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Cory 2020 launches Iowa for Cory Steering Committee

This news story was published on June 5, 2019.
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Cory Booker

DES MOINES – On Monday, Cory 2020 announced the launch of the Iowa for Cory Steering Committee, which includes a diverse group of Iowa leaders who will help advise the campaign in Iowa and organize caucus-goers in their communities.

The Iowa for Cory Steering Committee includes the following Iowa leaders: Rep. Amy Nielsen, Rep. Jennifer Konfrst, Rep. Mark Smith, Jerry Crawford, Labor Activist Marcia Nichols, Councilmember Mazahir Salih, Councilmember Dale Todd, Councilmember Bruce Teague, IA State Central Committee Member Landra Jo Reece, and IA State Central Committee Member Melinda Jones.

“I’m honored to have the support of such a diverse group of Iowa leaders — from local activists to council members and state representatives, these individuals have been on the forefront of standing up for their communities,” said Cory Booker. “Through the guidance and insight from this respected group of Iowa leaders, I know our campaign will continue to lift up folks in every corner of this great state and across this nation so that, together, we will rise.”

Iowa State Representative Amy Nielsen: “We need to heal from the divisive, fear-based rhetoric that has ripped our communities apart for far too long. I believe Cory Booker is the leader who will bring us together. Cory brings hope, healing, and compassion to the presidential race, and I am proud to support him.”

Iowa State Representative Jennifer Konfrst: “Cory Booker has the perfect mix of heart and fight, along with the policy positions that will help lift up all families and unite our nation. His dedication to supporting candidates up and down the ticket in Iowa and across the nation underscores his commitment to the party, and I am proud to stand with him in his campaign for president.”

Iowa State Representative Mark Smith: “Cory Booker has the fortitude to return common sense governance to our great country and resolve the vexing issues that are facing Iowans who are trying to maintain family farms, preserve our rural way of life, and protect our traditions of fairness and justice. Cory’s experience as mayor of a major city, his courage to stand up for working people, and his deep Iowa roots all made him stand out in a crowded field — that’s why I am proud to place my support behind Cory Booker for president.”

Jerry Crawford: “Cory Booker has what America needs most: a passionate commitment to healing the divisions that plague us and return us to civility. He is also blessed with the common sense that is necessary to solve so many of the problems facing our country.”

Labor Activist Marcia Nichols: “Cory Booker is an inspirational candidate who works everyday to protect the middle class and help working Americans fulfill their dreams. Cory has long been a fierce advocate for the working men and women across our nation, which is why I am proud to throw my full support behind him.”

Iowa City Councilwoman Mazahir Salih: “As a Newark council member and then mayor, Cory Booker ran head-first — sometimes literally — at the toughest problems in his city. He’s done the same as a Senator, and I know and trust that he will rise with that same leadership, which is why I am proud to support his candidacy for president.”

Iowa City Councilman Bruce Teague: “Cory knows what it takes to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our communities — and he does it with both grit and grace. Cory has long demonstrated a strong commitment to fighting for all families in Newark and across our nation, which is why I am thrilled to support him as the next President of the United States.”

Cedar Rapids Councilman Dale Todd: “At a time when the most divisive voices in the political arena are often the loudest, we need a proven leader like Cory Booker who will help unite our country and restore our sense of shared values. Cory has a proven track record of getting things done while making sure no one gets left behind, and I am proud to help support his campaign here in Iowa.”

State Central Committee Member Landra Jo Reece: “Cory’s commitment to leading with kindness is reflected in his policies to address some of the toughest problems facing our nation. I am proud to support Cory for president because we need someone who will unite the country around progressive policies that help each other, our environment, and the future of our nation.”

State Central Committee Member and Teacher Melinda Jones: “We need a leader who will stand up for public school teachers and guarantee them the support and resources necessary to succeed — that’s why I’m proud to support Cory Booker for president.”


Rep. Amy Nielsen was the first Iowa legislator to endorse a 2020 candidate in her support of Cory, and is serving her second term representing Iowa House District 77. She previously served as Mayor of North Liberty, IA from 2014-2016.

Rep. Jennifer Konfrst was the second Iowa legislator to endorse a 2020 candidate in her support of Cory, and is serving her first term representing Iowa House District 43. She is also an Assistant Professor at Drake University.

Rep. Mark Smith is serving his tenth term in the Iowa House of Representatives and was the Democratic Leader in the Iowa House from 2013-2018.

Jerry Crawford is a longtime leader in Iowa’s Democratic Party, whose long career includes serving as chair of the Polk County Democrats and Iowa Chair of both Hillary Clinton’s and John Kerry’s successful caucus campaigns.

Labor Activist Marcia Nichols is the former Iowa Political Director for AFSCME, Iowa’s largest public sector union.

Iowa City Councilwoman Mazahir Salih is serving her first term and was reported to be the first Sudanese American elected to public office in the nation.

Iowa City Councilman Bruce Teague is serving his first term on the Iowa City City Council and is a small business owner.

Cedar Rapids Councilman Dale Todd was first elected in 1997 and was the first African American elected to the Cedar Rapids Council.

State Central Committee Member Landra Jo Reece is the youngest member of the Iowa Democratic Party’s State Central Committee, representing the fourth congressional district.

State Central Committee Member Melinda Jones teaches English Language Learners programs (ELL) in Ottumwa, is the former Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party Women’s Caucus, and is currently one of the 2nd District Members of the Iowa Democratic Party’s State Central Committee.

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