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Impaired pot-smoking drivers could be snared by breath test under development


SEATTLE – Now that pot is legal in a number of states, impaired weed smokers climbing behind the wheel may become more commonplace, prompting a university to lead the way on the development of a breath test to detect intoxication.

A Washington State University research project could yield the first breath test to help law enforcement officers catch drivers who have toked one puff too many. The breath alcohol test is already widely-used, helping to convict thousands each year of operating while under the influence of alcohol and strip those offenders of their driving privileges. A test for marijuana would aid officers and prosecutors in keeping problem drivers off the road.

WSU chemistry professor Herbert Hill told the News Tribune in Seattle that “existing technologies — including those already used by airport security and customs agents to detect drugs and explosives — can be re-purposed to test breath for THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana.”

Professor Hill said tests on humans could start next year. Currently, blood tests have to be used to detect the drug, and most times, a court order is needed to conduct those tests.

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What will be the legal limit?

Since evidence of weed can stay in your bloodstream for up to 30 days, long past the time when the person is high, how useful will this be in court?

Philly, ohhh Philly, where are you (besides Clear Lake) and why haven’t you dominated the posting on this latest story???

@Buzz-he is probably still hung over from last night and with any luck at all they have caught him driving impaired and he is now in jail. Bubba will have a ball with his punk a##.

@LVS…I hope he gets what he deserves. Bubba will enjoys his company I’m sure. 🙂

What I deserve is full ride scholarship, accolades, then tenure. I’m headed straight up Ascension Mountain where I will take my place amongst the stars. Destiny and eternity are mine.

Yep, sounds like Phili is high again……lol.

Once you get there, if you ever do, please tell everyone how smart you think you. Which I’m sure you will.

Once they get this going Old Philospus will lose his license and never be able to leave his mother’s basement again.

I noticed you have the record for the most posts deleted. And I even seen buzz had one in the trash as well. Maybe he isn’t part of management after all. I guess Matt has been very generous to my illustrious manner of thinking. Forward momentum is the goal!

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