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5 Benefits of Using a Service Mesh with Microservices 

Want to know whether a service mesh is truly worth it? This guide has got all the information you need. 

Using a service mesh comes with a variety of different benefits when it comes to microservice applications. 

What is a Service Mesh? 

If you don’t know already, learn about what is service mesh. It involves all communication being conducted through proxies, enabling stronger security and other features. 

Service meshes are becoming increasingly popular in today’s world of tech. In fact, the industry norm used to be API gateways, but many developers have started to replace them with service meshes, instead. 

Here’s a closer look at why this is: 

Greater Flexibility 

Thanks to its flexible release process, a service mesh allows businesses to run microservices at a larger scale. This benefits all parties involved, allowing for greater apps to be provided to customers around the world. Without the service mesh, businesses are limited with their API gateways, instead. 

Increased Security 

Service meshes are used to control the delivery of service requests from services to other services. In addition to this, they encrypt data, perform load balancing, and much more. This is all part of the ‘zero-trust security’ strategy, which prevents unauthorized access and packet sniffing. Essentially, if hackers want to intercept valuable data on a network with a service mesh, best of luck.

Nowadays, many business owners and developers are concerned about their security levels. Therefore, so many of them have started to implement service meshes, as they help to bolster security and provide peace of mind to the developers and users. 

No Need for Continued Updates 

Whenever a microservice is added or removed from the system, developers must update the API gateway. If microservices are being added and removed week after week, then this can be a tiresome and costly process. With service meshes, though, there’s no need for constant updates. This makes them a lifesaver for developers as they get to focus on what they do best.

Developers Can Focus More 

Speaking of developers, service meshes are their best friends. In the past, developers were reliant on writing code and building libraries to control service-to-service communications. However, with service meshes, this is no longer the case. Instead, they get access to all the tools they need to support microservices, enabling developers to focus more on applications.

Easy Cloud Migration 

In today’s business world, cloud migration is very important. However, this is often a difficult process without the involvement of a service mesh. 

Service meshes make cloud migration incredibly easy and low effort. This is because they can quickly translate data center models to hybrid cloud models, making them immediately fit for purpose.


As many experts have noted, service mesh technology is still in its infancy. These are the early days of a technology that is soon going to take over. Therefore, it’s recommended you get ahead of the game by using service meshes for your microservices now before it becomes the industry norm. 


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