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Here’s How You’re Sabotaging Your Online Dating Profile

This news story was published on October 1, 2020.
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Online dating is a sphere that has a stable set of rules and etiquette that may seem strange to the people not familiar with Internet communication. Experienced users of social media and dating platforms can detect their perfect partner in a few seconds. Similarly, they know immediately who is not their match. Every word you mention in your bio can attract a potential candidate or make people run away from you as soon as possible. The same goes for the photos and the general vibe of your profile. 

If you want to meet your perfect Russian bride, you should remember the main mistakes to avoid while filling out your dating account. Here are nine things that are harmful to your popularity on the meeting platforms:

  1. Uploading a photo with an ex

Or a friend of the opposite sex. Of course, they could be your siblings or best friends. But since people on the other side of the screen cannot read minds, they will probably decide that this person on the photo is your ex. What is worse, they may think it’s your current, and this profile belongs to a swinger couple who seeks sexual experiments.

  1. Photo with friends

Group photos are even worse than the previous point. First, it’s hard to understand which one is who. Secondly, strangers do not know what relationship you have with these people. Maybe one of them is your partner or, once again, you are a part of a polyamorous group.

  1. Selfies only

Almost everyone does them because it’s so lovely to look at your picture and wonder who will win this treasure! The best formula for a dating profile is one selfie, one full-body photo, and a few photos of you in your natural habitat. These can be photos from trips or you enjoying your hobby. Do not post several selfies in a row.

  1. Showing your superiority

“I dance better than you,” “I know more about history,” “I do everything cooler than others.” Those are real phrases from dating sites! Be careful with such assurances, because the person probably will not confirm them when meeting.

  1. Passive aggression towards your ex

Of course, everyone would like not to stumble upon the past mistakes, but writing “I am looking for the one who will finally not cheat on me” is not appealing.

  1. Keeping your job secret

Everyone has periods when they have to do something they don’t like. But, as a rule, people are interested in your profession. Money doesn’t smell. Do not forget to mention your workplace work in the profile description because it inspires confidence in adult people ready for a serious relationship.

  1. Too much information about yourself

Some facts are essential to indicate in the profile: city, occupation, presence of children. You can write about your favorite music or books. But if you describe everything to the smallest detail, leaving no room for questions — what will you talk about meeting you?

  1. Many requirements

Sit down and write what a fine fellow you are. But do not write a list of criteria you look for in a person. You can apply the search filters and receive the results that will suit your preferences. Mentioning your requirements in the profile description once again is a rude and unpleasant thing to do. You will only repel people who could have been a good match for you.

  1. Not specifying your goal

Never write, “I am here for fun” or “I downloaded the app out of boredom.” You can kill time swiping people without a particular purpose but do not scream about it right into their faces. Who knows, maybe you meet the love of your life and change your opinion on the dating site. If your intentions are clear, you should specify what kind of relationships you are looking for. 

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