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Secretary of State ‘undermining’ Iowans’ voting rights, Senate leader says

Rod Boshart, CR Gazette –

A top Senate Democrat on Tuesday criticized Iowa’s Republican secretary of state for “undermining” the voting rights of Iowans by enacting emergency rules to purge foreign nationals from the state’s voter registration list and make it easier to file allegations of voter fraud.

“I am very disappointed with Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz’s handling of the most important duty of his office: ensuring the right of Iowans to vote,” Senate President Jack Kibbie, D-Emmetsburg, said in remarks prepared for delivery to the Legislature’s Administrative Rules Review Committee.

Kibbie, a long-time member of the rule panel, called it an “unusual step” to issue emergency rules affecting election on July without any public notice or input. Kibbie said the committee requested that Schultz attend Tuesday’s meeting to discuss the change and to explain why his office chose not to follow the normal procedures to allow public review before the rules were adopted, but “he declined to publicly defend his actions.”

The secretary of state’s office did not respond to a request for comment.

However, in response last week to a lawsuit filed against Schultz regarding the procedures for removing ineligible non-citizens from voter registration rolls in Iowa, Schultz said he believed the concerns were unfounded and that the rules would enhance the due process available to anyone subject to removal. He also said that, working with the Iowa Department of Transportation, his office had identified 1,000 registered voters who potentially are not U.S. citizens.

Schultz said the emergency rules were enacted to clarify to the federal government and to the public the legal process that would be used to remove non-citizens from the voter rolls. The new rules, he added, enhance the due process available to individuals identified through the effort and each would be given a hearing before being removed from the voter rolls.

Kibbie said a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union and the League of United Latin American Citizens raises serious questions about the legality of Schultz’s efforts — whether he is threatening the due process of legal voters; whether it could disenfranchise Iowans who are legally registered to vote; and whether it violates federal election laws. The lawsuit accuses Schultz of abusing his power in a plot to disenfranchise Latinos and other voters ahead of the presidential election in Iowa — a key battleground state.

“Protecting the right of Iowans to participate in the Nov. 6 general election is the greatest responsibility Secretary Schultz will face since his own election in 2010,” Kibbie said in his statement. “If he has evidence that someone has broken Iowa’s election laws, the law requires him to immediately turn over that evidence to the appropriate county attorney for investigation and prosecution. If not, he should immediately withdraw his emergency rules and abandon this half-baked scheme.”

An Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation agent has been assigned to work full-time with Schultz’s office to look into allegations of voter fraud, state officials said last week.

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Maybe if some of you would take the trash out of your mouth and hate from your vile speech you could make positive changes of others minds. All you are want to do is see your crap in print. Please don’t tell me you are Christian or even good Americans. Sickening, I do not see how NIT could even print some of this stuff. I won’t let my kids go on this site they don’t need to learn from you people how to act.

Actually I voted for Obama so you don’t mean me right?

Please do not think all conseritives think, talk and act like a few who have written on this blog. This is very serious business, I do not have to prove voter fraud you hear of it all over this country by both parties. Just today in the mail came a notice for my mom to register to vote in her district. She has been dead for 11 years. I am waiting for my dogs reminders now

Some how I had forgotten how big of a#$holes you right wing morons are. Thanks for reminding me. If there is so much voter faud going on prove it. This is an example of how republicains really do like bigger government. A bunch of red neck hypocrites and liars.

obama was acorns lawyer in chicago, acorn supports obama right now. acorn is under investigation for voter fraud in 14 states. if you were to pull your head out of the sand you would be able to see for yourself. plus the videos on youtube of the blank panthers intimidating voters.

Give it up David. That dog won’t hunt. He’s too old and too under-educated to understand. Ignorance is bliss at it’s best with that one.

Obama is relying on the illegal vote. It’s the only way he can win and the Dems know it. Voter ID or NO VOTE. PROVE you are legal. I don’t care how old or poor you are.


Ya none of us on here have elderly parents with low incomes. It’s only you…….

someday when you have to deal with a very poor older parent you will understand what I am talking about. Until then you don’t have a clue. This is a very big deal for many older and handicapped americans and their care givers. He proved who he was when he first registered and that has been just fine for some 70 plus years of voting. It should be fine now.

And to prevent them from flying on an airplane….

Uh-oh I just thought of something. Maybe the Patriot Act is a ploy to stop older and poorer people from opening up a bank account.

happyguy get a clue and help him get a non-driver identification card that the DOT issues. He will need that if he wants to open an account up at a bank too (The Patriot Act). It is scary what people don’t know. Educate yourself please.

