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5 Remarkable & Simple Bedroom Ideas That Suit Every Season

This news story was published on September 30, 2020.
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Brainstorming bedroom ideas that are functional, will out-last constantly changing interior design trends, and feel personal to you can be a challenge. Bedroom design doesn’t have to get more complicated than necessary, and it doesn’t have to be an intimidating project to get started with. 

Whether you’re planning on redecorating your bedroom, or you’re starting from scratch, planning is key to ending up with a bedroom that you can look forward to spending time in. 

From finding the most comfortable mattress you can for a good night’s sleep to being strategic with the kinds of bedroom decor you choose for yourself, here are our top tips for bedroom ideas you can feel truly comfortable in: 

#1 Using More Green In Your Space

Thinking of redecorating your bedroom with a fresh, clean look? When it comes to bedroom ideas that have a high impact but are simple to execute, investing in a few plants is an easy way to accomplish this. 

Not only do plants work great as bedroom decor, but they’re also multi-functional in any space they’re in. Some plants, such as aloe or English ivy, are actually known for their air-purifying properties, which might be useful if you struggle with chronic allergies when you’re trying to get to sleep. 

Adding plants to your space can help with how energized and comforting it ends up feeling. If you don’t quite have the gift of the green thumb, consider lower-maintenance plants for your space: succulents and cacti can both be wonderful, year-round additions to your space. 

#2 Optimizing Your Sleep Set Up

No bedroom redecoration project should go without some serious thought into the bed. Finding the most comfortable mattress for your sleep will allow you to feel better rested in your bedroom. Most mattresses have a shelf-life of about eight to twelve years, so if yours has been around for a while, it might be high time to consider getting a new one. 

Finding the most comfortable mattress for you is a process of trial and error. While many suggest memory foam mattresses are the coziest for those looking for support as well as comfort when they sleep, others suggest a hybrid variety might work better. The best mattress companies will allow you to trial their products before committing to anything. Make sure to test out if your new purchase is truly the most comfortable mattress for you before jumping the gun. 

If you’re convinced you already have the most comfortable mattress you can afford, you have other options when it comes to optimizing your sleep furniture. Adjustable bed frames have had a spike in popularity, especially amongst sleepers who struggle with chronic pain of any kind. 

Since adjustable bed frames can be customized and set at various angles, they’re useful is you find yourself tossing and turning at night trying to get into the right position for better sleep. Even the most comfortable mattresses can be improved with the help of the right bed frame. Other ways you can add an extra touch of comfort to your sleep set-up is by investing in extra-cozy bedding, blankets, and even pillows for an increased sense of comfort.

#3 Go Minimalist and Eliminate Clutter

Thinking of resetting your space? Nothing works better than adding a little minimalist love to your space. Using minimalist bedroom ideas involves undertaking a massive declutter of your space, and keeping things simple. 

Minimalist bedroom decor involves keeping things functional and keeping things clean. Do a quick inventory of your bedroom and work out how much of your furniture you actually use on a consistent basis, as well as the places that might be distracting you as you try to get to sleep at night. 

In theory, your bedroom should have nothing more than the most comfortable mattress you can find for your sleep, a bed frame to put it on, and some shelves and storage so you’re able to keep your personal belongings close to you. 

#4 Plan A Gallery Wall

If you’re worried about your bedroom lacking any reflection of your own personality, one of the most popular bedroom ideas this year has been investing in some picture frames and creating a gallery wall of your own.

Your gallery wall can consist of art or photos that resonate deeply with you, and doesn’t have to be uniform or set in any one order. Allow your personal preferences and creativity to lead you with this – the idea is to be left with a space that feels like an accurate reflection of the things that mean most to you. 

#5 Add A Lounge Area

Most of the free time we have in our home is spent in our bedroom, so it’s important you ensure you customize your space to work for you no matter what you plan on doing. If you’ve invested in the most comfortable mattress you can for your sleep, you don’t want to begin confusing your body by associating your bed with work or other forms of relaxation. 

Adding a few sofas or desk for when you want to use the internet, read, or just generally unwind will allow your bed to remain a place of rest in your bedroom. There’s simply no purpose in doing all the research you need to and find the best mattress you can for your sleep if you’re going to be spending all your time tossing and turning in bed. 

From finding the most comfortable mattress for your rest to ensuring you have an area in your bedroom away from your bed to relax in, these bedroom ideas should help you start your planning process a little more clearly. 

When you’re brainstorming bedroom ideas of your own, remember you don’t have to do a complete overhaul of your bedroom to be left with something that feels fresh and snug. Consider what you’re struggling within your room – if it’s space, think of decluttering if it’s sleep, think of a new mattress – and work to address your problem. 

You’ll be left with a space worth a feature in any interior decorating magazine in no time.

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