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It’s been a Sad and Exciting Few Weeks for Baseball Fans in Iowa

This news story was published on November 4, 2019.
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A lot has happened in the last few days and weeks and hardcore Iowan baseball fans are right now divided in between excitement, calculating prospects, and even sadness due to an unfortunate incident that took the world of baseball by surprise on Monday, October 21.

The Death of Umpire Eric Cooper Came as a Tragic Shock to the Baseball World

Eric Cooper, more popularly known as “Coop,” was one of the most loved baseball umpires in not just Iowa, where he grew up, but by the whole baseball community for his dedication to the job he did, as well as for his pleasant, friendly demeanor that never seemed to lose its charm, even amidst the most tense moments.

The exact cause of death wasn’t determined, and an autopsy was refused by the family of the deceased. Baseball fans, players, and umpires will continue to mourn his somewhat mysterious and untimely death for a long time to come.

Trenton Wallace is Looking Good This Year

As every Hawkeyes fan already knows, Wallace’s performance last season was both good and bad, but things are looking particularly promising pre-season. 

During last season, he gave away 0.295 to the batters, while allowing 16 free passes. However, he also turned out to be an extremely versatile player for the Hawkeyes, with a 6.41 ERA and 31 strikeouts (26.2 innings). 

Hawkeyes scored a massive win (16-1) against Indian Hills Community College on October 10, where Trenton Wallace scored a Grand Slam to seal the deal! All speculations point towards the coach turning Wallace into a permanent position player in the Bullpen.

Aside from Wallace, other Hawkeyes players who were highlights of the game include Austin Martin and Brendan Sher. While the game doesn’t really matter as much, it was inspiring to see that Iowa has good chances this year, once the season hits off.

The 2020 Schedule Favours the Hawkeyes

It’s not exactly possible for a schedule to directly affect performance, of course, but most experts and fans will agree that who faces who at which stage of the season does have a significant impact on the performance of the team towards the end of the season. As far as the 2020 schedule goes, though, Iowa baseball fans and the Hawkeyes team have a lot to be cheerful about. Check out the official list and how it can possibly benefit the team’s performance on Hawk Central.

Sim Baseball Fans are Ready for 2020

Just like every other year, most baseball fans will also be participating in the simulation games simultaneously, and for Hawkeyes fans, even the simulation prospects are looking pretty good!

Those that prefer the old school players in their baseball sims will find Diamond Mind Online sim baseball to be more suited to their taste because unlike the other baseball sims that are limited to the current players and their performance, Diamond Mind lets players choose any legend they want from the history of baseball itself! 

As mentioned, it was a mixed bag of emotions for baseball in the last few weeks and although the latest tragedy does make it hard to be positive right away, there’s still a lot to look forward to in 2020, after the mourning period is over.

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