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Mason City police and sheriff’s deputies called for large fight, make multiple arrests Wednesday

MASON CITY – Mason City police and other authorities were dispatched to a home on the city’s north end Wednesday morning after a large fight was reported.

A press release is forthcoming, but according to police this afternoon:

At 4:07 AM this morning, a caller reported 15-20 people screaming and physically fighting with one another in the street near 18 14th St NE.  A trooper was nearby and arrived first.  The 15-20 people in the street scattered in all directions. Responding officers soon determined there was a large party at the residence. When officers approached the residence. More people fled from the residence. Some got away and some were apprehended. Officers made contact with 1 or more tenants who were cooperative but apparently some of the “guests” inside either barricaded the entrances or barricaded themselves in a portion of the residence. Officers surrounded the house while a search warrant was applied for. The search warrant was signed by a judge and then executed.

The animal control truck was brought up there because the tenants or guests had 4 dogs in the house, at least 2 of them were pitbulls. Nobody present claimed two of the dogs which had no proof of rabies or city license so officers confiscated them until the owner(s) can be located and vaccinations and city license verified.

City Inspectors arrived at approx 8 AM while officers were there to inspect the rental due to all the unsanitary conditions. The rental was immediately white-tagged as uninhabitable. The landlord was called by police early on and came to the scene. Due to previous rental violations the landlord was already in the process of evicting the tenants. The landlord was cooperative with police and appears to be trying to remedy the nuisance.

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I think it is unfair that my sister who is 64 myself 60 2 grandkids have to move out of our duplex home cause of neighbors filthy home.we have to move by the 20th of this month.17 days to have to move for something we didn’t do.thanks to our dear city community.thanks alot 711 Elm Dr apt1.

“Make sure to tootle Abraham Lincoln quotes and find this one: I have not nor will ever be for the equality of the two races. [sic]

Perhaps that quote, like many others should have been put into it’s proper context. It was in response to comments by Judge Douglas in the Fourth Debate at Charleston, September 1858.

That context, can be found in Lincoln’s “House Divided” speech of 1857 at Springfield, IL. Douglas used this as a base of attack on Lincoln from every angle.

” Throughout the debates Douglas attacked Lincoln as an abolitionist determined to bring North and South into conflict, and elevate the Negro to a position of equality with whites. The United States had survived for many years as a house divided, he argued, and could continue to do so as long as agitators like Lincoln were kept out of office.” Harold Holzer.

If you will read all the speeches from 1857 to 1858, and the texts of the debates, you will find Lincoln was consistent in his belief that all men were created equal, that none should be stifled under the yoke of slavery, that all should be free to partake in the fruits of their labor.

To throw out a quote such as you did, without any substantiation, is just as Judge Douglas would do, and stinks just as bad.

Obama should give them each a gun filled with bullets, just like he provided ammo to the Mexican Drug Cartel, and let them have at each other! Fewer thugs living off the system, the better off the US Taxpayer!

As for Abe Lincoln – I am 100% sure he had no idea that so many of the “freed slaves” offspring would be dependent thugs/slugs/welfare maggots upon the US Taxpayer, but then again the “offspring of the freed slaves” use the US taxpayer & government for retaliation….. think about it…..makes perfect sense.

The North End has become the “Powder Street” of earlier days Mason City. Ethnic gang wars were prevalent, just like what is happening now!

The US Government/Taxpayer provides these thugs/slugs/welfare maggots the benefits necessary to sustain their hellish lifetstyles. If the government would crack down and make these folks actually work for a living to pay rent, buy groceries and provide for their own children, a lot of this crime would decrease.

Barry Soetoro…..aka…..Barack Obama…. promotes equal distribution of wealth. BULL$HIT! Financially successful Americans are punished for their hard work and dedication to making a better lifetsyle for themselves…taking care of their own families and not being dependent upon the government for survival. 47% of Americans – that’s 144,000,000 (million) pay no taxes.

72% of American/African babies are born to unwed mothers. The statistics are a nightmare – thanks to Abe Lincoln. This is promoted from generation to generation among the American/African community. Yes, this sounds racist, but look at the facts ! Just take a look at the facts and you too will see for yourself.

