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How To Make Amazing YouTube Intros And Outros In PowerPoint?

This news story was published on May 14, 2020.
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While planning to start your own YouTube channel is a great idea, learning the ropes of the trade before you get started is a prerequisite for a smooth sail.  

An intro for YouTube is an excellent way to introduce yourself and your work. Intros usually make their presence at the beginning of a video, but there is no hard and fast rule that they have to be placed in the initial 10-20 seconds. To gain traction and seek attention some YouTubers give a different start with bloopers and questions that instantly add a fun element to their videos. Giving an introduction of yourself is important to invigorate yourself and people tuning in with you. You can incorporate the logo in intros along with subtle background music, depending upon the kind of mood you wish to propel. 

Outros are not given the necessary space they deserve, but when you want to finish something you started by summing it up in a suitable way, then outros are a must. A call to action will coax your viewers to move onto your other playlist or videos. Giving out any necessary brand guidelines will also keep them intrigued until the very end. When you can edit your videos while perching on your couch at home, then creating intros and outros becomes simple and effortless. 

We all have grown up using PowerPoint; it acted as a companion to us when we had a deadline to meet in school, colleges, and at work. Powerpoint, with its mind-boggling features, helps you create and explore. You are a few clicks away in manifesting a dynamic opening and ending for your video.  

  • Create a slide
  • Import a video ( In case you want to feature yourself in the intro or outro)
  • Add content ( text, logo, background colours)
  • Add elements ( Shapes)
  • Add music
  • Animate the elements
  • Set slide timings
  • Export as a video

And you are done, simple isn’t it? YouTube editing on laptop enables you to get the professional start that your channel deserves.

So here are a few tips to remember before you take the final plunge:

Be strong opinionated: 

If you have a strong opinion against something, you should express it. This will help your video get swamped by like-minded people who believe or think in the same way. Expressing your take on something or revamping tutorials on make-up, cooking, etc. will only strike a chord with the viewers if you have a personal opinion. 

Tell your story:

Why are you doing this video? What led you here? You should be able to express yourself valiantly. If you have a flair for something and you want to bring it out for the world to see, you should be blooming with passion and self-confidence. This will help people know more about you and get answers to questions like why should anybody continue watching you? What is it about you that makes you stand out from the crowd?

Connect with the audience:

People will enjoy watching you if you develop a personal connection with them. You should be engaging so the people would want to come back for more if people are going to subscribe to your channel then they should know what to expect. YouTube gets flooded with thousands of videos daily, but it is your duty as a curator to regale your audiences. 

Be consistent: 

Don’t start something you don’t want to continue. Consistency is important to maintain if you want your channel to flourish and be smothered with love and appreciation. Quality content will augment traction on your channel, and maintaining regularity will help you gain top fans for your channel. 

Design your logo:

Give your channel a brand identity for people to associate with you every time they see your logo. Don’t be oblivious to details and bring out the best work you can. You can use animation for logo reveal and add whimsical colours to the background to grab attention.

Keep the information short and crisp:

Fit in things you feel are relevant and necessary for the viewers to know. A perfunctory introduction will only give an amateur look and will become boring for the viewers to continue. Be personal and passionate about your work and enjoyment will bore into them. 

Follow your instincts:

Speak whatever your heart says without making it look like a task or a chore. Everyone signs up for a learning session followed by candour Banter, so make the most out of it. 

Experiment with things

If you want to leave your indelible mark in the hearts of your audience, then you have to experiment with things and bring out the distinctiveness of everything you work for.

Curating appropriate content will drive people to watch your videos, but good editing will keep them in the loop for a long period. With many YouTube intro maker platform hitting the internet, here are few you should know about:

  • InVideo
  • Placeit
  • Biteable
  • Animaker
  • Videocreek
  • Videobolt
  • Panzoid

Using these video editors will give you a chance to create dynamic intro and outro sequences for your videos. While some platforms allow you to use the free intro and outro templates available, some require you to spare some cash for them. 

InVideo saves you from the hassle of assigning this task to a video editor and spending a fortune. It is the perfect destination for an aesthetic video look.

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