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Attorney General Barr announces launch of nationwide strategic plan to reduce gun violence

WASHINGTON, D.C. – This week, Attorney General William P. Barr announced the launch of Project Guardian, a new initiative designed to reduce gun violence and enforce federal firearms laws across the country. Specifically, Project Guardian focuses on investigating, prosecuting, and preventing gun crimes.

Reducing gun violence and enforcing federal firearms laws have always been among the Department’s highest priorities. In order to develop a new and robust effort to promote and ensure public safety, the Department reviewed and adapted some of the successes of past strategies to curb gun violence. Project Guardian draws on the Department’s earlier achievements, such as the “Triggerlock” program, and it serves as a complementary effort to the success of Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN). In addition, the initiative emphasizes the importance of using all modern technologies available to law enforcement to promote gun crime intelligence.


“Gun crime remains a pervasive problem in too many communities across America. Today, the Department of Justice is redoubling its commitment to tackling this issue through the launch of Project Guardian,” said Attorney General William P. Barr. “Building on the success of past programs like Triggerlock, Project Guardian will strengthen our efforts to reduce gun violence by allowing the federal government and our state and local partners to better target offenders who use guns in crimes and those who try to buy guns illegally.”

“My office has worked very closely with our outstanding local, state, and federal law enforcement partners to target and prosecute the most dangerous and violent offenders in our communities,” said United States Attorney Peter E. Deegan, Jr.  “It is our hope that Project Guardian will help create even more opportunities to work together and make our communities safer.  I look forward to continuing and strengthening our partnerships as we work to reduce gun violence and keep guns out of the wrong hands.”

“ATF has a long history of strong partnerships in the law enforcement community,” said Acting Director Regina Lombardo. “Make no mistake, the women and men of ATF remain steadfast to our core mission of getting crime guns off of our streets. ATF and U.S. Attorneys nationwide will leverage these partnerships even further through enhanced community outreach initiatives and coordination with local, state, and tribal law enforcement and prosecutors to cut the pipeline of crime guns from those violent individuals who seek to terrorize our communities. Project Guardian will enhance ATF’s Crime Gun Intelligence, to include identifying, investigating and prosecuting those involved in the straw purchases of firearms, lying on federal firearms transaction forms, and those subject to the mental health prohibition of possessing firearms.”

Project Guardian’s implementation is based on five principles:

1)    Coordinated Prosecution. Federal prosecutors and law enforcement will coordinate with state, local, and tribal law enforcement and prosecutors to consider potential federal prosecution for new cases involving a defendant who: a) was arrested in possession of a firearm; b) is believed to have used a firearm in committing a crime of violence or drug trafficking crime prosecutable in federal court; or c) is suspected of actively committing violent crime(s) in the community on behalf of a criminal organization.

2)    Enforcing the Background Check System. United States Attorneys, in consultation with the Special Agent in Charge of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in their district, will create new, or review existing, guidelines for intake and prosecution of federal cases involving false statements (including lie-and-try, lie-and-buy, and straw purchasers) made during the acquisition or attempted acquisition of firearms from Federal Firearms Licensees.

Particular emphasis is placed on individuals convicted of violent felonies or misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence, individuals subject to protective orders, and individuals who are fugitives where the underlying offense is a felony or misdemeanor crime of domestic violence; individuals suspected of involvement in criminal organizations or of providing firearms to criminal organizations; and individuals involved in repeat denials.

3)    Improved Information Sharing. On a regular basis, and as often as practicable given current technical limitations, ATF will provide to state law enforcement fusion centers a report listing individuals for whom the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) has issued denials, including the basis for the denial, so that state and local law enforcement can take appropriate steps under their laws.

4)    Coordinated Response to Mental Health Denials. Each United States Attorney will ensure that whenever there is federal case information regarding individuals who are prohibited from possessing a firearm under the mental health prohibition, such information continues to be entered timely and accurately into the United States Attorneys’ Offices’ case-management system for prompt submission to NICS. ATF should engage in additional outreach to state and local law enforcement on how to use this denial information to better assure public safety.