And now the Detroit & Chicago thugs are wreaking havoc in the MC community. Like I said earlier – just give them the guns & ammo to wipe each other out !

I hope the dogs don’t get put down… 🙁

What I don’t understand about Mason City is that rents are relatively high, many rental units are substandard–I am NOT saying that about this property in question–yet there is abandoned housing and for sale signs everywhere you look.

On top of that, we have an anemic local economy with poor-paying jobs. Difficult to make $700/month rent on minimum wage.

What gives? Yes, I know banks aren’t lending for mortgages, and there are no doubt many properties that have been foreclosed on yet have been held back from the market in order to keep property prices artificially high.

I guess this pinches those who need to rent.

People who say damn North end should say damn Abe Lincoln. He set them free.

“People who say damn North end should say damn Abe Lincoln. He set them free.”

I see, so the quote from our Declaration of Independence again needs qualification? In your eyes, not all men are created equal? In your eyes, they are not good enough to enjoy “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”?

And what about the rights given and protected by our Constitution to promote Liberty?

If I might offer a suggestion to you. Call the school district you came from, and demand a refund! They failed to educate you on the basics of society and citizenship.

WOW! haven’t heard a racist comment like that in a long time…

Make sure to tootle Abraham Lincoln quotes and find this one: I have not nor will ever be for the equality of the two races. Please, have fun with this one.

” Bringing in the locals time after time isn’t the correct avenue.”

What would be the correct protocol? What other resources would our police use?

Examine the situation here in Mason City, and compare it to other places. Do you know what you will find? I do, the same exact trends. No matter what the population or any other demographics, there has been a noted increase in incidents and criminal behavior, particularly in violent crime. Ask people who study this for a living. Again, the information is public if you know where and how to find it.

A thumbnail view will say that violent crime for example has increased in Philly, D.C., Chicago, Sacramento, and Detroit after a few years of decline.

How to effectively fight against it, and at the same time, not ignore the rest of the city which has a right to protection is the question. Parking everyone on our North End is not the answer.

Nope, violent crime nationally has continued to decline every year since 1991 with one exception in 2006.

The violent crime rate in the US is the lowest since 1971.

You may well be correct about the cities you mention, and you may well be correct about Mason City, but those increases aren’t reflected nationwide, but there shouldn’t be any implication that violent crime is up overall. It’s not.

“Observer, must be a fan or an officer, no matter what the big issue IS…”

No, that is not the case at all.

That you reject the evidence I have presented (most of which is available to the public in one form or another), means your ears (and eyes in this case) are closed to logic. I suggest if you prefer scuttlebutt and innuendo, that is your affair. However, none of it adds up, there is no logical conclusion to it.

Now show us something of substance, we can have a conversation.

Maybe there should be a few more fires…Just sayen

Observer, must be a fan or an officer, no matter what the big issue IS… Bringing in the locals time after time isn’t the correct avenue. CAUSE GUESS WHAT….IT’S NOT WORKING. Just a thought is for MC to take the funds for “ART” and put to use for extra OT, MCPD. Rob peter to pay paul. YES a possibility. Funds may have “popped” up from an angel, but spending on “art” that taxpayers are going to have to pay for down the road is unacceptable. It’s like what some have to do to survive these days. Shit needs to be taken care of in this good city,(or what once was).
As for this comment..
Actually, it is part of their job description; good communication skills. No matter if it is calling Dispatch. Computers in each unit. So ya get a big not on that one. AND computers have security these days.SO ANOTHER BIG NOT!
ONE LAST TIME…There is a full blow balloon that needs to be taken care of. Bringing in the locals time after time isn’t the correct avenue. CAUSE GUESS WHAT….IT’S NOT WORKING. Thanks, I’m done cause you made my head hurt from ignorance.

“What?!? MCPD,. paid to be where the problems are at. If the North End is a problem, then that is where MCPD needs to be. Sitting in LD’s parking lot, and this is a good one, chatting on the phone while sitting on Monroe is not in the job discription.”

