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North Iowa Dancers now offering special promotions, opportunities

by Matt Marquardt –

If you are bummed that the “gentlemen’s club” idea didn’t pass in Mason City, your dreams of female companionship are not totally dashed.

According to their Facebook page, North Iowa Dancers is here to serve your wildest fantasies, and some specials await you.  However, if you have have ill-intent, be warned.  “We DO NOT do anything illegal…so don’t ask,” the Facebook page states.  They also said on January 8th: “For the record we DO NOT provide any escort, massage or sex services.”

The business seems to be doing well, as they have brought in new talent. “We have a brand new dancer who is eager to do her first show…” the page claims.

NIT was unable to find anyone who had actually hired this service, but they claim to have been in operation for years. “We are a locally owned business operating legally and within all Federal, State and local laws.
We have been doing shows in and around Mason City since 2008,” the Facebook page states.

Here are more details about the business:

“We do private shows in and around Mason City Iowa.  We gladly do bachelor and bachelorette shows.  Private shows range from $50/hour for topless dances, per hour, per dancer.  $100/hour for fully nude dances, per hour, per dancer.  $150/hour for Climax shows , per hour, per dancer.”

And there is more good news for the unemployed.

Again according to the Facebook page, if you are looking for a quick buck, consider this: “$$ YOU COULD BE IN THE ADULT ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS: We are pleased to announce we are branching out into the adult video and photograph production and publishing business. We are now purchasing female or couple pictures or videos. Contact us for further information on selling your photos or videos or staring in one of our productions. $$”

Call this number for more information: 1 641.494.4294.

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You know it’s a funny thought to think of the Mayor, and the City Council stroking their monkeys in the bathroom while their wives are in the kitchen. They all do it (provided they still can). I think it’s a perfect image to keep in one’s mind as they watch any politician in a public forum. Just keep imagining them pleasuring themselves and it should be enough ken to breath thru their psychic auras of intimidation and manipulation they exude.

Every community (in Iowa) has to at least zone for it.

I am one of the two newest girls at North Iowa Dancers. To the comment about us all being ugly I assure you that I and my partner yes you heard it, a sexy new duo is on it’s way. We are called Twisted Sisters and we are both very pretty and know how to move. We are going to be debuting very soon!!!! Soon we will be taking reservations for our group we will let you know when on our company Facebook page. When we post that we will have photos put out as well! If you really wanna get technical you are more than welcome to request a picture of me and see for yourself but don’t judge before you know all the fact!

I’m very glad for your buisness and hope it has great success. would be interested in your buisness and possibly a show for a bachlor party coming up. send pics to six-four-one-four-three-zero-two-three-zero-seven. please be discreate, thank you

They actually had their real dancers photo’s on their site for like two days, N_A_S_T_Y. Got laughed at and not are back to some photo’s the stole from the internet. The guy who runs it is a Subway Manager he also sells 5 dollar foot longs.

Thank you for a less opinionated and more factual article then the last one on NIT.
To Connie: “Adult entertainment” is legal almost everywhere…It is Adult “clubs” and strip clubs that haven’t been approved for Mason City or Clear Lake. North Iowa Dancers is neither an adult club or strip club. We provide private shows only, private shows in Mason City and surrounding area. Our shows in private homes or hotel room are, and always have been legal and are still legal in all of Iowa in fact.

Illegal? No. In poor taste? Yes.

WOW go back to your church group and keep watching televangelists scare old people into sending them money while they are out doing drugs and buying prostitutes. Now thats bad taste!

I will go FIND a church group to go to if you agree to come to your senses and seek help for your daddy issues or go back to your spouse or move out of your parents house and grow up and get some common sense.

Owner, where did you get the idea that strip clubs weren’t approved for Mason City? They most certainly are.

No your absolutely right…i stand corrected i was thinking about Clear Lake and Northwood…they both voted down adult clubs. Adult clubs are still legal in Mason City. I think the city council would turn down one these days based on the current city council though.

It’s not up to the City Council. If the land is zoned appropriately, the City has to allow it.

Adult entertainment most certainly is not outlawed in Mason City. Where did you get an idea like that?

What kind of help are you talking about? Financial incentives or someone just explaining the rules for where you can and can’t have one?

A glaring example of how short sighted most people are in Mason City. Why would you want to allow ONE (or more) place to watch, regulate, and check? Let’s have this activity happen at undisclosed locations where the authorities won’t have time to get warrants (not that they will get them anyway (Spike’s)) or establish probable cause and intervene if need be. I hope one of these parties happens very near someone’s home who thought “not in my back yard” when it came to voice their opinion about having this type of business in Mason City.

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