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Op-ed: In race for mayor, a cocker spaniel should be able to easily defeat Bookmeyer

Mayor Eric Bookmeyer
Mayor Eric Bookmeyer

by Peter Children –

Eric isn’t fooling anyone, he’s waiting to see who will run against him before announcing whether or not he’ll run for another term. This tells me he has no sense of decency.

Have you seen the throngs of people gathered in the streets of Cairo, Egypt? That is exactly what will happen here, Central Park will be flooded with people rejoicing his decision to realize he is unarguably the absolute worst public official to ever hold office in this city….and in the only act of unselfishness he ever committed in his life, that and the promise of 25 cases of free beer’ he will not run.

Of course this is all only a dream….but what a wonderful dream it is….. We’ve all been living in a nightmare long enough. If only the entire council would resign at the same time it could escalate quickly into a wet dream.

In truth a Cocker Spaniel should be able to easily defeat him, but as added insurance I would ask everyone to say 100 acts of contrition and for good measure just rub a little olive oil on your forehead. (Vegetable oil won’t work) I realize hardly any of you have grape leaves, but rest assured I do. I will burn a few along with his picture in a bowl, that should do it.

No one should be mad or upset with Eric, you really can’t be angry with someone who is truly incompetent, dysfunctional and has no clue as to the difference between right and wrong. One more thing; most successful politicians have competent advisors that more or less surround and monitor them. They make certain no mistakes are made……it’s easy to see that isn’t the case here.

The real question in all of this sad tale isn’t whether or not Eric can carry the water, anyone smart enough to have a driver’s license knows the answer to that. No the real underlying question is quite simple….the real question is this; “just how much longer are the people who live here going to allow this sort of abuse?” Incompetency feeds on itself.

And now there surfaces 20 people who all got under the covers with Eric Bookmeyer. The mere thought of that will turn your stomach. This elephantine group has a big surprise coming as the election draws near. Some in that group will woe the the day when they agreed to go blindly into that dark night. Others…it won’t really matter because they are not far from Eric as it is. Some on that list just want what they might reap. Remember the hand picked group who were asked to submit a “expert” opinion on whether or not to build a $20,000,000.00 hockey rink near downtown? They all agreed it was the right thing to do…duh! Each member was hand picked! It was a classic stacked deck…but thank God it did not work.

As the election draws near, that bed they all climbed into is going to get very uncomfortable… can take that to the bank.

Truthfully there is no greater need, no greater argument, no greater reason to vote, than what lies a head of this community. We need, to break all records on going to the polls this November to cleanse this city, to put new blood in the mayor’s office and three new people at the council table. We need a council that will not automatically drop to their knees when the Mercy wants to destroy the equity in a dozen homes….won’t be so quick to fund a failed business plan at NIACC….a council that will restore the HR to a full service shop. Vote people…

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I love animals so please don’t put the mayor in the category with a cocker spaniel. That is an insult to the dog. The mayor is a rude and obnoxious idiot and a joke. So, are people going to re-elect him again or are they going to take back Mason City and toss Hitler to the curb?????? That wishy washy council that he runs needs to go too!

Peter & Matt should start their own city, they could call it Petermarq, the land of blame, blubbering, belittlement, and badgering. Everyone there would write fact free rubbish about each other with nae a whisper of positivity, all would hate their civic leadership, and residents could wallow in the festering negativity, all under the leadership of Lord Children and his jester, Marquee Marq!

Ann, I just spit coffee all over my monitor. Nothing like calling it as you see it.

Look, Eric used to be a runner. I think he could beat a Cocker Spaniel in a footrace if he trained for it. And, look how well Mercy has him trained. He’s at least as good as a dog.

Heard the Mayor got a Public Intox charge, but unlike most people, he wasn’t arrested. Just cited and let go. Wonder how many other charges he got around by being the Mayor?

Did you hear anything that can be verified? We need more facts, there has been a tight lid on this. If you have hard evidence….please come forth.

“If you have hard evidence….please come forth.” So Peter you need more “hard” evidence than you already have. Just how much do you need? I’m still waiting for all that “PROOF” you said you had. Waiting ………..Waiting……………Waiting………..