Actually, it is part of their job description; good communication skills. No matter if it is calling Dispatch. Filing or updating a report. Making notification to a citizen, following up with a case, talking with the shift commander or fellow officer about a sensitive issue they do not want to broadcast. They are all the duties of a police officer.

One of the best tools of any Law Enforcement agency is remaining visible. Sure, they could go downtown to perform the clerical duties in the office, however it makes more sense to stay out on the street as much as possible.

This is also why you will notice a lot of officers not only of MCPD, but the CGCS and State Police are often in public places on breaks or for lunch.

Also it appears to be necessary to state the obvious. Law Enforcement is a finite resource. There are only so many of them on-duty at any given time. Crimes do not happen just on our North End, they occur city wide. Take a look at the crime map that Matt has linked on this site for verification of that.

Here we go again bad mouthing the North End. I live in the North End and can tell you we have very few if any problems here in my neighborhood. The problems come from people who come from somewhere else. Until we get a handle on welfare and get rid of these wannabe tough guys and punks and the parent start parenting or we put in some kind of curfew this crap will continue. We had a house full of these people across the street a few years ago but there was a fire and now they are gone.

Yep! And those slumlords like Tienery and Hardy need to screen their tenents alittle better. They rent to a young white girl on hud and 15 more people ( detroit/ chicago) end up living with her and selling drugs while on welfare and end up trashing these houses. Making the once nice neighborhood look like shit! the slumlords don’t give a shit cause they are getting thier government money every month! Us homeowners have to put up with all the bull that goes on while living next to these people. Maybe somebody should buy a house next to one of them and let 20 mexicans or asians move in next door to them and let them see how it feels! See how they like the decrease of the asses value of their house. Creeps!

I am not a slum lord, and I resent someone “anonymously” saying otherwise. We gave a chance to two kids who work at Perkins, and they screwed us over. You may not be aware of this, but there are strict discrimination laws we have to abide by while screening prospective tenants ( and I DO screen them). We were already in the process of evicting them because of the parties and the dogs. Again, you seem unaware of this but there are strict guidelines for the eviction process as well. We contacted the city and requested that they white tag it to get them out sooner. The house was nice when they moved in, their lifestyle made it uninhabitable. It was also not reported anywhere that prior to leaving entirely, they tried to set the house on fire. Instead of name calling, how about giving credit for the fact that we did our best to address the problem immediately? And how about having the guts to use your real name?

Do not group Tierney in the same group as Hardy. I have seen many of Jessica’s properties..they are well maintained. Chad treated us very well when we were between home sales for three months.. The Tierney’s have remodeled and always addressed any situation immediately. This is what happens: ONE person qualifies to rent the home, two weeks later ten people show up. Trying to evict is a LONG process.

What we need is a real sheriff/police ch, that places the north end situation as a top priority. What happens if this problem moves south down by the brand new downtown remodel if approved? THEN the council will address it.

In the past few months I have seen police officers/sheriff deputies sitting in lots at north Monroe/LD’s of 12th/in the back of the HS,sitting and chatting on their phones…I timed one deputy for 22 minutes..I witnessed one police officer texting while he was turning off hwy 122 out by the HS. No names, but he has a lot to do with the Event Center. Looked right at him while he was turning the corner while texting. We ask our children not to text and drive…yah right.

Mr Bill Gates. It’s not just the North End, look around and open your eyes. What needs to happen is old school North End. But, then again, why should anyone do what your elected officials should be taking care of. MC should look at paintings next.

What?!? MCPD,. paid to be where the problems are at. If the North End is a problem, then that is where MCPD needs to be. Sitting in LD’s parking lot, and this is a good one, chatting on the phone while sitting on Monroe is not in the job discription. There is a full blow balloon that needs to be taken care of. Bringing in the locals time after time isn’t the correct avenue. CAUSE GUESS WHAT….IT’S NOT WORKING. There are alot of “mistakes” people make and for sure 2-3 officers will be there. For what? A VERY good example: the arrest down by Fareway. MCPD should be embarressed. Seriously did not take all that whoopla to arrest one kid that was hidding. What was the big truck parked in the yard for. Gonna park it there, than use it. Punch the door in and go get the little bastard. We need some officers with balls. Wanna be cops need to go to the outskirts of MC where it is acceptable to sit and chat at the coffee shop and talk quilts.

