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OP-ed: The clock is running (by Peter Children)

The clock is running, it never stops, and there is nothing you can do to slow it down.  I will admit it is not something to dwell on but it is something you should occasionally pause to examine.

You ever wonder about that clock? Who sets it, who maintains it, who services it and where is it?  The answer is one word. You.  You are in charge of your clock, you maintain it and service it and it runs according to how well you treat it; to a point.

Stop and think of all the booze you run through your liver, the tobacco you breathe in and out of your lings, the sugar that is in those ten bottles of soda you suck up each day….and the candy and chips you consume.  The red meat that clogs your veins and the heavy cream.  You ever think what effect that has on your clock?

We haven’t gotten to stress yet; that will stop your clock quicker than all the above.  It is the top rank cause of most problems….and it is something we ourselves produce.  We invite it in to our lives by making bad choices, but do little about it.

Our jails are full, more so than any other country in accordance to population.  We are not finding solutions but adding to the problem.  There is crime all around us, not just in big cities.  In small towns people are being murdered by others ion the same town….not someone from out of town….why?

My advice is to live your life to the fullest, don’t wait to go places, go now if you can afford to.  Tell your children and parents you love them every chance you get because one day you won’t be able to.  Don’t send you parents to a nursing facility, keep them home with you, and if it happens to be your in laws then invite them as well.  In the country of my heritage there is no such thing as a nursing facility, they just don’t exist.  In many countries it is the natural order of life.  Here we dispose of old people by putting into these rooms that are little more than waiting  rooms of death.  Go into any nursing home, any of them, then tell me that is where you want to go.

Peter Children

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This article hits close to home. My Mother just passed away 2 days ago. She spent the last 8 months living with my brother, his wife and two children. I always thought I would be the one that would have the privilege of taking care of her when the time came but my brother and his family got to have that experiences. I know sometimes a nursing home may be the only option for some families it is not for me to judge. I just know when I was growing up my Mother gave me her best, she loved me like know one else and when she passed I was Blessed enough to be able to spend the last night of her life laying next to her in bed holding her and telling her how much I loved her. All eight of her children were able to standby her bedside and listen to her telling us how much she loved us and wanted us to remain a family after she was gone. Your right Peter, their is going to be a day when you won’t be able to say the things you want to your parents because they will be gone. I love my sister in-law for taking Mom into her home loving her and taking care of her.

Your story has moved me Sandy; I admire you and your family. There should be more like you, what a better world it would be.

Good article Peter-this is something that needed to be said. It is a miserable end to life. It’s just like being put into a prison and waiting to die. A lot of the nursing homes require two people to a room so you don’t even have the comfort of privacy while waiting to die. I don’t care how you dress them up they are all the same. Just some a little worse than others.

These store rooms for death are a blemish on our society. When you age you become a major source of revenue that is fed into the health care system. Their existence has become ingrained into our way of life….how sad.

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