Mr. Children is correct in everything he says. Choosing a cocker spaniel is choice because as a veternarian once told me — they are the most unintelligent dog. If everyone would vote — I am positive Beermeyer won’t get elected. PLEASE VOTE!!

What is really sad about this Op-Ed and about Peter is that we all know he doesn’t like the Mayor. OK I get that, but to accuse all the people who support the Mayor of having ulterior motives without offering a shred of proof is shameful. Most ,if not all, of these people are good hard working citizens who give back to the community. They live here and have businesses here. To somehow try to infer guilt by association is juvenile and petty.
And before someone asks it, no I am not on that list. I do know a few of the people listed and they are good, honest, hard working people.

Well if a cocker spaniel should beat bookmeyer what does that say about John Jazewski. Also if that’s case Peter Children should run but he’s probably afraid he would end up the weenie dog. Just like his women stories from what I here all show and all blow.

Ok. Who are Peter and Matt trolling for those offices.
So far I haven’t read of anyone thinking about running. Peter must be the ultimate environmentalist as he constantly recycles gossip and innuendo. At his age he probably is still trying to recycle that long list of married women he screwed. Naw, he is probably after their daughters on this go around.

Hacker; ever wonder why married women stray? 1) the husband doesn’t shower 2) he’s drunk every night 3) he hasn’t grown intellectually 4) got fat fast . 5) takes is wife for granted 6) stopped telling her she is beautiful…..shall I go on? There are a million reasons….one of the biggest is when he he finishes he gets off….but she still has a way to go. Any of that sound familiar to you Hacker?

@Peter – Terrific post. Something every married person should read and heed. Men and women very seldom stray unless there’s a reason. Excellent.

Of course, Peter won’t be running either.

Reggie, There isnt any videos. If there were Matt would have them on this website and Facebook. Secondly Bookmeyer is definitely running all Bookmeyer was doing was promoting himself. Getting free press and showing off his entourage of supporters. This way when he does officially announce he will get more press and have even a larger list of names of supporters and contributors. Unfortunately for Schickel looks like his base has already pledged their alliegence to Bookmeyer.

“Eric isn’t fooling anyone, he’s waiting to see who will run against him before announcing whether or not he’ll run for another term. This tells me he has no sense of decency”Peter isn’t this what Max does? He figures out if he can win a ward or an at-large seat then decides to run or not.
Also I’m still waiting for all the damaging video to come out that you claim to have on the Mayor. I can’t wait to see it.

@Reggie (Red)-Ok, I see your point but why bring Max into the discussion? He is not in the article or even in the discussion.

I bring up Max because Peter is a big Max supporter and he does the same thing Peter is berating the Mayor for doing.

Reggie, deep in your heart, do you really think Max, Don and Jeff would have let the Mercy walk all,over those homeowners in Forest Part?

@Reggie (Red)-OK, I understand that. I also somewhat support Max. I think he was a decent council person who really cared about the people. I don’t necessarily think he would make a good mayor. However, that being said I think he would be much better than our current mayor. At least he wouldn’t bow down to Robin Anderson.

Peter, I really don’t think Mercy walked over anyone. There was give and take but the real culprits are the former neighbors to these people who sold their houses to Mercy at inflated prices. When you live close to Mercy there is always a chance that a parking lot,loading dock or emergency room could end next to your house. Mercy was/is going to expand. This,in my opinion, is good for Mason City.

LVS,let me start by saying I’m not a big Robin Anderson fan BUT City Hall and the Chamber should get along and be pulling in the same direction. To me they appear to be. I like the statues. It gives a feel of a progressive community. Even Peter likes the concept,I think. Art to some is junk to others.Matt is big on either not having the City fund the Chamber or if we do have more transparency.This I totally agree with.

@Reggie (Red)-I agree somewhat about the city and the Chamber. However, I do not think our taxes should be subsidizing the Chamber in any way. If the Chamber wanted the statues that is fine but, they should not have used city funds to pay for them. As to Mercy, my feeling is they owned the property so if they want to expand there it should be OK. However, giving them the streets and infastructure should not have happened. If they wanted them they should have been sold to Mercy.

I haven’t even read your article yet Peter, but Eric is going to put you out in ER yet!!!

Is that early retirement?

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