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10 Best Tips for Young Couples 

This news story was published on January 28, 2019.
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There is an old saying that goes something like this, “If only youth knew, if only old could …” Yes, the physical potential of people of age is relatively smaller, but they have wisdom without which it is not easy to live, and sometimes it is very difficult. How many family ships broke up on the reefs of their own inexperience and short-sightedness? Today we’ve made a list of the best advice from the older generation on how to build family relationships so that its journey through the sea of life would be as pleasant and stable as possible.

  1. Make compromises. Often, when starting a family life, young spouses do not want to give in to their partners, strongly emphasizing their ardent reluctance to do something, even when it’s important to your partner. Why it happens? It’s because the newlyweds haven’t really got time to know each other among all the sleepless nights of sex. In such a situation, as a rule, everyone tries to realize his vision of family responsibilities, norms, and values, and since those values often do not coincide at such age, lots of friction arises that causes many conflicts. The desire to dominate, even if contrary to common sense, is the quality of an immature person, a person who has not yet learned to see the essence of things and different perspectives. In the end, the right decision in such cases will be to accept defeat to save what’s left, then to fight till death. Here’s an additional tip for you: do your finances, make a family budget.
  2. Don’t spill things out on others. Never swear in public and do not humiliate the spouse in the eyes of strangers. Leave All problems and quarrels until the moment when you find yourself alone. Suppose that, from the outside, you seem to be an ideal couple to all; people do not have to know what is wrong in your relationship.
  3. Show your gratitude. Do not forget to say “thank you” for every little thing that a loved one does for you. The fact that you are married does not mean that you should take acts of attention and care in your address as a given.
  4. Be sincere with each other. Sincerity is the highest measure of trust, and therefore, this quality in the family must be valued and properly cultivated. You must learn not to be offended by the truth, but to be grateful for it. Anyone can lie to you, and only a person who really trusts you is truly capable of speaking. In other words, the distortion of reality or its silencing is a time bomb: at first, everything is grand and smooth, but in one “beautiful” moment, an explosion will almost certainly occur. Do not immediately refute the criticism coming from a loved one: perhaps, having thought it over, you will understand that it is constructive, and this will help you become better – for the sake of yourself and your relationship with your loved one. In addition, do not insult the trust of your partner with accusations on the basis of what you heard; otherwise, your partner may “withdraw into himself,” and you will never learn the truth from him, even if you are already ready to accept the worst of outcomes. Just imagine yourself dating a pathological liar, no one wants that.
  5. No matter how much you swear, always find something in your memory you are grateful to your spouse for. This will cool down your fervor and let you relax during the moments of rage.
  6. Be sure to kiss your loved one every day. Can’t give your loved one a kiss? No worries, send a good night text before you sleep! Read Sonya Schwartz’s article for good night text ideas!
  7. Never stop listening and hearing your partner. You will learn everything you need to make a loved one happy. And he will also hear your needs and desires in return.
  8. Do not quarrel at night: the tiredness and stress accumulated during the day will not lead to anything good. It is better to postpone the showdown until the morning, the rested person is no longer so irritable, and maybe the conflict itself will be forgotten during sleep, and you will no longer want to swear at each other.
  9. You must always remember that you are not on the battlefield, and you are not opponents, but on the contrary, you are partners and allies in creating a strong family, based on respect, understanding, and love.
  10. Each spouse must put the interests of a loved one in the first place. The husband cares about the desires of his wife more than his own, and vice versa. This rule really works, and it will help to avoid many family problems.

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