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What Makes a Great Online Dating Profile?

This news story was published on September 8, 2020.
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How to fill out a questionnaire on a dating site to gain crazy popularity and response rate? The answer is simple!

1. First, you need to decide on the purpose of your search. Decide why you need a partner — for a long-term relationship with the prospect of marriage or a pleasant company for the evening?

2. Now imagine the image of the person of your dreams — height, hair and eye color, character traits, and favorite activities. Imagine them and describe every little thing; everything that is important to you in your future companion. Make a list on a piece of paper so that you always have it in front of your eyes.

●     Men love with their eyes

As a rule, there are fewer men on dating sites than women so that they can be compared to picky HR managers looking for candidates. Professional HR spends no more than 20 seconds, looking at each resume. Likewise, men — if in 20 seconds, your profile does get him hooked, he will move on to the next profile. Men should also remember this. Especially during Russian dating online. Slavic women are picky and want the partner to suit their high requirements.

The first thing people on dating sites pay attention to is your photo. When choosing everything again depends on the purpose of your acquaintance.

●     General guidelines for choosing a photo: 

  • photos must be of high quality;
  • in no case cut yourself out of the group photo. Parts of other people’s shoulders and a hand on your waist are taboo;
  • your face must be open: do not hide under a cap or sunglasses;
  • leave photoshop, filters, and contouring to the stars from the covers, try to look as natural as possible;
  • be sure to add at least one full-length photo — allow the person to appreciate your figure;
  • if you are looking for a serious relationship, there should be no photos in swimwear, nude photos, and pounds of makeup on your face.

The truth and nothing but the truth!

When starting the text part of the questionnaire, write only the truth about yourself. If you are counting on a long-term relationship, your deception will soon be revealed and leave a negative impression. It is unlikely that a person wants to continue.

Similarities attract

One of the NLP rules (neurolinguistic programming) is that people like to communicate with other people of their kind. In other words, indicate your profile, those qualities, interests, skills, and outlook on life that you want to see in your chosen one. For example, if you dream of an athlete, then do not forget to indicate your passion for sports in the questionnaire.

Emphasize your personality

There are many profiles on dating sites that look like a carbon copy of someone else’s bio. Every other woman loves to cook and clean, every man loves cats and dogs or going to the movies, and everyone promises to be an exemplary spouse, to groom, and cherish their chosen one.

Tell something unusual and interesting about yourself, try to intrigue the person. If you are a girl and like non-feminine hobbies — talk about them, break male stereotypes. You are a man who loves shopping? Are you allergic to gold? Do you play online games? Or are you an engineer by profession? Tell them about it. And no person will remain indifferent.

●     Major mistakes

Or what you cannot write about in the questionnaire. Now let’s talk about what you shouldn’t write in your profile.

Men are not interested in problem women

You shouldn’t write about your problems — be it a failed relationship in the past, a broken heart, problems at work, or financial difficulties. It is better to talk about them when you get to know each other enough and are ready for revelations.

Leave room for intrigue

Do not describe your entire life inside and out in your profile. Firstly, it will be long and boring, and secondly, you will not leave the man room for imagination. You also risk being left without a topic for communication — let the person recognize you.

Do not limit yourself in the choice

You should also not talk in too much detail about those who do not seem interesting to you. All these requirements can take away from you a pretty decent person. They will see your description and will be ashamed to write to you. It is enough to indicate only the type of relationship you are interested in.

Be simpler, and people will reach out to you

Don’t praise yourself too much — you are not shooting an advertisement, but looking for a life partner. A person may be scared of a too-perfect image of yourself you serve on your profile.


And the most important life hack is to write without mistakes. A questionnaire completed without errors and with competent speech will stand out favorably and emphasize your merits.

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