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Why Better Equipment Equals Improved Sporting Performance

This news story was published on January 11, 2019.
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You may have heard the phrase: all the gear, no idea.’ Its used to describe sportspeople whove invested heavily in their equipment yet have very little aptitude in terms of performance and experience. While its a good-natured poke in a friends direction who may have invested early in a particular sport, its a joke that makes little sense. Thats because the quality of your equipment is nearly always going to improve your performance across any given sport. This article aims to explain how, exposing why you should invest in better equipment to enjoy the enhanced performance in your given sport.


Merely having the right gear for the sport you perform in will give you a psychological boost. Not only will it show to yourself and to others that youre serious about performing at your peak, but youll also be able to get to know your gear over many years because youve invested in quality thatll not need replacing. Being comfortable with your equipment is incredibly important from a sports psychology standpoint.


Many sports require some form of movement – be that the dynamic thrusts required in basketball or the measured swings that constitute an excellent golf technique. To help you with your movement, your equipment (and here were talking about clothing and footwear) can be vital. Its why basketballs wear baggy shorts, and why golfers wear special shoes in order to plant themselves well on the course. Head to your local store and invest in the type of clothing thatll assist in your movement in your sport so that youre not held back in any way.


While it may seem a little elitist, there is a simple rule across tennis clubs, gyms, golf courses, and horse racing venues – you need to look the part to be accepted as a member. You cannot apply this rule across the board with sports of course, but its something to bear in mind if youre looking to get access to the best facilities in which to train, or youre hoping to join a club to get lessons in your given sport. By looking the part, youll be accepted far easier.


There are a surprising number of sports in which youll find the design of your equipment to be the key to your improved performance. Just look at golf drivers to get an idea as to the huge impetus that goes into giving you the right kind of club to improve your golf. You get what you pay for in this domain, and to really help you operate at your best; youre going to want to invest in some quality equipment, designed in such a way as to optimize your technique.


Theres a lot to be said for longevity, and the higher quality the products you buy, the more likely they are to stand the test of time. Staying with you for years, youll become so used to your sports equipment that itll be second nature to perform with it. This can only help you as you progress, practice and perform to a higher level.

The five tips provided above should give you some impetus to get out there and purchase some quality equipment to boost your performance in your given sport.

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