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Common Mistakes That Are Committed By The Freelance Translators

This news story was published on September 26, 2020.
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Freelance translation jobs are not at all easy! You have to deliver high-quality translation and keep up with the deadlines to impress your customers. But most of the time, even after delivering high-quality work, you commit some mistakes, which result in significant losses.

Here in this post, I will tell you about the mistakes you should avoid as a freelance translator if you wish to maintain a long-term relationship with your customer. Also, it will help you run your business stress-free and make it profitable!

Don’t offer Heavy discount- 

It is advised that a freelance translator should not offer discount charges on the core business no matter whether it is a translation, editing for interpreting. When you offer a hefty discount, it gives the wrong impression to your customer about your services.

Instead, you can offer free translation tests to gain their trust or reduce charges for other services like reviewing, editing, or proofreading.

It is all about business decisions you make! If you charge less for your core services, then you will despise them in a long time. Also, if you charge less for the first time, they will expect you to charge a similar price next time.

If you just keep raising your prices, then it will ruin your relationship with your customer. Since the pricing is a more sensitive matter in any business, you have to find out what works for you!

Afraid to ask questions from your customer- 

In a freelance translation job, you should first find out the purpose of translation of a project. Whether it is for marketing purposes or is it for publication, and who are the targeted audience?

You need not be worried about asking your customers the question related to the text you translate. You can always go back to your client and ask about the word, which may be difficult to understand.

Also, make sure to ask the deadline in advance. Do not make use of “questions” as a tool to extend deadlines. Whenever you receive the customer’s text, just go through it as soon as you receive it. This has added advantage that if you find any doubt in the text, then you can clarify your questions at the starting without compromising the deadline.

If you turn down the project, you will lose your customer- 

Often, it happens with a freelance translator that they cannot complete the task before the deadline or feel uncomfortable in doing the task. In this case, you should let down the project without any fear.

You can always talk to your customer and tell them clearly the reasons why you couldn’t complete the task of translation. This will help establish a good relationship with your customer.

If you take a project that looks hard to translate and accept the deadline, this will damage your relationship with your customer. People do less harm if you tell the customer your problem with valid reason before turning down the project.

Get in touch with your client only when you need work- 

Another mistake that most people do in freelance translation jobs is getting in touch with customers only when the work is needed. You should keep in touch with your client on a regular basis. You should share news which may be useful for your client. Talk to them about the tools and software you use or share new skills you recently learned.

You should consider responding fast if the customer asks you to send an updated CV or other information. Even when they are not a regular customer, respond quickly!

 If they ask you to sign a confidentiality form, then make sure to do it on time. Your customers will be unhappy if you don’t respond to them fast. Thus, even when you are busy making sure to answer fast!

Not a specialist in the subject – 

Working in freelance translation jobs, you should be able to cover different subjects. Working for many years will give you skills as well as knowledge of various subjects. Thus, try to work in various subjects and gain extra knowledge, which sets you apart from your competitors.

To get specialized in a subject, you have to do the work in the same subject for or long period. When you get specialized in a particular subject or area, then you can easily charge high for your work.

Not collaborating with fellow translators- 

You can find freelance translators all over the globe. All of them face some challenges. And also, the professionals support organizations and associations for translators. If you wish to become a successful freelance translator, you should support your colleagues and share your experiences with them.

Also, you should increase your network by meeting other translators. It is worth spending your time on networking, and you can indulge in future collaboration with them. In this way, people will prefer your work as well as trust you!

Not continuing professional development-

When most freelance translators start getting new customers, they feel comfortable and do not continue professional development. This is the most common mistake by translators, and it creates a problem in their future progress.

Our industries are developing at a faster rate with new processes like software and CAT tool. Make sure that you keep up with changes made in industries. If you do not keep up to date with the changes, then it will result in losses. Clients will prefer those translators who have advanced tools and techniques and are aware of current trends.

These are some of the common mistakes that you should avoid when you start doing freelance translation jobs. If you want to become a successful freelance translator, you should make a habit of doing the work on time, with accuracy, and deliver high-quality content. In this way, you will be able to make progress and earn enough profit!

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