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A Guide to Home Security

You don’t necessarily need 6-foot tall walls surrounding your property or guard dogs roaming your front yard at night to keep your home safe. There are a host of small but significant ways in which you can keep you and your family protected against the dangers of crime.

To find out what you need to fortify your humble abode and ensure that it is able to deter criminality, be sure to check out the guide to home security below.

Fortify your entry points

When burglars attempt to break into your home, they’re going to be targeting your doors and windows. It is absolutely essential, then, that you seek to fortify these entry points before a criminal comes knocking on them.

To theft-proof your entry points, you should:

  • Upgrade your locks
  • Bolster your frames
  • Add light sensors
  • Put security film behind your glazed glass
  • Be sure not to forget your patio doors

Invest in new equipment

Burglars are constantly finding innovative ways to break into homes. If you’re to stand a chance of fending them off, then you also need to be trying out different things and embracing new tactics. One new tactic that you can and should be embracing in this instance is making sure your home is full of all the latest safety equipment, like what you might find on

By filling your humble abode with all of the home security tools and gadgets found at The Wires Zone, you will stand a much better chance of keeping your family safe. Why? Because the latest equipment is designed with modern burglars in mind, thus giving you better protection against the dangers that you face today. Our friends at Gizmodo recently published this review on the best home security systems to help guide your decision on the best security tech for your home.

Some of the tools you should be investing in this instance include:

  • Security cameras/testers
  • Hidden microphones
  • Alarm contacts
  • Siamese cables

Keep valuables out of sight

Should a criminal take a look through your windows and see various valuables scattered about your living room, you’re just going to give them more of a reason to break into your home. Quite simply, you need to keep valuables out of sight at all times if you’re to stand a chance of deterring crime.

Of course, what constitutes as being ‘valuable’ in this sense is up for debate — the items that your cherish might not necessarily be what burglars deem important enough to steal. In this instance, then, a good rule of thumb is to consider how much your items cost, rather than how much they actually mean to you. A photograph of your grandparents, for example, might mean the world to you but it won’t mean anything to burglars, so it’s okay to leave that out. Jewelry, on the other hand, will have criminals salivating at the prospect of making a huge windfall, so it must be stored away and kept out of sight at all times.

You don’t want anybody breaking an entry into your home and stealing from your family, which is why you must take security seriously. Remember all of the advice listed in the guide above, and you’ll stand a much better chance of deterring criminality going forward.

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