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What Skills Does a Real-Estate Renewal Specialist Need?

Renewal experts are in charge of ensuring that clients renew their contractual agreements with a firm. Traditionally, the contract renewal procedure starts with contract expiry and works backward to design a client contact cycle, giving the consumer adequate time to renew before the contract expires. 

While some client renewal experts follow a standard procedure, you are typically given the authority to negotiate new conditions with clients to secure their continuing support. A renewals specialist is responsible for maintaining relationships with existing clients and ensuring they renew their contracts for the company’s products or services. This responsibility is the same for real estate or any other renewals specialist.

If you’re interested in a job like this, you can check out these renewal jobs at Lensa. However, ensure you have the following skill set to keep up with the requirements of a real-estate renewal specialist.

Moderate Computer Literacy

In the age of technology, nearly every job requires a certain level of computer literacy. Renewals specialists need to be well-versed in using job-specific software and Office tools like Word, Excel, Access, and Outlook. If the company uses any personalized or third-party software, you should be able to learn it quickly. With adequate computer literacy, you will be able to make your work effortless through automation and proper organization. 


Contract renewals specialists have to deal with all kinds of cases concerning client contracts. Hence, they should have the ability to adapt to each specific situation. In the workplace, adaptability implies being able to adjust rapidly to changing views, duties, demands, developments, tactics, and other procedures. 

The adaptability to respond to different situations and work procedures makes you a lucrative job contender and generally a strong professional. Additionally, improving your adaptability may involve strengthening other soft skills such as interpersonal and communication abilities. Being flexible may be helpful while working on projects, formulating strategies, and adopting various ways to attain objectives.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Real-estate renewals specialists are tasked with working closely with homeowners to evaluate and address concerns proactively and reactively to get the maximum possible renewals possible. Additionally, they assist all leasing teams with various responsibilities, including property management systems and other protocols. Developing good verbal and nonverbal communication, active listening, and other interpersonal skills is crucial. 

Practicing active listening demonstrates your focus and readiness to alter course. Honing your nonverbal communication abilities may aid you in navigating shifts in team dynamics or professional relationships. Your interpersonal skills may also significantly influence your efficiency as a renewals specialist. Having the ability to engage with others in a positive way will help you avoid conflict and miscommunication when there are any changes in work. 

Organizational Skills

A renewals specialist’s job can get super demanding at times. Hence, to make sure you do not end up overloaded with work, you must possess the ability to remain organized. Organizational skills are some of the most crucial qualities you could have as a professional. Becoming organized can help you meet deadlines, reduce stress, and accomplish your tasks more smoothly. 

These organizational skills include physical and digital organization, time management, strategizing, and scheduling. The ability to stay up-to-date with your work with the help of an orderly plan is highly valued in the real-estate contract renewals industry. Organizational skills might vary based on your company and job description, but they often include creating an immaculate workstation, meeting deadlines, and effectively communicating with coworkers.

Detail Orientation 

As a renewals specialist, you will have to deal with a large number of client contracts. It is crucial that no contract detail is neglected. You should be detail-oriented enough to spot inadequacies or discrepancies and request the appropriate corrective action. It allows you to establish mechanisms to guarantee quality assurance measures are designed, developed, and implemented timely and constructively to fulfill requirements. 

Detail-oriented people also tend to produce flawless work that requires minimal editing, follow company protocols religiously, deliver highly accurate results, and much more. This skill is essential for a renewals specialist and will often come up as a requirement in the job description. 


By possessing the skills mentioned above, you are sure to impress your employers and become a professional renewals specialist. Skills like communication, detail-orientation, and adaptability can help you demonstrate your competency in handling the tasks assigned to you. Make sure to develop these skills along with others to be capable of managing a fast-paced role like that of a renewals specialist.

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