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The Psychological Reasons people Can’t Resist Instagram Influencers

This news story was published on September 30, 2020.
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Instagram is a unique social network. It has opened a new way to become a celebrity. Influencers are people who express their opinions and demonstrate lifestyle and behavior that are appreciated by the big audience. In other words, these people can be called leaders of thoughts. Nowadays influencers are selling products and services, reviewing them, they launch and push new trends and styles. Here we will try to understand how people become Instagram influencers and why people are sometimes obsessing with them. 


How Do I Become an Influencer on Instagram?


Although the competition is high, there is enough room for everyone who wants to try. Basically, all you have to do is constantly highlight your life on the platform, and do it in your unique manner. But it is not enough to upload many posts and stories for success. This is a base, which users will analyze the tiniest details before they give their support to you by hitting the heart icon. And likes are the main currency for bloggers. 


Even though Instagram has changed the policy and the precise number of likes is hidden now, users still can understand how popular the post is. And here is a small trick – you need likes to get more likes. And one of the options that you can take is automatic Instagram likes. This feature can come in great help when you need to drive the attention of the public to your posts. However, keep in mind that paid services are considered illegal on Instagram, which is why you have to use them carefully and in smaller amounts to preserve the natural growth rate of your blog. 


The Credibility of a Brand


One of the most obvious reasons that make us fall into the arms of influencers is the level of trust. When we see some product or service used by our favorite blogger, we automatically consider this product better. This is how influencer marketing strategy works. They use the fact that on Instagram people choose bloggers that they admire and consider trustworthy. This factor makes the process of advertising more effective and simple. The influencer who has the relevant target audience is convincing his viewers that the product is good. And as people tend to believe in their favorites without much concern, they buy the product, providing profit to both bloggers and advertisers. 


Nevertheless, this tactic is risky for influencers. In case if the product or service is not good, a blogger can lose a huge part of his audience and will have to restore the reputation, which is extremely hard in open spaces like Instagram. Concurrents will immediately start campaigns against this influencer to steal the attention of the audience. Besides, in case of a failed campaign, the advertising company can break the contract, which means losing the profit. 


The Perfect Picture of Life


Another addictive feature that influencers hear with their profiles is that they are becoming a role model for many people. Followers want to use the profile of their beloved blogger as a reference for their own life. This factor plays both for good and for bad. 


Starting from the positive side, influencers on Instagram dictate a picture of fine life, that is filled with travels, entertainment, high-quality clothes, and a sophisticated lifestyle. Thus their fans are leaning towards improving the conditions of their lives, feeling satisfied and complete as a result. 


On the other side, when people cannot fulfill their wish to have the same life as their preferred influencer on Instagram, they can feel anxiety and envy. These emotions are destructive and in severe cases, they can lead to mental health disorders. The most horrific effect of such emotions is eating disorders and depression. The thing is, many users, especially young adults, often forget that the Instagram profile is not equal to real life and the photos can be photoshopped and negative obstacles and problems can be not mentioned online. And when a clash of desires and reality happens, people can not be ready to understand it and thus they begin feeling bad about themselves. 


The Halo Effect

This psychological term describes the interesting logic by which we often consider famous people as a positive example of our behavior. When unsure about our actions and thoughts, we need to find a social proof to get the answer to the personal dilemma. Thus Instagram influencers are usually a mirror for people to confirm that they are living their life properly. Unconsciously we remember the bloggers’ reactions that we liked and later in life, when a similar situation happens to us we use the pattern that we remembered. 


Why does this happen? The answer is simple. Celebrities are considered as successful people whose opinions have a certain weight. We see an influencer and we automatically think that if he or she gained what he has now, his opinions and decisions work right. And we tend to copy this behavior to reach success by ourselves. 




The secret of an influencer’s impact on us is that they are closer to people and it is easier to understand the message they bring. This level of trust allows them to provide effective advertising campaigns that are built on the personal charm of a blogger. Such strategy is more effective as people consider their favorite bloggers as a source of trustworthy information. 


Another reason for the addiction is the fact that Instagram influencers are usually expressing opinions that are similar to their target audience. This factor forms the deep connection between followers and bloggers. 


The key to becoming an influencer is being an attractive person. And to do so, all you have to do is be yourself. Eventually, your people will find you and form a community of fans around your persona. Remember that with the recent number of influential people on Instagram it can be really hard to provide 100% unique thoughts. So, keep in mind that collaboration with like-minded bloggers is a must, so you will gain your art of audience and get support from more experienced colleagues.


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