In the olden daz it was 6th street and Jackson where the action was. People get old and settle down.

This is Bookmeyer’s legacy. Make no mistake about it. If he would put this part of town before the statues he might get some respect.

First off own up to your crap and take responsibility and own up to your dogs like I did you cowards…..I am paying for my wrong doings and fighting the ones that they just decided to slam me with….come on now….them dogs didnt ask for you to take them in…and fighting really, grow up and start letting our youth know and understand the wise choices about life….people make me ill….and so do the ignorant peoples comments….if your a coward, or racist shut the hell up cuz nobody wants to hear your crap.

Well at least MC got that 40 grand for art in the park taken care off. Take care of the big problems first

I say let them all beat each other up! Throw them in jail and clean up this town. Once again it is the trouble makers above or around ally katz. The low life losers just need to go back where they came from. And take their offspring with them! Homeowners on the north end who are getting a bad rap need to continue to make calls, calls, and more calls to the police. Landlords need to pay attention to who they are renting to! Unsanitary conditions??? Really! That’s what ya get when ya rent to a bunch of animals! I feel sorry for all the neighbors who have to put up with all the shit that happens around there. Like I said Keep the calls a coming and make the mcpd earn their paychecks!

Our City Council use to have a Public Safety Committee that would hold hearings to look into this kind of recent crime wave we are having here in Mason City.

Where is the leadership at City Hall? Is our Mayor to drunk to know what is going on?

Why isn’t someone on the City Council putting this on the Agenda to ask for a some suggestions and seeking answers how we can solve this problem.

I live in the North End and I am not liking what I see going on!!!

I wonder if the judge that signed for the warrant was Judge Weiland. (sarcasm)

HAHAHAHAAH…Great point. Let’s hope Judge Weiland isn’t involved in this case or else the criminals will all be running free on the streets.

The police have to get sick of this judge letting everybody off scott-free.

I’m sure there already out. What would they charge them with riot?

The other two dogs Im sure are Darrels. The guy used to live across the street but was evicted about 2 wks or so ago. I hope them dogs don’t get put down because no one steps up to find him. Most of them shitheads flew into the apartments above Alley Katz. Big freakin surprise there! Is Lathem the landlord?

So what is Darrels last name?

Well they should be back on the streets after supper. Get ready for round 2.

Does Lisa reich, whose kids were throwing kittens against a wall last summer, still live here?

I was thinking the same…if so then she need her kids taken away from her. if her home is that bad for them to tag the home. don’t know if the home was tag for the was she lived. but I know her and know she is a PIG…I WOULDN’T LET MY DOG IN HER HOME.

Lisa lived there when we bought the house, and yes she is a hog. We fixed the place up after we finally got her evicted, and the new people thrashed it over again. It’s unbelievable the filth that people are willing to live in. these kids work at Perkins. Are they cooking your food?

Do the police not patrol these streets? They should have already known there was a party going on there. They should be patrolling the north end.

DAMN good question. I’d challenge any LEO reading this to answer the question. I have a great deal of respect for the job they do but that doesn’t mean I won’t question that job. Doubt there will be any response tho.

That’s what I was wondering, I thought they were patrolling the northend more. Also, all of these people were minors, so where the hell were their parents at? I hope the dogs are all okay, stupid people should not own pets. Also, NIT, it makes no difference what breed of dog was in the house. If you covered a story on me, would it say, local office person & law abiding citizen has 3 Pitbulls in her home. I think not. Unnecessary negative media for the breed.

Mrs. S
The article read, ” Nobody present claimed two of the dogs which had no proof of rabies or city license so officers confiscated them until the owner(s) can be located and vaccinations and city license verified.” I don’t think that is a slam on the breed.

The cops have more to do than baby sit the north end. We have let this town go to hell. It’s time we take are town back and clean it up,from the gangs two the homes.

another thing on the north end… when does it ever stop.

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