“Educate yourself please.” Good luck there. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

if the state want an photo ID to vote…they should be free of charge. If they aren’t it is a voting tax. He has his bank accounts, medicare, and social security card. He has no other reason to get the ID. So if you think you should have to show one in order to vote, provide it for free.

Now that sounds JUST like a typical Dem. Always want everything for free. And too lazy to earn it yourself. SHOCKER! Lol.

Hey just my opinion Vince is right the darkies wasn’t brought here to vote they come here to work and now there lazy.Since we set them free they have been nothing but trouble if Lincoln had lived he would of sent them back you can look it up. Back to africa I say this shit has gone on long enough.

I am rather shocked everytime I go to vote as the voting register book is open and I can see the names of other voters and that I do not have to prove who I am. BUT most important I have to show ID to check out a book (sarcasm here). There is NO valid excuse not to show ID to vote.

What I don’t understand is when I voted in forest city and prescott az and bullhead city az I had to show my ID, since 1980 I’ve had to show my ID and it was no big deal. If you were of age you had an ID, if you don’t have an ID there is a reason for it.

You need to show ID to drive a car, but somehow the dems want everyone and anyone to be able to vote with no ID whatever.
Show a little common sense for once.

you also have to show an ID when you register to vote. My father in law no longer has a valid drivers lic. He was born here and lived here for 83 years, He showed a legal ID when he reg. to vote. Now whats he to do. You don’t show your drivers lic every time you drive do you? This is just a rep. ploy to stop older and poorer people from voting. There is the common sense of it!!!!!

Uh don’t you realize that you can get an ID ONLY from the Drivers license station for this and many other purposes. OH! What’s he to do??!! Where’s the common sese?!! Really? With all your car owning and driver’s license references, one would have thought you would have known this too. It isn’t a ploy by Repubs, it’s to prove you are who you say you are.

“Happy Guy”, that’s one of the most ignorant comments I’ve ever seen on here. No wonder you’re so “happy”. People with very low IQ’s usually are.

The only way Romney has a chance to win is by limiting the number of Dem. that can vote. The largest population of Americans that don’t have a valid form of ID are the old and young voters and they tend to vote dem. The old have already provided ID when they registered to vote. How many cases of voter fraud have there been in the past 20 years? Or the past 10? show me the problem if there is one. So yes he can go to the Driver Lic. Station to get ID, but why should he have to? He doesn’t need to prove who he is anywhere else. Medicare knows who he is, Social Security knows him. So you rep. out there own up to it. This is a ploy to limit the number of dem not voting.

Lol, don’t worry happy. Obuslim isn’t going to win regardless.

Happyguy, there is a law called the Red Flag Rule or Law. Now, every time you go to a hospital, new doctor, dentist, ophthalmologist, etc, you have to prove your identity with a photo ID. Look it up! Your FIL better have a photo ID before he shows up at a hospital next time.

Your right pee wee and you know what we should of never got rid of slavery they was busy in them days and didn’t make babies that goes and knocks us whites in the head may be kill us to.Sure it was kinf of unfair but look at it like this it is unfair nowdays to whites right.Then there’s all this crime if they still was slaves a good whuppin can keep them in line hell yes.Okay so it wasn’t the best thing for the smart ones well we could give a test to see which ones is smart and not be cleaning up things detassel corn walk beans and slop hogs ect.They could may be do teaching or what have you. The ones that can box or play other sports could be set free, same for the ones that can sing etc.It is a good idea I say is it good and sure worth a try yes.

Did you really just write that?? It’s comments like those that cause the escalation in violence between blacks and whites. Are you just trying to do your part, or what?

I think a couple commenters on here should be checked out by the MCPD.

Any of them black panther try to intemdate me and gets in front of my car I will put a new black top on the road.

If you are not in the United States legally, then you are an illegal alien, no matter what nationality. So what gives you the right to vote in our elections. I served 20 years in the military, doing what I thought, (protecting the US from all enemies foreign and domestic, and protecting our great way of life)) was the right thing. Now, we have the ones that enjoyed me being in the military, (the government) flooding our great country with illegals which in turn is destroying our way of life. So who is going to purge our country of these illegals, and where are they going to start.

I am very disappointed that Mr. Kibbe has a problem with removing ineligible non-citizens from the voter registration rolls in Iowa. Does he really want ineligible non-citizens to vote in our elections? I’m very glad that he doesn’t represent me…..

I expect the black panthers to be at the voting places, as long as they can’t have illegals vote they will try to intimidate us. Do they realize how obvious they are making it look?

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