Additionally, United States Attorneys will consult with relevant district stakeholders to assess feasibility of adopting disruption of early engagement programs to address mental-health-prohibited individuals who attempt to acquire a firearm. United States Attorneys should consider, when appropriate, recommending court-ordered mental health treatment for any sentences issued to individuals prohibited based on mental health.

5)    Crime Gun Intelligence Coordination. Federal, state, local, and tribal prosecutors and law enforcement will work together to ensure effective use of the ATF’s Crime Gun Intelligence Centers (CGICs), and all related resources, to maximize the use of modern intelligence tools and technology. These tools can greatly enhance the speed and effectiveness in identifying trigger-pullers and finding their guns, but the success depends in large part on state, local, and tribal law enforcement partners sharing ballistic evidence and firearm recovery data with the ATF.

Federal law enforcement represents only about 15% of all law enforcement resources nationwide. Therefore, partnerships with state, local, and tribal law enforcement and the communities they serve are critical to addressing gun crime. The Department recognizes that sharing information with our state, local, and tribal law enforcement partners at every level will enhance public safety, and provide a greater depth of resources available to address gun crime on a national level.

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Wouldnt it be nice if once we had a politician who was trying to do something that mattered? This guy needs a good firing. Laws are enforced background checks happen at all points of sale other than private and most private sales are between associates not randos. Alot of ppl still have an ffl involved just for safety sake. I think if you cant take apart a basic 870 and reassemble it… you should not be allowed a voice in the gun discussion.

Wow, a real gun nut talking. Saying if you can’t disassemble and reassemble a weapon, you lose your power of free speech. And I thought Trump was bad!!!!

So, the absolute majority of gun violence is committed by black males in a handful of neighborgoodsnin a handful of cities. Cities that have been under democrat rule for decades. Cities that have strict gun control and gun free zones. The laws and the gun free zones dont work. If you look at the numbers we dont have a gun violence issue in America. It’s silly and disingenuous to even suggest such a thing. They get away with it because people are so stupid they take words from media and politicians as truth and are to lazy to do their own research. When you figure ok ut how to stop african American males from shooting eachother over shoes and fat women and drugs then you’ll have made a dent in the small amount of gun crime this country really has. This last school shooting shouldnt have happened. It went down in a place with almost those gun laws that you dems think will somehow work when they never have before. Stolen guns and gang violence ppl. That’s where the absolute vast majority of gun crime comes from. The simple fact is that firearms are used to defend lives much much more each year in this country than they are to commit crimes. You dont have to believe it but the cdc and the fbi back me up. I dknt run on whatever beto said two months ago or whatever joy behar thinks. I like to stuck to facts. Facts like less than 2% of gun crimes involve the evil scary ar15. So no we dont need to ban a small caliber varmint rifle because you’re all a bunch bbn of morons who have not the first clue about anything related to firearms or how they work. Lay blame where it belongs, I know it won’t feel PC. Get over it. Gun violence is a black problem. Gun laws wont change that because black males like to steal their guns. Stop pretending black people are amazing intelligent classy and living like the cleavers. The majority of black ppl are involved in or know first hand about the drug trade sex trade or some form of petty crime. If you dknt think so I kind of question how many black people you’ve ever hung out with lol. For real though clean up the democrat held hoods and start actually putting people in prison for repeat offenses and gang affiliation keep them there dont let them out and make an effort to treat these areas aggressively and with extreme discrimination. Maybe of the police in the cities with ghettos weren’t a bunch of pusssies…

Guy uses a lot of words to say a total of nothing.

You can’t fight gun violence until you find out and stop the reason for it. The saying “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” is as true as saying “meth doesn’t kill people, people using meth kill people”. There wouldn’t be a gun violence problem if people wouldn’t use guns to kill people, and there wouldn’t be a meth problem is people would stop using meth. It’s the user, not the dealer, the distributor, or the manufacturer to blame.

Give it up dude, everything posted on this site isn’t about your obsession with Trump. Try and stick to the subject!!!

Total bull dung. Just big words with zero actions to enforce anything. Thought this fibbing goon was using taxpayer money searching all over Europe for more conspiracy theories for his boss.

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