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Home Repairs: When to DIY and When to Call a Pro

The thrill of owning your first home can quickly wear off when you realize you don’t have a landlord to call upon when something inevitably breaks, but what can you fix yourself, and what should you hire a professional to fix for you?

Everyone is a YouTube Expert

Of course, the answer isn’t quite as simple as the question. Thanks to the advent of websites like YouTube, many homeowners are finding themselves saying “I can do that” when they watch a video.

In some cases, repairs can be done easily with patience and the right tools, but for other repairs, there is definitely a reason to call a professional company in.

Choosing a Real Expert

When it comes to choosing the right person or company to help you out, you want to make sure you’re getting a professional who has the experience and skills to complete the task. Someone who won’t charge the earth would be good too!

There are many online sites for finding tradespeople, and it’s always worth reading a handful of reviews before making up your mind. Repairs done badly, like a bad roofing job, for example, could end up not only costing you more money, but they could leave your house in a dangerous situation. Incidentally, Next Wave Roofing has a fantastic guide for hiring a commercial roofing company available here:

Below we’ve listed a few common household repairs that should be done by a professional, and a few that you may be able to tackle yourself. It’s worth noting though that if you don’t feel confident doing repairs yourself, hiring a professional is easier and has more peace of mind!

House Painting – DIY (and Pro)

Most people are perfectly capable of repainting a room, and some even find the job rather relaxing! There are some painting jobs, however, that really should be left up to the professionals. Hard to reach places (like tall stairwells) or exterior walls are jobs for the pros who have the right safety equipment!!

Installing a Doorbell – DIY

Installing a doorbell used to be a big task requiring complicated and intricate electrical knowledge. Nowadays, bells are much easier to install, usually running from a battery and making use of a wireless repeater. There are even fancy bells that can record faces and send alerts to your smartphone. The Chinese gadget market is also making sure the prices of these products are always coming down.

Patching Drywall – DIY

Have you ever hammered a nail into drywall only to have a bit chip off? Nightmare, right? It’s not a huge problem with the different filling materials available at most hardware stores, as many people can complete this task by themselves. If there are big cracks, however, it might be worth getting a second opinion from a pro.

Installing a Lighting Fixture or Electrical Socket – Call in the Experts

Although it might look like an easy job to do, the installation of any lighting or electrical sockets should be handled by a properly trained professional.

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