embarrassing to see people like Mr. 12-pack dictating policy in any town let alone the one we all live in….and the council, well there is no secret there.

Peter Children


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